Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The NEW mitigating facts.

Here are the mitigators in the retrial:

1. Arias has no prior criminal history.  (Lying to police officers is a crime.  She lied numerous times.)
2. Arias was 27 years old when she killed Travis Alexander.  (Old enough to know right from wrong.  Older than many murderers that murder someone(s).
3. Arias is remorseful for killing Alexander.  (She does not show remorse for murdering TA.  In her own words, she said that she wouldn't have turned herself in had they not caught her.  In her own actions, she moved on "quickly" after having murdered TA.  She taunts his family and calls everyone that doesn't believe her lies "haters.").
4. Arias suffered physical and emotional abuse as a child.  (She abused her brother.  She abused animals.  She abused TA.  IMO, she was the abuser in that household before she left on her own free will to live with her boyfriend.  She ended up destroying that, along with other relationships she was in, because she wanted to have total control of those men.)
5. Arias suffered physical and emotional abuse during her relationship with Travis Alexander.  (Not proven.  No other women came forward to say that TA ever abused them.  There is evidence and witnesses about hodi spying on her exes, stalking TA, entering his home on different unwelcomed ocassions, etc....she did a lot of to him.).
6. The abusive nature of the relationship caused Arias to suffer extreme emotional stress at the time she killed Alexander.  (Hodi was the abuser when they were in a relationship.  At the time that hodi went to TA's home, murdered him, and left him in his shower to decay, they were not in a relationship.  TA had moved on with his life.  Having sex with an ex that he hadn't seen for five months is not considered to be a "relationship" as hodi and Co. are trying to portray it as.)
7. Arias has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  (Hodi is a liar and a manipulator.  She says what suits her needs/wants.)
8. Arias has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. (Again, she'll do and say whatever suits her needs/wants.  Neither are excuses for murder.  Hodi didn't have these two conditions before she murdered TA or after she murdered him.  Not until hodi got caught, her lies weren't working for her, and she spent years in jail, did she get diagnosed with one or both of these.  Diagnoses have been proven to be wrong, especially when dealing with a liar.)
9. Arias’s psychological makeup impaired her ability to cope with the tumultuous relationship she had with Travis Alexander.  (At the time she murdered TA, months before his murder, there had been no relationship between them.).

Hodi deserves the DP.