Saturday, May 16, 2015

Movin' On... By: Edie Morse

Movin' On...

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein
On a personal note. Over the past few years, my friends, my FB virtual-life has been focused on Justice 4 Travis Alexander. I still do care very much about what happens to the Alexander family; and, that justice be done regarding the upcoming Restitution Hearing on June 1st concerning the compensation that Jodi Arias will be asked to pay to the victims & the convicted murderer's fraudulent status as "indigent", which should be revoked, imo; and, of course, the health of our criminal justice system. In my opinion, our judges need to be reminded that their role is to uphold the Rule of Law, and not to manipulate it, in order to engineer outcomes, right or wrong, based upon their own personal prejudices.
Therefore, someday, I really do hope & pray that Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS) will be held accountable for the unseemly manner in which she mismanaged the sentencing phase, from May 2013 until April 2015, as it related to her many delays granted to JA & Co. in violation of the AZ Victims' Bill of Rights; her myriad "ex-parte" meetings with JA & Co. in violation of the AZ Judicial Code of Conduct; her allowing JA & Co. to run-amok violating courtroom decorum; and, her unconstitutional secrecy in violation of the US Constitution. But, she will not be held accountable unless conscientious citizens demand it. In my opinion, the over 127 sealed documents; the transcripts from her many sealed hearings; and, the transcripts from her myriad "ex-parte" meetings with JA & Co., should all be unsealed and made public. Sealing information is supposed to be kept to a minimum by a sitting judge, according to the law... but, this judge, JSS, went seal-crazy.
In point of fact, there are no National Security issues at stake, as it relates to the Jodi Arias capital murder trial and/or her future appeals. Why is so much in this trial still held secret? Pending Jodi Arias' future appeals, some say that JSS will probably keep this extraordinary number of trial documents, hearings, & meetings, under seal... but, that's all the more reason for an independent review board, e.g. the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct, to be called upon in order to review the sealed trial documentation in its' entirety to make certain that wrongdoings are not being covered-up which would expose embarrassment and/or even criminal activity by publically-elected officials (e.g. JSS herself, and/or other Officers of the Court); ethics violations by attorneys & their cohorts (e.g. Nurmi, Willmott, and/or Maria "Smuggler" De La Rosa, PI Dorian Bond, etc.); illegal acts committed by defense witnesses (e.g. Dr. Cheryl Karp's robotic auto-diagnosis of "PTSD - Battered Women's Syndrome/Domestic Violence - Memory Loss/FOG" based on JA's lies & fake, forged pedo letters; Alyce LaViolette's perjury on the witness stand; Bryan Neumeister's evidence tampering with copies of Travis Alexander's lap-top computer; etc.); juror manipulation (e.g. Juror #17; etc.) and/or other issues which the public have the right to know. Secrecy, that is allowable under the law, is not intended for wrongdoers to avoid shame and/or to avoid being held accountable.
These outstanding issues related to Jodi Arias' capital murder trial are very important for the authorities in AZ to address, imo, because turning a "blind eye" to potential wrongdoings by those responsible for the events as they took place over the past 22 nightmarish months only leads to publically elected officials, including judges, "win at all cost" attorneys, witnesses, and other officers of the court, thereby assuming that they can violate the law and/or ethics with impunity. An active, engaged, and vocal citizenry does not have to put up with such arrogance and/or corruption. We should not put up with it! We should, according to our individual conscience, act via lawful protest and petitioning of those in charge to be held accountable and to answer to the public's right to be informed upon the actions taken which impact the way in which our criminal trials are conducted-- particularly when such acts are blatantly abnormal and obviously outwith what is regular, right and proper, in accordance with standards established under the law and also by what we observe in other criminal trials. The manner in which Jodi Arias' criminal trial was conducted was anything but normal, by any standard of judicial oversight and even via the dictates of the law.
That said, yours truly, and many others too, have done everything that we can do, over the past few years, in order to examine the Jodi Arias capital murder trial in-depth; and also, to attempt to shed light upon the fact that bizarre events which unfolded, particularly since the hung jury, in May 2013, were not always right & proper; and also, to petition those in the AZ Judiciary & the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct to take action, when it was clear that the trial was spinning out of control. Now, the criminal trial is over... and, there are "loose ends" (e.g. the upcoming Restitution Hearing; the possible Wrongful Death Civil Lawsuit by the Alexanders; and, Jodi Arias' inevitable appeals; etc.) remaining, which will be resolved over the next few years. I would hate to see Jodi Arias, a convicted murderer, continue to enrich herself, due to her notoriety for having brutally slaughtered Travis Alexander, and also, to continue to dishonestly exploit the AZ State's "indigent" status-- having it both ways, illegally so-- and thus, "gaming the system". But, it will be up to us all, as conscientious citizens, to inform the AZ Judiciary; the AZ Attorney General; and, the AZ Department of Corrections, that she should not enjoy any special treatment outwith that which other convicted murderers are granted.
So, what's next, some of my FB Friends have asked me? From time to time, I will continue to comment on newsworthy issues which arise from the aftermath and the consequences of the Jodi Arias capital murder trial. However, very soon, I intend to shift my focus & my perspective onto some new endeavours, in my own personal life as well as in my FB virtual-life. Several years ago, for example, I established a FB page entitled "Morse's Political Gadfly", intending to discuss topical political issues. But, due to the heated discussions surrounding the strangely nightmarish route that the trial took, I suspended my posting on my political page, in order to give this particular capital murder trial sufficient attention. Now, I intend to revive my political FB page in the near future, and to start posting controversial topics. I fully realize that not all of my FB Friends may want to discuss politics. I will take no offense whatsoever if you choose not to comment on my "Morse's Political Gadfly"-- such discussions can become heated. But, for those of you who might wish to discuss politics, I hope to delve into subjects which simply are not always being addressed honestly and openly in the main-stream media. Our culture is facing some turbulent times ahead, as we have experienced economic & social upheavals over the past few decades, and imo, it is healthy discuss how we really do feel about the tough problems we face. If you think that you might want to engage in such discussions, you will be welcome.
Lastly, I wish to thank all of my FB Friends from the bottom of my heart for your support, your wit & wisdom, and your passionate advocacy for Justice 4 Travis over these past few years. I have appreciated your generosity of spirit & your friendship, and best of all, I have learnt a great deal from all of you. I have enjoyed our discussions and particularly, exploring all of our mutual questions about the trial issues; the criminal laws & procedures; and finally, the way in which criminal trials unfold under our system of jurisprudence. In my opinion, it is the very search to question what we observe which results in learning, seeking the truth, and ultimately in finding justice. Gadflys, iconoclasts, and challengers to the status quo provoke us to think, to question, and to seek a better way forward for all. That's my interest. Thank you again for everything. heart emoticon
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead