Monday, January 25, 2016

Comments from around the World about lefty the wanna be

Lefty has said and done the most nauseating things trying to get his five minutes of fame.  He's a bottom feeder.  

My opinion is that mr. nobody,  lefty, saw all of the attention that the ja case got and knowing there was no inlet for him to stand out amongst the thousands of TA supporters that he jumped on the hodi worshippers wagon to try and get his five minutes of fame.  I believe that lefty believes that he's smarter than most of ja's worshippers and that he's preying on them by acting like he's a celebrity, rapper, someone he feels stands out, to promote himself.   He's using them and they're not smart enough to realize it.  

Lefty hasn't been any long time ja supporter and hasn't corresponded with her on a regular basis for years.  Don't believe that he's a fraud?  Ask him to produce proof of his long time regular support for ja.  Even the letter that one of ja's supporters posted where she mentions lefty's crap song wasn't addressed to lefty, himself lol.  Lefty came into this at the tail end.  

People are in an uproar over lefty, a internet troll and bottom feeder, allegedly getting an invite on dr. phil's show that TA's family member, good friends of TA's, and Juan Martinez will be going on.  

If hefty lefty thinks he's a celebrity after the nasty, hateful, racist, BS that he's vomited online...he's NOT.  

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