Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April 24, 2015...ja's letter to her online supporters(trolls) from DR and Kirk Nurmi makes a statement about ja's lie.

A letter from ja that she sent to one of her supporter's for her "online" supporters.  I suppose that this letter is for her online supporters (trolls) that aren't locked up in jail, prison, or in a mental ward where they don't have access to the internet.

IMO, ANYONE that condones the horrible things that ja($kank) has done and said SHOULD seek psychiatric help immediately!!!   

  What a load of BS this is.  

Bigger Copy.  

Kirk Nurmi's statement regarding ja's lie that she wrote in her letter above. 

I typed out the contents of the letter that ja wrote (above) to make it easier to read for anyone that has trouble reading it (below):

  April 24, 2015

Hi Everyone!  I hope all is well.  I'm getting settled in, but I'm still being processed.  The day I arrived everyone was very professional and efficient.  My mom said I look tired in my DOC photo.  Someone else said I looked sad. I was neither.  What happened was they told me where to stand and where to look (at the cam).  Right then someone flipped on three bright halogen lights.  It was like trying to stare at the sun!  or God.  LOL.  I was trying hard not to squint too much.  (Now I understand why Debbie Milke was squinting in her DOC photo-nothing prepares the eyes for that flood of brightness.)  Then I was taken in to COU (complex detention unit) and placed on "watch."  (Suicide watch, that is.)  Not for "mental health" reasons.  I was told since I wasn't suicidal but for "security reasons."  Whatever that means. After a week, I was brought over to Lumley.  I was not put in Debbbie's old cell.  Lots of people thought so.  Even I thought that was where I was going.  I'm a few doors down.  My cel is not blue, as many have thought (further validation that you just can't trust the media).  My cell is freshly painted-white walls, gray desk and shelving, unfinished concrete floor.  Still smells like paint.  New, in other words.  It feels clean.  

This place is teaming with little animals.  Lots of different birds and prairie dogs (at least that's what everyone calls them) running around.  The prairie dogs are ADORABLE.  They look like a cross between a squirrel and a gofer. (miss $tabby Einstein spelled "gofer" wrong, not I)    I saw one take off w/a chunk of balogna the other day!(Yep, there's balogna here.)  I also saw some officers dropping some poisonous pellets in their dens.  Population control, I guess.  

I won't go on too much about the food.  It's a MAJOR improvement from my last location.  Everyone says how awful the food at MESO is.  ($tabby spelled Mesa wrong...duh!)  I didn't think so; it's just bland.  My only complaint was that its not sustainable for long term inmates. It was all sugar and starch (which is soon to be sugar) in the morning.  I called it "the diabetes-inducing diet."  At night, we were served lots of soy protein (which Arpoia thinks is healthy but wich studies show otherwise.)  I'm glad to now have a healthier, more wholesome, well-rounded diet.  

I'm currently segregated. Still, I've seen many familiar faces since arriving.  Having been at Estrella for 6.5 yrs, I've seen many people go before me.  Everyone's been kind, respectful, and warm.

I've gotten some interesting feedback on my sentencing, most of it very supportive, even congratulatory.  The general consenius (that I'm getting) is that people are glad I stuck up for myself.  One girl said I have "lady balls."  (LOL). One guy said what I said was "way overboard."  I'm sure it made some of my friends uncomfortable, and maybe even disappointed some of you.  While that wasn't my intention, I have to say, I only wish I would have said MORE, not less.  For example, I wish I would have stuck up for Juror 17 after you-know-who threw her under the bus, because we all know that there was not just one tainted juror-there were ELEVEN. I owe my life to #17 and the least I could have done was stick up for her.  But much of what I said was no the fly.  It wasn't prepared.  I had only intended to apologize and declare my commitment to pay restitution.  (Even though I wasn't the one who forced everyone to trial-twice.  No, of course I wasn't going to say that part.)  But Bryce was right about what he posted later that day.  My statement was not an appeal for leniency.  God himself could have parted the heaves and commanded the judge to be lenient-she would have disobeyed him.  So after two trials with a corrupt prosecutor, then having to listen to more lies and distortions of facts from the TA camp at sentencing-well, my high tolerance for B.S. had simply reached its maximum capacity.  I consulted with my legal team they gave their blessing. They said, "Do it.  You know she's gonna give you natural life today.  You have nothing to lose."  So I spoke my mind.  Like I said, my only regret is that I didn't say more.

If you wrote a letter to the judge, thank you!  It's probably not something one does very often.  The judge took 10 minutes to read, what, almost 30 letters?-which doesn't include the 75 ft, or so of travel time from the bench to chamber and back.  I'e gotten lots of mail.  I'm not able to buy envelopes/paper yet, so don't give up on me if you don't hear back for a little while.  I don't know how long they'll keep me in limbo.  If you wrote the first week, and I received it, you'll be getting a mini note from me.   

Thank you all so much.  I'm really not worthy.  Your love/support/friendship are precious to me.  Deep, deep gratitude for each of you-JODI ARIAS

P.S.  Lots of people have written expressing concern about sending photos and putting me over my limit.  Don't worry about that.  Let me manage my photos.  Send away!  (Smiley face inserted)