Friday, May 12, 2017

cRAEzy again.

She goes back and forth between supporting hodi and not supporting hodi.  The cRAEzy woman is in desperate need for attention.  She supports Shawna Forde, has a complete blog about supporting that murderer.  She also supports Deadly Darlie Routier and many other female murderers that are GUILTY and deserve to be where they are.  Smh...

She throws her sister death around as a tool for attention.  How disgusting is that?  Her sister was murdered years ago by her husband.  cRAEzy is jealous of the Alexanders' for getting the attention that this case got.  It was hodi that took the first step to run to the media with her BS.  cRAEzy's brother-in-law murdered her sister, so it was an open and shut case.  There wasn't any trial.  cRAEzy's family buried her sister with her murdering husband.  I find that to be NUTS!  

No one said that cRAEzy's sister wasn't loved by people.  I'm sure that her family and friends loved her sister.  Her murder didn't go National for many people to have heard about it and support the family.  cRAEzy has to get off of her jealousy kick.

cRAEzy has more than one Twitter account.  She likes to talk to herself on them too...her pretend friends lol.