Sunday, March 29, 2015

Are the authorities in Maricopa County investigating who gave SJ, a ja supporter, the names of the 11 jurors that voted for the DP?

Are the authorities in Maricopa County investigating "who" gave the 11 jurors names to a ja supporter, SJ, that runs, that put the 11 jurors names on his site after the hung jury?  There's only THREE people on ja's defense team(her side) that knew the names of ALL of the jurors before the hung jury; her two attorneys and her mitigation specialist(mdl), that could have given ja or ja's supporter, SJ, the names of the jurors.  No one else, except for people of the court(excluding the media, trial watchers, family members, and everyone else that weren't privy to having that information) would have had access to those names.  Those names were supposed to be confidential information.  IMO, only someone(s) on the defense team that have that information would have given it to ja or to SJ.  My question is this, since I don't live in AZ and I lack "freetime" to look the information up.  Is it legal in AZ for someone(s) on the defense team to give a convicted murderer, ja, the names of the jurors that served during her trials?  I wouldn't think that the AZ law would allow for a convicted murderer to have access to jurors names at any given time because of how some murderers have reacted in a harmful and very dangerous manner towards other members of the court over their convictions.  IMO, if ja was the one that gave SJ that information, it was one of the three on her defense team that gave it to her.  I couldn't see any other member of the court that was privy to that information giving that information to ja or SJ.  It is illegal for whomever it was that gave up those names to start with, for them to be posted on  I sure hope that the authorities in Maricopa County investigate it and penalize the person(s) that put that information into the hands of SJ.