Monday, October 12, 2015

Re ja's Appeal: Motion

Maria De La Rosa Talks PTSD And Domestic Violence With Real Entertainment News.

It's UNBELIEVABLE, the nerve of this woman!  

If she's adding ja to her list of "women" that she's worked with that has PTSD she is FULL of it.  She doesn't have any degree in any psychiatric field.   The JURY found ja guilty of 1st degree murder.  They didn't buy the defense team's claim that ja has PTSD.  Get over it!

2 Minutes for Travis. Jodi Arias Murder Trial By: TheTawniDilly

2 Minutes for Travis. Jodi Arias Murder Trial  By: TheTawniDilly

It's my opinion that this part of the trial is where the most powerful "statement" was made.  JM had everyone sit quietly for the 2+ minutes that it took for ja to murder Travis Alexander.   Brilliantly done by JM.  

It makes you see what a person can do in that length of time.  Until you have to sit quietly for 2+ minutes, you really don't think of it as a long time.  It was a long and very horrifying time for Travis Alexander.  For those long 2+ minutes, Travis Alexander wasn't sitting quietly.  He was fighting for his life.