Thursday, December 25, 2014

Video of some of the reactions on TA's family members faces as ja tells the jury to spare her life during the first sentencing phase.

In this video is "The VOMIT" that ja spewed to the jury trying to get them to spare her life.  The video shows the reactions of TA's family members that were present during ja's "show of manipulation."  ja NEVER counted on the jury finding her guilty of First Degree Murder with cruelty.  She actually thought that she had the jury convinced of her lies about her murdering TA in self-defense.  Recalling here the look of "shock" on her face when the guilty verdict was read in court, and the anger in her voice during her post trial interview with a member of the media.  NEWS FLASH:  Only idiots that drink the kool aid believe it was self-defense.  

ja will have you believe that while she was on television saying that she would rather be sentenced to death, than to live the rest of her life in prison, that she was being honest.  She wasn't being honest.  Honesty and ja are two words that should not be used in the same sentence.  While ja was making such claims that she'd rather die(DP), she was going behind the scenes trying to get a plea bargain.  She wanted the State and the Alexanders to agree to giving her a plea deal of Second Degree Murder.  That doesn't sound like someone that wants to die.  That sounds like someone that wants to get out of prison some day, even if it's in the far future.  It sounds like a manipulator and a liar when in front of her fan club and the public.  The claws come out when ja is behind the scenes.  (Which we already know what type of evil lurks inside of her.)  When the State and Alexander family wouldn't give her the plea deal that she wanted, things got even uglier.  ja began a smear campaign against TA's character.         

She NEVER tried to commit suicide.  That is MORE BS spewed by ja.  People that try to commit suicide don't "scratch" themselves with something.  That is all ja did or possibly didn't even go that far with doing.  ja is NOTHING but a liar, manipulator, sociopath, and narcissist.  

Now, ja and her DT have came up with another "strategy" for ja to try and escape the punishment that she deserves-the DP.  They are trying to make claim that porn, evidence of it found or not, should be considered "exculpatory evidence," that Det. Flores "allegedly" tampered with "exculpatory evidence," that JM lied about having knowledge of porn being on TA's PC, and that ja should be set free and/or the death penalty should be removed from the table.  At no time during the trial did JM state or lead anyone to believe that porn was the motive, or had anything to do with  ja murdering TA.  Porn had nothing to do with why she murdered TA.   It was/is ja and her DT that kept/keep trying to drag the issue of porn and making accusations that TA was a pedophile.  That just isn't flying with a lot of people.  A lot of people DON'T care about the porn issue.  A lot of people don't even care about TA's and ja's part time sexual activities.  The primary ones that seem to care about that are:  ja, the DT, and some of her supporters.      

IMO, watching and reading about this case, the ONLY reasons ja wanted "child pornography" brought into the equation is to gain sympathy and to cash in from/on everyone that hate pedophiles.  She wanted to smear TA's character.  As much as some people hate pedophiles(I'm NOT saying that TA was one...I don't believe ja),  ja must've "assumed" that if she could paint a picture that TA was a pedophile that would exempt her from her role of committing murder in the First Degree with cruelty.   I'm well aware that many of her supporters ride on the LIE that ja has told about TA haven been a pedophile, as to why some support her.   According to ja and her supporters, that believe that TA was a pedophile, they are telling people that it's okay to plan and murder an ex that dumps you.  They are telling people that it is okay for a man in a woman's life(ja) to be pedophile(liars), as long as they keep the woman(ja).  Where their minds are...who knows?  That is not the normal thinking of decent people.  ja is not a decent person.  

When all else fails, all of the lies that ja has told, ja will continue to play the victim act until the day she dies(of natural causes or the DP).  TRASH, such as ja is, will never take full responsibility for their actions.  Her "having been abused stories" have went from a little abuse having taken place to a grand scale of her almost being murdered by different exes in her life.  Right right...the only abuser many of us see is ja.  

I hope that ja has a horrible Christmas as she prays to her Father in Hell.