Sunday, March 29, 2015

“Tough Love” – Saving Private Jodi (March 20) By: Amanda Chen & Rob Roman

What a tangled web some choose to weave.  They are doing it ALL for a murderer, habitual liar, manipulator, narcissistic sociopath, thief, cheater, etc...a person that is PURE EVIL.  WHY???  Why would ANYONE want to be affiliated with someone like ja that doesn't have to be?  The excuses that many of her supporters use for supporting her doesn't make sense because most of the reasons they are using to support her are based on LIES made up by ja.  I can not comprehend how any adult, especially the ones that are parents, grandparents, and/or are adults that are supposed to be role models for children can justify supporting ja and all of her wickedness, and think that they are a good role model for any child.  When it comes to many of ja's supporters, it's not just about them "thinking" that the system failed ja and didn't give her a fair trial(which she did get a fair trial).  Many of her supporters think that her murdering TA was justified by her lying saying she killed him in self defense...and those that believe her lies(idiots)want her out on the streets someday.  That is very disturbing out of those of them that want her out on the streets someday, after everything she's done and that she still continues to do to people.  ja is a very dangerous person.  The sooner they realize just how dangerous that ja is, the easier it will be for them to drop her like a hot potato and support REAL victims.


“Tough Love” – Saving Private Jodi (March 20)

By:  Amanda Chen & Rob Roman