Thursday, April 16, 2015

$andy Aria$....The spoiled fruit didn't fall far from the rotten tree.

The spoiled fruit doesn't fall far from the rotten tree. It's one thing to stand by your child when they do wrong, but it's a whole different story when you do the things that $andy aria$ has done for her murderer daughter.  It was $andy aria$ that tried selling forged ped letters so that her daughter could try and use them to slander the victim's name in an attempt to get out of a First Degree Murder conviction.  It was $andy aria$ that made a video begging for money claiming it would be used for her murderer daughter's appeal.  BTW, where is that money that was put in an alleged appellant fund?  I keep reading that The State of AZ is paying for her first appeal.  I believe that JW, her attorney, stated that they will be handing ja's appeal case over to another attorney that The State of AZ provides for ja.  It was ja that stated that her artwork was being sold to help her and her $camily out.  Blood money that NONE of them would have ever seen had ja not murdered an innocent man.  $andy aria$ said that they wouldn't allow her to take the stand for her daughter. DUH!!!  $andy aria$ is a liar and a $cammer just like her daughter.  

Hopefully, the IRS will look into where the blood money went and arrest, charge, and convict every $cammer behind it.       

#JodiArias Mother's Final Statement to the Court