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jss closes courtroom for a hodi witness.

The circus continues.
I hope when this "circus" ends that Nurmi, Willmott, Maria, JSS, and anyone else involved with "aiding and abetting ja's illegal activities, unlawful requests, and tampering with justice" with this case gets sanctioned to the highest degree that the law allows. IMO, there is not going to be any appeal(s) granted for ja due to any misconduct on JM's part. I don't see him being the one that turned this case into a three ring circus. IMO, this "judge" has gone ABOVE the Right/Law that anyone convicted of First Degree Murder is allowed. By allowing ja, Nurmi, Willmott, and now(a witness that doesn't want to be revealed in a PUBLIC courtroom) to get away with what they are getting away with, ja WON'T have any ground for an appeal (thank God for that). On the other hand, I think that jss is setting the path for this new jury to be "confused" with all of the BS that jss is allowing ja and co. to do and there could be another hung jury on the sentencing phase. If there is another hung jury, I don't see jss sentencing ja to LWOP. Hopefully if this jury can't decide on the DP they will decide on LWOP.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jodi Arias Calls Dead Boyfriend ‘Tender’ In Murder Trial

Jodi Arias Sent Flowers To Ex-Boyfriend’s Grandma After Murder

Jodi Arias’ Friend: Killing Was Mormon ‘Blood Atonement’ Plot

Detective grilled on change of story in Jodi Arias trial

JSS knows better than to allow anything in during the sentencing phase of a trial that undermines the "guilt" of a person already convicted of First Degree Murder.  Nurmi and Willmott know better than to try and mislead the jury as to the innocence or guilt of someone already convicted of First Degree Murder.  WHY is this being allowed???  This is NOT a retrial of whether hodi is innocent or guilty.  The first jury came back with a First Degree Murder verdict.  It sounds like JSS, Nurmi, and Willmott, are telling the ABA, The State of Arizona, and everyone else that they are going to do what they want and to Hell with what the law states.  

There is an injustice going on and it's not on the part of the prosecutor's, TA's family, and the State's witnesses behalf.  JSS, Nurmi, and Willmott, IMO, should be disciplined by the ABA before the sentence is given, IF, this jury doesn't "hang" because of the BS that JSS is allowing Nurmi and Willmott to do.

Recap: Week 1 of Arias sentencing retrial

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Graphic photos from the trial. 2013

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Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias

He urged jurors to sentence her to life in prison, saying she is remorseful about killing the man who never acknowledged to others that she was his girlfriend.
"Jodi Arias was always the girl behind the closed door in the bedroom," Nurmi told jurors.
Nurmi is lying here.  Apparently, hodi wore off on him.  Of course TA wouldn't acknowledge a female, hodi, as being his girlfriend that wasn't his girlfriend.  Male or female, most people won't "acknowledge" a "friends with benefits" relationship as being a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship because it isn't.  hodi knew that.  TA and hodi only dated for approximately five months before their "boyfriend/girlfriend" relationship ended.  Everything after their break-up was a "friends with benefits" type of relationship.  He did acknowledge to "others" that he and hodi were friends after their break up.  (That is written on TA's blog by JODI ARIAS!)  It was hodi that threw it up to TA later(after they broke up), in her own writing to him, that she felt that he didn't give her the proper "acknowledgement" of being his girlfriend when they did date.  (She was bringing up their past boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, that was OVER, when she wrote that to him.)  It was her jealousy showing over another female that he gave credit to via his blog.  The ONLY secret between the two, TA and hodi, was the sex.  While he dated hodi, you can see in a video and photos of the two together, she was NOT his dirty little secret.  The sex was a secret, but not only a secret that TA kept, but that hodi did too.  What two people, boyfriend/girlfriend, then later(for some that continue to have sex "friends with benefits"), broadcast their sexual lives to other people?  Why did hodi have a problem with TA(just a friend at the time) not doing a tell all about their "friends with benefits acts" but not with any of her other sexual partners doing a tell all about their "sexual acts?"  Why was it only TA and hers call that turned sexual the only call that hodi recorded?  Hodi is a liar.  She's a vindictive, manipulative, obsessed, narcissistic sociopath.  

Hodi and her attorney make it out like Hodi and TA were like a married couple when the truth is, they were NOT even a couple at the time Hodi drove over a thousand miles to TA's home, murdered him, and tried covering her tracks.  Hodi was an obsessed ex-girlfriend of TA's that was Hell bent on murdering TA because TA was going to be moving on with his life and hodi found out that he was moving on with his life without making her his wife.   

"There are no mitigating circumstances in this case. None," Martinez said. "The only just punishment for this crime is death."  

^^^The truth.



Published on: October 22, 2014

hodi's boyfriend in February 2013

ja appearance in court.

It's been said that hodi has a NEW boyfriend that she met inside of the courtroom during her trial.  Apparently there is an idiot in the World for even the most disgusting, narcissistic-sociopath, murdering $kank.

Jodi Arias trial jurors: 2 days, 2 gone

Petition to ban convicted inmates from employing their families and/or friends from using social media on their behalf.

Do not allow convicted inmates to employ their families and or friends from using social media on their behalf.

    1. Fran Mesick
    3. Petition by

ID Television "Deadly Sins" about this case.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

hodi in court.

Odd...supposedly hodi's glasses were sold and part of the money was allegedly sent to a Food Bank by one of hodi's supporters.  Here she is in court today wearing glasses.  

I just heard that the glasses that hodi wore in court today were paid for by her supporters and that the "other glasses" that she wore during the first trial and sentencing phase are NOT the same glasses she is wearing now.  

Also, I heard that hodi's supporters are the ones that bought her designer clothing to wear in her sentencing phase...NOT her $camily....that are benefitting from the sale of the hodi bands, tee shirts, and artwork, that IS NOT selling as claims they are selling for.  

A resource stated that ja and $camily are NOT making the "high dollars" that has stated that the alleged artwork is selling for.  

The NEW mitigating facts.

Here are the mitigators in the retrial:

1. Arias has no prior criminal history.  (Lying to police officers is a crime.  She lied numerous times.)
2. Arias was 27 years old when she killed Travis Alexander.  (Old enough to know right from wrong.  Older than many murderers that murder someone(s).
3. Arias is remorseful for killing Alexander.  (She does not show remorse for murdering TA.  In her own words, she said that she wouldn't have turned herself in had they not caught her.  In her own actions, she moved on "quickly" after having murdered TA.  She taunts his family and calls everyone that doesn't believe her lies "haters.").
4. Arias suffered physical and emotional abuse as a child.  (She abused her brother.  She abused animals.  She abused TA.  IMO, she was the abuser in that household before she left on her own free will to live with her boyfriend.  She ended up destroying that, along with other relationships she was in, because she wanted to have total control of those men.)
5. Arias suffered physical and emotional abuse during her relationship with Travis Alexander.  (Not proven.  No other women came forward to say that TA ever abused them.  There is evidence and witnesses about hodi spying on her exes, stalking TA, entering his home on different unwelcomed ocassions, etc....she did a lot of to him.).
6. The abusive nature of the relationship caused Arias to suffer extreme emotional stress at the time she killed Alexander.  (Hodi was the abuser when they were in a relationship.  At the time that hodi went to TA's home, murdered him, and left him in his shower to decay, they were not in a relationship.  TA had moved on with his life.  Having sex with an ex that he hadn't seen for five months is not considered to be a "relationship" as hodi and Co. are trying to portray it as.)
7. Arias has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  (Hodi is a liar and a manipulator.  She says what suits her needs/wants.)
8. Arias has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. (Again, she'll do and say whatever suits her needs/wants.  Neither are excuses for murder.  Hodi didn't have these two conditions before she murdered TA or after she murdered him.  Not until hodi got caught, her lies weren't working for her, and she spent years in jail, did she get diagnosed with one or both of these.  Diagnoses have been proven to be wrong, especially when dealing with a liar.)
9. Arias’s psychological makeup impaired her ability to cope with the tumultuous relationship she had with Travis Alexander.  (At the time she murdered TA, months before his murder, there had been no relationship between them.).

Hodi deserves the DP.

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ja---victim or sociopath, by Fox.

Fox News.  2013.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

hodi's last interview after the jury found her guilty.

Throughout this entire case hodi has blamed everyone else for everything that IS her own doing!  This case would NOT have been a high profile case had hodi not have ran to the media with numerous LIES, blame shifting, and constantly playing the "victim act."    

In this video, her last interview shortly after the "guilty" verdict was read, hodi immediately ran to the media with more LIES, blame shifting, and still continued to play the "victim act."  Even though hodi's family were there to visit with her, hodi turned her family away to do this interview.  

It is so obvious that hodi only cares about one person and that is hodi.  It is perfectly clear that hodi murdered Travis Alexander in cold blood, that hodi doesn't have any remorse about it, and unless hodi is given the death penalty that she will continue to strike out at her victim's family via the media.    


Enough is enough of hodi.  hodi deserves the Death Penalty.  

Pamela Valemont: The author lol

This person better not hold their breath waiting to be "surprised" because neither are true.  

hodi didn't just "participate" in murdering Travis Alexander, SHE DID murder Travis Alexander in cold blood.  hodi continues to taunt his loved ones by using her supporters to sell her "artwork," hodi bands, and "Survivor" tee shirts online.  hodi (Jodi Arias) is NOT a victim!  Travis Alexander was HER victim.  hodi is a cold blooded murderer that has no remorse for the heinous murder that she committed.  Throughout her trial she claimed that she had no memory of "certain" details of the murder that she committed, but it was obvious that hodi was never in any fog.  To believe hodi about the "fog" would be believing that a "fog" lifted when hodi wanted to lie(try to manipulate people) and settled in her head when she didn't want to implicate herself.

hodi is as guilty as Sin!             

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Two of ja's supporters putting down a page for "Justice For Men Abused or Murdered By Women."

  •  The page that these two "females" are referring to is a page that supports men that are abused or murdered by women.  On the page are a few cases where females have murdered men.  Also on the page are articles about signs that men need to look for when it comes to women that are abusive.  Their comments are ignorant and hateful, to put it as nicely as a person can.  This page doesn't state that "some" men don't abuse or murder women.  We know that happens.  We know that there are many Domestic Abuse Shelters for Women, funds out there, hotlines, etc..for women that are abused by men.  The page is ONLY telling men what to look out for(articles), not to hide the abuse(speak out, report it), and to get out of the abusive situation because they could end up murdered, like some men have(cases where women have murdered men.) 
    Nancy Navas this group is pathetic, men are the ones that rape, molest, murder women everyday, on a daily basis, without giving one flying fuck about it, becareful you women that are pro-men, you might be the next victim, usually women don't know that they will be murdered, it might be one of you, going to the cemetary
      ^^^In denial or just plain out ignorant and hateful?  Usually men don't know that they will be murdered by a woman.  I guess this person thinks that women that molest child(ren), murder a man/men, cares about their victim(s) just because they are a female that does it?  Smh at the stupidity that is showing in this female above.  She sounds like a man-hater.  She's obviously stating that no woman/women can or have done those things.  She is WRONG!   
    Valerie Alvarez This group wishes a victim of DV goes t death row? What if it was there daughter or sister?
  • Of course I believe that Jodi Ann Arias is a cold blooded murderer.  She was convicted of First Degree Murder with aggravating factors that make her eligible for the Death Penalty.  She should receive the death penalty if the jurors that will decideAll of the evidence was there that she planned, murdered her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander,  
  • Nancy Navas Travis and Andriano got what they deserved
     ^^^One of the MOST IGNORANT and STUPIDEST statements that I've seen online.  I bet that she wouldn't have stated such BS if TA would've been able to overpower hodi(jodi arias) and have killed her in self-defense.  People like Nancy and Valerie probably would've been chanting that a man that had done what jodi arias did to TA deserves the death penalty. 

Did Travis Alexander Sleep With One of Jodi Arias' Friends? Jodi Reveals Text Message

 hodi ho ho is so Hell bent on proving that TA slept with numerous women.  Really...why do we care about that?  We're not the ones that were obsessed with TA.  We're NOT the ones that murdered him.  hodi ho ho deserves the death penalty and I hope this jury puts the cold blooded murderer on death row where IT belongs!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Road trip for Willmott and De LaRosa.

Willmott and Maria De LaRosa are going to conduct an interview on 10/14/14 in Sacramento, California with a State’s witness.

The sentencing part of this trial ended in deadlock.  This IS NOT a retrial.  ja was found guilty of First Degree Murder, with aggravating factors, that qualify her for the death penalty in Arizona.  


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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Elizabeth Schilling talks about the three way call that went on between her and hodi.

I heard the "one" three way call.  By the way this was written, this must not have been the first time that hodi talked to others via a three way call from the jail.  It is the first time that someone actually recorded one of those three way calls and put it on the internet for everyone to hear.  One would think that it would be traceable as to who hodi called that put Elizabeth Schilling on three way.  Shortly after this went viral, hodi stopped representing herself.  hodi keeps saying how she's been treated unfairly, well, she's breaking rules that the jail goes by.  It's always everyone else's fault when it comes to these people. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jodi Arias Updates still tweeting for hodi.....Oct 2.

I thought that I read online that hodi is supposed to be restricted from talking about the trial via social media.  It doesn't look like that is working out. 

Team Tra$h(Team Arias) are USING charities for their own personal gain...they can't be honest with anyone!

 It's not the first time they've did this sneaky BS.
 "For whatever reason?"  Team Tra$h have tricked a charity before into taking donations so they can put it online for their own cause...which is to make it look like hodi is helping people.  What they aren't telling these charities is that they aren't doing this "trickery" out of the kindness of their's all about trying to get hodi a lighter sentence because she's looking at the death penalty for her heinous crime.  It's terrible how low a person will stoop for their own personal gain.  It's even "lower" to trick these charities into accepting the donations and then using these charities names to try and connect them with hodi that committed First Degree Murder.  Blood money, no one wants IT.  Some people have NO shame about them!    

Jun. 13, 2008 10:48 AM....Murder of young motivational speaker puzzling

 This is the article written after TA was found murdered.

hodi's her own words.

When she wrote this she had already brutally murdered him.

Jodi's Supporter on Twitter claiming that TA was a woman beater.

I don't know of anyone that thinks of TA as having been a Saint.  I don't know of anyone, besides hodi, that said that he beat her.  hodi isn't a reliable source.  Liars gonna Lie.  

If TA would have killed hodi when she came to his home and attacked and murdered him, it would have been self-defense on his part. 

Oct 2nd. Jodi Arias Updates on Twitter claims to have spoken to hodi about jury selection.

Jodi Arias Objects to TV Coverage of Sentencing Retrial .

Miss Pajama Girl. (I don't want any of the Kook aide.)

Jodi Arias trial, 48 lies in '48 Hrs', former juror reveals the truth about bias

hodi is trying to get a restraining order against Sheriff Joe and Nancy Grace (laughable)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jodi Arias trial supporters and key players reveal secrets before jury selection

Jodi Arias Trial - Side Bar - Juan Martinez Has Evidence Jodi Tortured Her Cat

Retrial: Closer to seating new Arias Jury

hodi's defense Team, again, tries to dismiss the DP!,AAAABvZFMzE~,IXjx0MpOF0q_HanZHVgLcx8DYVIbQP79&bclid=3712396299001&bctid=3816693682001

BS from Hodi's supporters!!!

Arias’ attorneys claims misconduct

Jodi Arias Trial: My Jury Notes

Arizona Death Row - Silent footsteps for Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias' Journal Entry Shows Strong Motive To Kill Travis Alexander: "Cut Off Its Life Source"

Prospective jurors vent at Jodi Arias

The Last Argument Between Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias -- Is This What Pushed Her Over The Edge?

Justice for Travis Alexander

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

hodi's supporter donated part of the money from the sale of hodi's glasses

Don't be duped by Hodi(Jodi Arias).  Before this female was convicted of First Degree Murder she didn't donate a dime to any charity.  Since her conviction her supporters have been auctioning off/selling stuff in hodi's name and selling "artwork" in the name of the innocent man that she murdered, to convince people that this murderer can contribute to society.  Hodi should have thought about this before she committed First Degree Murder.  If it hadn't been for hodi murdering Travis Alexander, most people wouldn't have ever heard of her. Going by hodi's, her defense team, and her supporters logic, everyone should overlook the fact that hodi murdered a man in cold blood beause hodi's supporters are auctioning off/selling things in her name(claiming that her murdering TA isn't benefitting her, her family, or anyone else), using his name to sell artwork, and should be allowed to keep doing this and live.  What a bunch of BS!!!  BEFORE hodi was convicted of First Degree Murder and NOW, most of the proceeds from the hodi bands and her alleged "artwork" were NOT donated but pocketed by her and her family.   If the supporters that are selling her "alleged" artwork have been honest about how much they've sold on their site, the money that has been made outweighs by a long shot, the contribution that hodi has given back to society.  Still the "money hungry and greedy" narcissistic person that all of us that viewed coming from hodi during the trial and her interviews is still the same manipulative person.

FACT:  Jodi Arias didn't have a high school education or a GED before her arrest for the murder of Travis Alexander.
FACT:  None of the evidence presented by Team Tra$h, Team Jodi, presented at the trial proved there was any abuse that went on beyond TA getting angry with hodi over BS that she pulled on him that led him into calling her a few nasty names.  (Honestly, how many of us can say that we haven't said things in anger and took them back later?)  Apparently TA wasn't too angry with hodi, he spent his final day with her, and by the looks of the pics before she brutally slaughtered him, they had made up.
FACT:  Jodi Arias has presented NO PROOF whatsoever that her online business on Myspace had made any money prior to her statement to the media where she stated that she had her own business before being incarcerated and that she'd continue to run it.  (Prove it hodi or shut the Hell up already!)
FACT:  Team Jodi, Jodi, nor her family, feel that any proceeds that they make off of her being "infamous" because she murdered an innocent man, should go to the Alexanders.
FACT:  Sheriff Joe put a stop to her interviews.  hodi only wanted to be interviewed by the media that she could LIE to.

I could go on and on, but I'm sure that those that read this get the message.

John Wayne Gacy sold clown paintings, made a mint doing so, and he got the death penalty.

Ted Bundy was a very intelligent serial killer.  He said that he'd give up the name of the Zodiac Killer if they took the death penalty off of the table.  The State of Florida didn't cave in and executed him.

A woman in AZ sits on death row right now for murdering her husband and her story isn't far from hodi's story.  The ONLY difference is that hodi was NOT married to TA.  hodi was NOT his girlfriend, but she wanted to be, at the time of his death.  The woman sitting on death row in AZ for murdering her husband didn't travel hundreds of miles, dye her hair to hide her identity, muster up a alibi by trying to use another lover, try and get away with her crime.  HODI did that!

jss will not allow TA's family to show younger pics of their beloved brother, TA, in the courtroom.  hodi was allowed to show younger pics of herself, before she became a murderer.  hodi was allowed things that the victim's family was not allowed to show the jurors.  Is that Right?  Shouldn't the family of a "victim" of a First Degree Murderer be allowed to show the cherishable moments of their beloved brother/sister?  I'd think so!  It's wrong, IMO, for any State to claim that a victim's family doesn't have the Right to do so unless that victim is left alive to be able to do so themselves.

Done by a Travis supporter.

A way to sentence Jodi Arias and spare taxpayers