Tuesday, October 21, 2014

hodi in court.

Odd...supposedly hodi's glasses were sold and part of the money was allegedly sent to a Food Bank by one of hodi's supporters.  Here she is in court today wearing glasses.  

I just heard that the glasses that hodi wore in court today were paid for by her supporters and that the "other glasses" that she wore during the first trial and sentencing phase are NOT the same glasses she is wearing now.  

Also, I heard that hodi's supporters are the ones that bought her designer clothing to wear in her sentencing phase...NOT her $camily....that are benefitting from the sale of the hodi bands, tee shirts, and artwork, that IS NOT selling as jaii.com claims they are selling for.  

A resource stated that ja and $camily are NOT making the "high dollars" that jaii.com has stated that the alleged artwork is selling for.