Monday, August 18, 2014

ja says that she IS operating a business out of the Maricopa County Jail

The spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department stated that ja is NOT running a business out of her jail cell.  He stated that they don't know whether the artwork is being done by ja or not.  He also stated that they can't stop ja from sending things out of the jail.  He stated that she does have access to art materials.  

Excuse me???  Does this guy walk around with blinders on when it comes to ja?  ja has been running a business out of her jail cell for years.  She was caught sneaking out some of her artwork via Maria De La Rosa.  ja's artwork is being sold on numerous websites made by her supporters.  ja is receiving money for her artwork, sales of tee shirts, and the sells of ja bands.  ja stated above in a article that she had a business before being arrested for the murder of Travis Alexander.  The "business" that she is referring to:  "ja Fine Art & Photography" was not an official business.  It was some photographs of her, Travis, other people, and places, that were on her Myspace page.  She was not making money nor was it a business.  (I'm sure that the IRS would agree, since if she was operating a business and making enough money from it, there'd be tax reports for it.)  

ja stated that her artwork is not connected with her crime of murdering Travis Alexander.  Really?  Why is it that before she murdered Travis Alexander, she had no business, no one was buying her artwork, hiring her as a photographer, and she couldn't even hold down a steady job?  Everything she is selling is connected to the crimes she's committed.  ja is breaking the "Son of Sam Law" because had she not murdered Travis Alexander, her artwork would not be selling, as it didn't before she murdered him.  

ja has sold or is trying to sell two pieces of artwork in Travis Alexander's name.  What is being done about all of the vicious, fraud/scams, and malicious taunting of the Alexanders by ja?  Nothing!  

This is something that the IRS should be checking out, tax evasion.  The people of AZ and the media, should be on the backs of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Dept for the wrongs that they are allowing ja and co to get away with.