Monday, August 18, 2014

Sue Halterman's BS!

Many of us know that Elizabeth Schilling has backed Sue Halterman from the beginning and that Elizabeth is one of ja's biggest supporters, as well as Jason Weber being a big supporter of ja.  

Elizabeth has been the one that has been reassuring people that Sue Halterman is being honest about the appellate trust fund and where all of the money is going to.  Elizabeth wrote a letter regarding the information that Sue had given her about the appellate trust fund and where the money for it is going.  There were a lot of specific details missing from that letter.  Sue Halterman only gave Elizabeth Schilling what Sue thought would be enough to keep people from wanting more details or digging deeper into the falsehoods about the appellate trust fund.  The letter that Elizabeth Schilling wrote can be found on this blog.  It sure has a lot of discrepancies in it.  

Sue has turned her back on Elizabeth, Jason, and others and has stated that she would no longer discuss the appellate trust fund account or ja with Elizabeth and some others listed here.  WHY?   Did these people and others finally see through the real Sue Halterman for the liar and con artist that she is?   It's pretty clear that Sue Halterman doesn't like to give "specific details" when asked questions about the appellate trust fund, or about the charities she claims they are helping, or about the domestic violence shelter she is supposed to be giving money to.  Instead, Sue Halterman and her accomplices that run ja's websites are telling people that they won't give these details out because they claim that these charities will get harassed by people.  That is alright Sue, don't waste your breath by telling more lies.  More and more people are seeing right through you and your $cam game and lies.