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Monday, March 9, 2015
~~My Email to the FBI on Jodi Arias and the Lynch Mob~~Why is Jodi Afraid & Should We All Be?~~~ March 9, 2015
Right or wrong, for what it's worth:
The Hughes. What do they know and how are they involved? Is Hughes "overkill" on twitter and in the media because he feels guilty because his brother introduced Travis to Jodi? Did Hughes convince Flores of Jodi's guilt so he wouldn't look at anyone and anything else? If so, why? Hughes is one of the top salesmen in the pyramid/ponzi scheme Legal Shield. Was he just so convincing or was he right? Were the Hughes whereabouts that ENTIRE week ever completely verified? Why did the Hughes have Travis' journals or pages from them? Travis' own journal entry, not used in court, reflects him saying his journal (s) were missing in an entry dated 5-26-08. Jodi was in California at this time and had been for awhile. Why is Hughes lying about having an "expert" verify that the pedo letters were forgeries, yet he won't produce this "expert'? Why does Jodi appear to be in mortal fear in the presence of the Hughes in the courtroom? Willmott looks on edge, too, but maybe that's her natural state. Jodi is scared, of that I have no doubt. But of what and who? Why in Jodi's interrogation with Flores does she say, "you have no idea.....:" in reference perhaps to a bigger picture.
Why does it seem Jodi was just on the verge of telling more when Flores stopped his questioning? Was there more, but Mesa PD media dept. did not release the rest to the public? Are her actions that seem manipulative out of fear and desperation and not that of a sociopath, psychopath, pre-meditated killer, or a killer at all? Why did Jodi say to Flores, "And Sky came back in....."? That snippet of video only became known AFTER another youtube videographer enhanced the sound for altogether different reasons. Did this reveal the most "inconvenient truth" of all? If Jodi is afraid now, for herself and family, I'm seeing a whole other level of hate and anger being directed at her and her family if she gets to Perryville. Should Jodi be afraid or should the rest of the public be afraid because the real killer or killers are not behind bars?
Jodi's letter to Travis' grandmother and more journal entries from both Travis and Jodi released, but not in trial evidence, seem to point AWAY from Jodi's guilt in Travis' death. She does seem to be feeling guilty for the sexual indiscretions though, moreso than appears to be normal, whatever normal might be considering all the bizarre circumstances and behaviors of many. Jodi's family believes Jodi has not been completely truthful as well. They, to me, appear afraid and unsure of what, if anything, they can do. Jodi's sister completed policy academy training, yet doesn't seem to be pursuing law enforcement as an occupation. Jodi WAS interested in looking into hiring p.i. Paul Huebl. She reached out to me in writing regarding this. Her defense team dissuaded and perhaps even prevented this. Once her interest in this was made public, I noticed a bigger effort to obtain Marc McGee's testimony and/or affidavit. Motions from Kirk Nurmi seemed to start flying from the court.
Why were jurors from the guilt phase in fear for their lives had they not voted guilty? Their interviews on HLN reveal such. Why was only one juror willing to follow her conscience in the penalty phase? How is justice served by some entity or other injecting fear into innocent jurors?
Why, when Jodi's defense became self defense, or before, was there never a background check done on Travis that would have revealed a criminal record? That record was discovered by myself and another, and even though Riverside PD has, to the best of their ability, concluded that Travis' brother had assumed Travis' identity when he was arrested for an assault and a robbery? Does Jodi's change to self-defense just after Ashley Reed's death have anything to do with a bigger truth? Court minutes show an "emergency" hearing of some kind around this time.
Why is it very clear to many amatuer sleuths and trial watchers that the evidence presented at trial was either purposely tampered with, or processed with complete apathy and incompetence? Why did Jodi's defense team not contest any of this? Well, the simple answer, and we all know by now there is no such thing, is that Jodi decided to take responsibility for Travis' killing. Is Jodi lying? Is she confabulating? Was she forced, intimidated, or even brainwashed into this plea? Or, and this might be the craziest of all, did Jodi decide to make lemon out of lemonades and take credit for killing Travis, thinking she could beat the wrap with a self -defense plea, and come out smelling like a rose? Or maybe a goddess. If so, on what planet does allowing this fairytale serve justice?
How in the world is it fair or just that this penalty phase jury was given the ability to put Jodi on death row in light of the amazing amount of deception by so many that was revealed, finally, by Jodi's defense team? Lies by Juan Martinez, and others perhaps on their own, or at his direction. And was this the tip of the iceberg of the lies? Why did Judge Sherry Stephens not protect the names of these jurors and disallow their emotional press conference immediately after the verdict? Does the judge secretly suspect Jodi's railroading or Jodi's own willingness to dig her own grave, unjustly?
Why do I have screenshots of Dave Hall stating that "higher ups" in PrePaid Legal were telling its members to keep quiet, and more?
Should the general public be subjected to what amounts to domestic terrorism via social media because of the lynch mob created by....many?
Why does it seem so many are willing to lie to protect Travis' Alexander's "image"? This includes at least one Mormon bishop so far. Why are people who knew of Travis' abusive behaviors with others afraid to come forward, but have communicated via social media with others who support Jodi?
Why would Jodi bring forward her suspicions of pedophilia tendencies in Travis unless it were true? Does she know more? Is she afraid to come forward with the whole truth? She is trying to save her life and should be allowed to present every possible morsel of evidence that could contribute to such? Jodi seems to be a small fish. If there are bigger fish, isn't that what we should all be interested in?
Should Sheriff Joe's attempts to keep Jodi from communicating to her supporters via legal means, and his implication that he might not be successful "legally" be investigated? How did Nancy Grace obtain journals of Jodi that she read from on her show? Why did Jodi report a theft from her cell three days before this show aired? What really happened in the theft of Dr. DeMarte's computer? Why was there such a large law enforcement reaction that was noticed by many in media?
Why are so many of Zachary Billing's statements full of contradictions and odd facts? Why did Daniel Freeman's brother allegedly attempt to commit suicide on the day Jodi was arrested? Why does Ashley Reed's alleged suicide not look like suicide at all? Why do many of the Alexanders look like they became the "perfect Mormons" AFTER Travis death? Why did Jodi destroy her hard drive? Why is Jodi saying the nude photos of her and Travis with the time stamps were taken on June 4 when to the best of the ability of several amateur sleuths it seems Travis' camera did not have this feature? Why did Neumeister analyze Travis' left eye reflection and not his right eye reflection? Is there a simple answer or another answer? Why is one of Jodi's drawings of a right eye with a tear?
What about Jodi's drawing she did in court of Snow White with a black eye, Mormon/Masonic symbols, and a broken heart? Why is mainstream media unwilling, and perhaps in some cases, unable to cast any doubt at all on the prosecution's ridiculous fairytale, the blatant lies, and outrageous conduct by prosecutor Teflon Juan Martinez? Whose original idea was it to air this trial live?
Is there real corruption in this trial? Or is there simply a compilation of apathy and incompetence, a rush to judgment down the path of least resistance?
The Alexanders deserve to know what happened to Travis. Jodi deserves a fair trial and the help she needs considering her own likely mentally deficit state that is likely deteriorating with each day. The justice system in Arizona, despite the fact they seem to not abide by the same laws and procedures of the rest of the United States, should be made to achieve complete and full justice, no matter how ugly and no matter the cost to taxpayers, to all sides.
Sandra Webber
Human, Writer, Blogger
I wrote this email this morning off the top of my head. I didn't do much editing and I'm quite sure I could have made it better. But I decided it was best I just got this out and let the chips fall where they may, sooner rather than later. Til Jodi Arias is on a bus to Perryville, I feel in a mad rush to get as many folks as possible to see the hard questions no one will slow down and answer in their rush to stick a poison needle in Jodi Arias' pretty arm. There's a lot more where this came from, but I think I managed to hit a few highlights. I'm ready to hand off my preliminary work to some folks who are getting paid to protect ALL of us. But I'll be around and I'm happy to open up my file cabinets to the good guys....if I can ever figure out just exactly who they are. Or rather, if there are any left. Oh, I meant to mention the "Reid Technique". You can google it. Plus if you poke through my other posts you can find even more pieces of the puzzle.