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Jan. 28, 2015 BISHOP PARKER TOOK THE STAND TODAY & PROVED Marc McGee LIED!!! By: Kim Lapara David

BISHOP PARKER TOOK THE STAND TODAY & PROVED Marc McGee LIED!!! Here are some of the transcripts. Wish we could have seen Jodi's face.
Bishop Parker says there was a computer at his house. Family never saw Travis on the computer.
Bishop's family members never saw Travis Alexander use their computer in the living room.
Juan- During time TA was living there did ever use computer? P-I didn't see him use it and no one in my family saw him use it 
Bishop discusses Witness 1 & his online relationship with a female.
Parker knew Witness #1 in 1999 and Wit #1 met a woman online. They had an online relationship
The woman traveled to Riverside to meet Witness #1
Witness 1's online girlfriend lived w/Bishop. Bishop says he would not have allowed that if another male was living there.
She came to stay late Nov/Dec 2000
MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15 36s37 seconds ago
Bishop Parker witness#1's online GF also lived w/him after parents asked 4a safe place 4her 2stay 12/2000
Witness 1 would come visit girlfriend at Bishop's house & had permission to use Bishop's computer.
Alexander was not living in the house when witness 1 was there to visit the girl he thought he might marry. Witness 1 used the computer.
Witness #1 had Parker's permission to use the computer TA wasn't living there at that time
Bishop can't recall exact employment but remembers Witness 1 worked with computers.
Witness 1's girlfriend lived with Bishop until marriage. Less than 5 months.
Witness #1 was very familiar with computers according to Bishop
Parker tells jurors witness#1 knew his way around computers
Aha so it was non-witness witness #1 who had access to the Bishops PC says Bishop. Travis never seen use it by him or his family
Bishop said Witness 1 came over almost every day.

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