Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The two checks that hodi wrote out to TA.

This check(a photocopy, the original has yet to be seen) was made out to TA by hodi.  On the date that this check was signed and cashed hodi and TA would have been together in California(the Wand Bank in CA stamped the check on the day of the signing of it.)  

hodi stated that she gave TA money on occasion.  (IMO, that is another LIE she's told.)  hodi also said that she paid for her share of the trips that they took together.  If it was TA that signed said check then it wasn't money "given to him" by hodi but money owed to him for another road trip or money she owed him from before.  (1/2 of her share for a road trip/trips.)  No one goes to CA, from AZ, writes out an "out-of-State" check just to loan someone money.  

It's well known that hodi couldn't keep a job.  While in AZ hodi couldn't pay her share of the rent and she had to move back to CA to live with her grandparents.  

How did she go from shelling out $699 (I know that doesn't seem like a lot of money, but it is if your broke.) to being so broke that a few months after this check was written she was late on a payment that she owed TA for a car that she was buying from him?

Why, if hodi had the money in her banking account, would her and TA go to CA and try to cash an "out-of-State" check at a bank where neither of them had an account with that bank?  Most banks will not cash an "out-of-State" check.  Why would TA want to go through the hassle of that?  Unless, the check is another one of hodi's con games.   

On this check(above), hodi wrote a check for $200.00 for TWO car payments to TA.  Hence, hodi didn't have $100 to pay TA for the month of Apr so she had to pay him $200 in May for two monthly car payments.  She is NOT a story going from rags to riches.  

Something doesn't seem RIGHT about this.  It sounds like more of hodi's LIES.