Friday, May 15, 2015

Pertaining to ja's "indigent" status and the ja appellant fund By: Edie Morse

 I do believe that writing to those Arizona offcials in authority, in order to warn them about the "mind games" that she plays, can help. However, everyone has the right to make such choices for themselves.

Also imo, it is important that JSS act rightly in the upcoming Restitution Hearing, on June 1st, in order to undertake the following actions:-- (i) to compensate the Alexander family out of any of JA's ill-gotten gains (including, but not limited to her "commissary" account; bank/PayPal accounts; and her fraudulent JAA Appeals Fund scam); (ii) to revoke Skank's "indigent" status pending a full review & audit of all declared & undeclared monies, assets, and/or other holdings; and, (iii) to put an injunction on any future holdings (e.g. estates left to her by horny ole' farts with more money than brains), in order to make sure that the victims & the AZ taxpayers are both compensated in restitution and for her over-bloated defense costs, respectively.

If Skank is permitted to hold onto her JAA Appeals Fund blood money, pending her appeals, which at this point in time, are reported to be:-- $54,002.55-- then imo, JSS should thus revoke JA's "indigent" status, and if JA has any monies, assets, and/or other holdings left, following her appeals, then they should all be seized under the AZ forfeiture statutes. JA has proud of having made a lot of money due to her noteriety for having brutally slaughtered Travis Alexander. This is wrong, legally & morally.