Friday, April 17, 2015

Tanisha and Stephen give the thumbs down: NO DEAL!!! By: Joey Jackson Fans Page

REGARDING INMATE # 281129.......

I know you all vividly remember the sentencing of Inmate # 281129 on Monday. And the speech she stood up and ranted and raved on and on about before the Judge Stephens. While we all remained in our seats with our mouths gapping open at what we were hearing, as she was saying some horrible and cruel things towards Travis' family.

Who can forget her raising the tone of her voice to almost shouting accusing the family of going on social media putting their thumbs down, not agreeing to take a deal. (I've always wondered how she managed to find out all that was going on outside her jail cell. I will always believe that Maria Delarosa shared with her in her visits. I'm sure that is fine....being she was on the defense team.)

Jodi was referring to this picture that went viral last year when Barb McNally created it. And yes, Stephen and Tanisha were in fact saying...."NO DEAL".

Seems to me like inmate #281129 can dish it out but she just can't take it!


Graphic created by Barb McNally.