Friday, October 31, 2014

jss closes courtroom for a hodi witness.

The circus continues.
I hope when this "circus" ends that Nurmi, Willmott, Maria, JSS, and anyone else involved with "aiding and abetting ja's illegal activities, unlawful requests, and tampering with justice" with this case gets sanctioned to the highest degree that the law allows. IMO, there is not going to be any appeal(s) granted for ja due to any misconduct on JM's part. I don't see him being the one that turned this case into a three ring circus. IMO, this "judge" has gone ABOVE the Right/Law that anyone convicted of First Degree Murder is allowed. By allowing ja, Nurmi, Willmott, and now(a witness that doesn't want to be revealed in a PUBLIC courtroom) to get away with what they are getting away with, ja WON'T have any ground for an appeal (thank God for that). On the other hand, I think that jss is setting the path for this new jury to be "confused" with all of the BS that jss is allowing ja and co. to do and there could be another hung jury on the sentencing phase. If there is another hung jury, I don't see jss sentencing ja to LWOP. Hopefully if this jury can't decide on the DP they will decide on LWOP.