Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The trolls, arias worshippers, are very excited about this rumor.  Some of them have been whining about "being allowed to tell their side of the case" for years.  Some have been crying because "no one" wants to interview them and put their BS on TV.  

First, trolls don't have "a side" of this case to tell but they've made many pages, groups, blogs, etc..., showing support of hodi so their side is out there and it's pretty pathetic.  Some of the trolls were interviewed and were on tv...They made fools of themselves.  

Year after year it's the same BS with these arias trolls.  They act like they're going to be allowed to sit down with the murderer that they worship and have a picnic with her.  Some think that they'll release hodi if they can tell"their side" of this case on TV.  They're screaming that they want interviews on tv.  We know that it's all about the money.  Money in their pocket is money for arias.