Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias

He urged jurors to sentence her to life in prison, saying she is remorseful about killing the man who never acknowledged to others that she was his girlfriend.
"Jodi Arias was always the girl behind the closed door in the bedroom," Nurmi told jurors.
Nurmi is lying here.  Apparently, hodi wore off on him.  Of course TA wouldn't acknowledge a female, hodi, as being his girlfriend that wasn't his girlfriend.  Male or female, most people won't "acknowledge" a "friends with benefits" relationship as being a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship because it isn't.  hodi knew that.  TA and hodi only dated for approximately five months before their "boyfriend/girlfriend" relationship ended.  Everything after their break-up was a "friends with benefits" type of relationship.  He did acknowledge to "others" that he and hodi were friends after their break up.  (That is written on TA's blog by JODI ARIAS!)  It was hodi that threw it up to TA later(after they broke up), in her own writing to him, that she felt that he didn't give her the proper "acknowledgement" of being his girlfriend when they did date.  (She was bringing up their past boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, that was OVER, when she wrote that to him.)  It was her jealousy showing over another female that he gave credit to via his blog.  The ONLY secret between the two, TA and hodi, was the sex.  While he dated hodi, you can see in a video and photos of the two together, she was NOT his dirty little secret.  The sex was a secret, but not only a secret that TA kept, but that hodi did too.  What two people, boyfriend/girlfriend, then later(for some that continue to have sex "friends with benefits"), broadcast their sexual lives to other people?  Why did hodi have a problem with TA(just a friend at the time) not doing a tell all about their "friends with benefits acts" but not with any of her other sexual partners doing a tell all about their "sexual acts?"  Why was it only TA and hers call that turned sexual the only call that hodi recorded?  Hodi is a liar.  She's a vindictive, manipulative, obsessed, narcissistic sociopath.  

Hodi and her attorney make it out like Hodi and TA were like a married couple when the truth is, they were NOT even a couple at the time Hodi drove over a thousand miles to TA's home, murdered him, and tried covering her tracks.  Hodi was an obsessed ex-girlfriend of TA's that was Hell bent on murdering TA because TA was going to be moving on with his life and hodi found out that he was moving on with his life without making her his wife.   

"There are no mitigating circumstances in this case. None," Martinez said. "The only just punishment for this crime is death."  

^^^The truth.