Thursday, March 30, 2017

How did jodi arias move up so fast and is getting the highest pay in Perryville???

jodi arias had no HS diploma before she was arrested and convicted of First Degree Premeditated Murder.  She got her GED while awaiting trial in Estella Jail.  She somehow went from having a "starters," beginners prisoner's job at the lowest pay rate there to having a far better job that pays the highest pay rate in Perryville.  How does a HS drop out that only had skills as a waitress, that bounced around from job to job, and was only an amateur photographer (there's no tax records of ja ever having a photographer's business...putting up a site on Myspace page claiming to have a business isn't considered as having a legal business), get ahead like that in prison?  I'm rolling my eyes here because I find it UNBELIEVABLE that there aren't more inmates in Perryville, that have been there longer than her, that shouldn't have been given that position before her.  It makes one wonder if someone(s) at Perryville is showing some "favoritism" towards ja.  

We all saw ja take the stand.  Many of us have seen the letters that she has sent to numerous supporters of hers.  She's manipulative, a huge and bad liar, and evil but she's not very bright...not at all.  There are inmates in Perryville that have been there far longer than ja, have less on their criminal records, and are much more educated and intelligent.  Something doesn't sound right.  If this hike in her job and pay are about her paying the Alexanders' and the State back...well, she's got a lot of time on her hands to do that.  She is a convicted murderer, guilty of the most heinous crime there is, the "torture and slaughter" of another human being.  There should be no special treatment for her.