Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hodi still scamming behind prison walls.

There's a sucker/idiot born every day....This is funny!  It says that Ernst is rich(lololol not) and an art collecter.  The tracings and work done by others,(messes being sold using hodi's name online), not by hodi herself, is not "good" art nor is it "profitable" art.  That crap isn't worth the paper it was copied and printed out on.

If Ernst were rich and a good catch, he wouldn't have needed to donate a small amount of money to 2 charities that allowed him to use those small donations as a tax write off.  A good catch wouldn't even consider thinking about marrying a murderer that he didn't know before hodi murdered TA.  A good catch doesn't cheat and lie to a person they're supposed to be with.  No intelligent or sane person would have anything to do with the likes of $kank, let alone take orders from the murderous LIFER.