Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"The Aftermath & Loose Ends..." By: Edie Morse

The Aftermath & Loose Ends...
“In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” ~ Bertrand Russell
Time is a wonderful healer... In time, Jodi Arias will fade away. Honestly, I believe that to be true-- but, the story isn't over yet. It's been a week ago today, that JA was sentenced to "Natural Life" = LWOP. Her Perryville prison mug shot was not a pretty sight to behold, for as we witnessed during her last, disgusting allocution on April 13th, when she faced sentencing, she is a bitter & twisted convicted murderer-- angry that she is not free to walk the streets-- angrier still that nobody believes her malicious lies-- and also, it's clear that she is plotting her next move:-- Appeals; Money-Grubbing; and, Hiding Her Ill-Gotten Gains from the Alexanders.
The next active key date on JA's Court Docket is June 1st, 2015, a "Restitution Hearing", in which JSS will set the terms of the financial recompense that JA must pay back to the victims, i.e. the Alexanders, who have paid dearly over the past 7 years-- both emotionally & financially, in having to wait week in and week out, month in and month out, and year in and year out, for justice, as JSS allowed JA & Co. to run-amok, wantonly as well as endlessly. Recently, AZ Reporter Troy Hayden has said that JA has advised her demented fans, including some horny ole' duff who wants to leave his estate to the convicted murderer, on how to hide money so that the Alexanders can't get hold of it (i.e. her fraudulent JAA Appeal Fund scam?). Let's hope & pray that Bill Montgomery & Juan Martinez are aware of this-- as well as the Alexanders' civil attorneys.
JA's new "game", now that she is behind bars in Perryville prison, for the rest of her noxious life, will be Money & Manipulation. She's going to need plenty of it in order to get past her 1st appeal, which will probably be paid for the duped ole' AZ taxpayers, since although she even divulged to Mr. Hayden that she has $20,000.00 (she probably has even more squirreled away in secret accounts ... and her fraudulent JAA Appeals Fund scam), the convicted psycho-butcher still enjoys a fraudulent status of "indigent". Skank's "indigent" status remains a classic example of JSS having turned a "blind eye" to this cunning convicted murderer's "gaming of the system". JA is a master manipulator-- and, although she could not manipulate her way out of a LWOP prison sentence-- she won't stop manipulating judges, prison authorities, and the IRS, until the day she is put "6 feet underground"-- because, that's who she is; who she always has been; and, who she always will be.
Trial watchers, who really do care about justice, wanted to see Justice 4 Travis and Justice for the Alexanders. Justice was done-- but, Right still has yet to be done. For not only should all of JA's ill-gotten gains be tracked down and confiscated, in order to pay back the Alexanders, but also, there is a reckoning to be done, to hold accountable those who committed wrong-doings as it relates to what was a nightmarish and quite frankly, an embarrassing criminal trial, for the sake of our criminal justice system. Will right be done? Hopefully, the Alexanders have been warned about all of JA's illegal bank accounts; her sordid shelters & funds (including her JAA Appeals Fund scam); and, her criminal cohorts too, who have colluded to hide monies & assets for her. When it comes to the most despicable players, in what was obviously a very badly managed capital murder trial, will these individuals be held to account? Unfortunately, it seems not... because, the AZ media doesn't ask the right questions, and the AZ politicos want to sweep their mess under the carpet.
Alas. These are a few of the questions that I would be asking of the key players in this 7 year travesty of a very, very badly run capital murder trial:--
* To Judge Sherry Stephens - On what legal & ethical basis did you delay the sentencing phase of this trial for nearly two years, instead of holding the final penalty re-trial on July 18th, 2013, as per the original re-trial date? What took place in the many "ex-parte" meetings which you granted to JA & Co. following the hung jury in May 2013, throughout the Summer/Fall of 2013 & well into 2014? What was your rationale for sealing over 127 documents & many sealed hearings, and when will they all be unsealed and made public? Will you make public the transcripts from your myriad "ex-parte" meetings with JA & Co.? Why did you repeatedly violate the US Constitution, by keeping the media & the public shut out of the courtroom? Why did you allow JA & Co. to violate the rules of procedures, and falsely accuse the State of misconduct, when the defendant tampered with the computer evidence? Why did you allow the defense team to filibuster & file frivolous motions? Why did you preclude evidence of JA's sadism; her narcissism; her hypocrisy; her violent abuse of other people & pet animals too? Why did you allow in affidavits under "secret" names, in violation of the constitutional principle of transparency? Why didn't you put a "gag-order" on JA from the outset of the trial in January 2013 until its' completion? Why did you allow JA to run a business from Estrella jail? Why did you allow JA to retain her unscrupulous "indigent" status?
* To Kirk Nurmi & Jennifer Willmott - Why did you trash the victim, via accusing him of hyper-sexuality; abuse; and, pedophilia, when in point of fact, JA had lied about him, in order to fabricate a defense, cynically devised to make him the object of hatred and to prop herself up? Why did you collude with dishonest charlatans (e.g. Dr. Cheryl Karp, Alyce LaViolette, Dr. Samuels, Dr. Geffner, Dr. Fonseca, Bryan Neumeister, etc.) in order to defraud the court with perjurious lies, which were clearly concocted in order to mislead an easily manipulated judge & two juries, the latter of which did not believe your lies, but it did enable a "stealth" juror to save the life of a psychopathic killer? On what basis did you decide that violating your standards of ethics, as per the AZ State Bar, was justifiable, in saving JA's worthless life? Why was there no witness (i.e. no family members, no friends, no co-workers, etc.) willing to come forward to testify on behalf of JA... e.g. Was it because Juan Martinez would prove that JA was a liar, and that her dishonest defense would have been proven to be fraudulent? On what basis did you believe that attacking Juan Martinez, Det. Flores, Dr. Janeen DeMarte, with lies, was within your professional guidelines?
* To Maria "Smuggler" De La Rosa & JA's Private Investigator Dorian Bond - What is your relationship with each other? What took place between yourself & Bryan Neumeister, the computer-geek, who "fixed" the computer evidence, in order to attempt to frame Juan Martinez & Det. Flores with false evidence tampering in "Porn Gate"? Why did Ms. De La Rosa "smuggle" contraband in and out of jail for JA over the course of this trial? What is your involvement in JA's financial dealings? What communications took place between yourselves and Juror #17, prior to, during, and post the re-trial? Who has been paying Mr. Bond's fees, since JA is "indigent"? What was your involvement in tweeting and/or exploiting social media on behalf of JA throughout the trial? What is your involvement with JA's demented fan base, including Sandra "Fibber" Webber, George Barwood, the "Jodi Arias is Innocent" web-site, etc.? On what legal basis did you leak sealed information to your AZ media shills & JA's criminal cohorts? On what ethical basis did you leak disinformation to your AZ media shills & JA's criminal cohorts?
Juan Martinez recently told Mr. Hayden that the trial is over, and he believes that there is no point in looking back. Of course, Mr. Martinez has new, upcoming cases to prosecute, and from a professional standpoint, it may not even be his job to ascertain what might prove to be criminal wrongdoings by the players listed above, in this trial. But, in order to establish and provide for a clean & rightful criminal justice system, it is important to ask the right questions, and find out what took place throughout the JA trial, in order to hold violators of the law fully accountable, and also, to make sure that it never happens again. Unless, the public cares about the future of criminal trials in this country, such accountability won't take place. In other words, JSS will simply continue to adjudicate over criminal trials in an incompetent, biased, and corrupt manner. Nurmi & Willmott will probably continue to violate their code of ethics, in order to "win at all costs". Most likely, "Smuggler" De La Rosa will continue to "game the system" on behalf of her criminal clients-- perhaps, even continuing a toxic relationship with JA? Bond believes that JA will be granted a new trial, upon appeal-- and, on what basis will JA & Mr. Bond collude with criminal charlatans in order to attempt to defraud the AZ Court of Appeals and possibly the AZ Supreme Court?
And, Jodi Arias? Her life is over, insofar as she will, most likely, spend the rest of her vile-'n'-violent life in prison. From now on, for JA, it's all about a scramble for power, money, and gaming-the system. She will now attempt to manipulate prison guards & inmates. She will ask her delusional fans to continue to send her money. She will file appeals & complain about her prison conditions. In 2 months time, she will be allowed to eat meals with other inmates & she will be allowed to join a work-programme:-- putting her in contact with others. In 4-6 months time, she will be eligible to have a roommate, and would be moved to a new, larger prison cell. Within a few years, she would then be eligible to be moved into a dorm-style prison cell, with more roommates-- assuming good behaviour. JA will be allowed to pursue her education and perhaps even to manufacture & sell her junk-"art". Ms. Willmott admitted that JA was afraid of the Death Penalty, because the idea of "Death Row", whereby she would be alone, with no human contact, terrified her. Well, thanks to JSS, JA avoided the DP. Mr. Hayden said that sources close to JSS told him that this "judge" wanted JA to get the DP:-- Frankly, I don't buy it-- i.e. that sounds like more of the same ilk of dishonest, self-serving propaganda, which has permeated throughout this trial, to protect the most corrupt amongst the players in this mismanaged sentencing phase. In point of fact, JSS saved JA's worthless life.
Will Jodi Arias manipulate some prison guard into having sex with her and then cry rape and/or get pregnant? Will the Court of Appeals find a "technicality" upon which to grant JA a new trial, and if so, would the State agree a plea deal, which would probably be 2nd degree murder, with time-served, (i.e. 7+ years taken off a 10-15 year sentence)? Will the truth about what has taken place in the "judge's chambers" over the past few years ever be unsealed & made public? Will an investigation of JSS, Nurmi & WIllmott, and/or "Smuggler" De La Rosa & Bond, ever take place? Will Juror #17 be allowed to slink-away, and will juror misconduct, juror tampering, and judicial misconduct, all be pushed aside, because the AZ power-brokers do not want their "House of Cards" to come tumbling down? And, what will happen to all of JA's ill-gotten gains? Will JA get away with hiding money away from the Alexanders in her crooked JAA Appeals Fund scam and/or other shelters? Will JA still retain an "indigent" status, whilst purchasing lots of goodies, in the Perryville Prison Commissary, as she did, when she spent approx. $100.00/month in the Estrella Jail Commissary? Only time will tell. But, unless the citizenry speaks out on behalf of Right, nothing would surprise me.
Jodi Arias got what she wanted:-- i.e. She is still alive, whilst Travis Alexander is dead... her ultimate "Gotcha' Brat" moment! Now, JA is living in an environment, where her "game" will be to master & control those around her and to make as much money as possible. JA has a lot of money hidden away... she plans on holding onto it & making more of it... JA can also come out of her "Fog" and torment the Alexanders even further, with the extent of how she made their brother, i.e. her victim, suffer, when she brutally slaughtered him; particularly, after her future appeals are denied... JA is angry-- she wants revenge-- and, her best revenge will be to "game the system". The only way to minimize her ability to escape a punishing, miserable fate, would be to make sure that she has no financial resources whatsoever:-- but sadly, JSS is not the cleverest or wisest of "judges"-- e.g. she allowed JA to run a business out of Estrella jail, whilst still claiming an "indigent" status:-- Why? Let's hope that JSS doesn't allow JA to hold onto any of her ill-gotten gains:-- JA is richer now than she ever was, when she lived the life of a deadbeat loser, slag, and part-time waitress. JA was not able to manipulate Travis Alexander into rescuing her from living the life of a trashy, laze-about, self-absorbed slob... so she enriched herself by murdering him and profiting from her notoriety for having done so. What a justice system! It has to be stopped. JA shouldn't be in prison richer than ever... JSS should be compelled to seize JA's assets & monies, and also, to instruct that an investigation be done into all of JA's illegal accounts. JA shouldn't be having the time of her life!
“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say 'It's as plain as the nose on your face.' But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds a mirror up to you?” ~ Isaac Asimov, I, Robot.