Sunday, October 26, 2014

Detective grilled on change of story in Jodi Arias trial

JSS knows better than to allow anything in during the sentencing phase of a trial that undermines the "guilt" of a person already convicted of First Degree Murder.  Nurmi and Willmott know better than to try and mislead the jury as to the innocence or guilt of someone already convicted of First Degree Murder.  WHY is this being allowed???  This is NOT a retrial of whether hodi is innocent or guilty.  The first jury came back with a First Degree Murder verdict.  It sounds like JSS, Nurmi, and Willmott, are telling the ABA, The State of Arizona, and everyone else that they are going to do what they want and to Hell with what the law states.  

There is an injustice going on and it's not on the part of the prosecutor's, TA's family, and the State's witnesses behalf.  JSS, Nurmi, and Willmott, IMO, should be disciplined by the ABA before the sentence is given, IF, this jury doesn't "hang" because of the BS that JSS is allowing Nurmi and Willmott to do.