Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's it like to interview Jodi Arias? The media needs to look at the bigger picture! It's NOT about them!

What's it like to interview Jodi Arias?

EVERY interview that ja does the media knows before interviewing her that she makes it all about herself and about her "alleged" innocence.  WHY does some members of the media continue to want to interview her?  Besides making money and getting ratings, what is their point?  I don't know of a single person that is interested in anything that ja has to say, not NOW, not EVER AGAIN!  Most people following this case knows that she is NOTHING but a LIAR, that she brutally slayed an innocent man, she has no remorse for murdering TA, and that she's never going to tell the truth about it.  The media needs to STOP chasing her, letting her run things, STOP allowing her to bash the victim(TA), and STOP making her out like she's some kind of beauty queen(Evil is NOT beautiful.)

IMO, the media shouldn't be allowed to interview convicted murderers except for the convicted murderers that are later found to be innocent and released.  Meaning, AFTER they are found to be innocent and released due to being innocent.  IMO, it should be the law in every State that once someone is convicted of a crime(s) such as murder, rape, child molesting, aka heinous crimes, that the media should not be allowed to go to jails/prisons to interview these types of monsters.  IMO, the media is like the monsters they chase...ALL out for themselves and they don't care about the victims or the victims families.  STOP and think about the victims of these monsters and the victims loved ones and STOP lining your pockets with "blood money" and making a name for yourselves on the backs of the victims.