Friday, May 26, 2017

jodi arias: From Then-To Now Written By: UTTUMT's.

‘Almost invariably, a fight breaks out on canteen day over someone failing to pay their debt. (You wouldn’t believe the drama that can escalate over a 75-cent bag of chips.) - Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias reported to prison to begin serving her life sentence for murder, and her mugshot image was stone-faced and very different to the one she splashed a bright smile on so many years ago.
It wasn’t long before Arias was found guilty of a disciplinary violation when her sweet temperament wore out and guards saw the viscous side of her. She said “cock blocker” to a guard and was sentenced to 180 days of no-contact visits. The reason? Arias asked a guard to give her a haircut but when the guard refused, she was enraged that she didn’t get what she wanted. She was punished with six months of no contact visits.
Heavy on her expenses and constantly purchasing items, she bought Beano to treat her gas problems, Tinactcin to treat athlete’s foot, and acne medicine as well as Tucks medicated pads and Neutrogena acne soap.
She is always buying dandruff shampoo as well as Palmers conditioner olive oil, zit cream, vitamin E rich conditioner and daily clarifying shampoo. She actually buys herself deodorant and “complete beauty lotion” too. She loves to wear two sweatshirts at a time when it gets chilly
She can't have hardcover books sent to her for 1.5 years, so her ‘fans’ send her paperbacks which she collects once the receipt is produced. She has bought herself a “pocket dictionary and her extensive letter writing from behind bars continues and there are times she buys pre-printed envelopes, manila envelopes, Christmas cards, season greetings cards, stamped postcards and Valentine’s Day cards all at once. She continues her drawing behind bars, purchasing colored pencils, an eraser, and 8 1/2 X 11 letter pads. She read the book "Inferno" by Dan Brown as well as "From the Barrio to the Board Room," by Robert Renteria. But her jobs in prison keep her from doing what she wants to do.
Entertainment-wise, she has a tiny TV in her cell and her Skyworth TV has packed up three times already. Guards say she watches "Supernatural," "Gotham," "Vikings," "The Big Bang Theory," "Modern Family" and "Mr. Robot"
When it comes to the food, she buys sardines in oil, salmon flakes, clams, imitation bacon bits, tortilla chips, pistachio kernels, smoked almonds, and mayonnaise, on a weekly basis. She also treats herself to popcorn, protein bars and vitamin C too.
Arias purchases “antishank toothbrushes” but doesn’t buy toothpaste.
Work-wise, she worked around 32 hours per week for $0.10 per hour as porter and cleaning the buildings. She gathered 244 hours on the job since she started the janitorial work, earning $24.40. However just last month, her job changed to being Store/Warehouse keeper at a 50 cents an hour.
There was a season in which she and the other women in her ward went without hot water for over a week.
After a while, Arias moved from her 4-pack to sharing a cell with another inmate. The ward she is in has frequent rioting and fighting going on. There are times when inmates smoke and Arias’ complaints don’t get her anywhere - she inhales a lot of second hand smoke which she is open about disliking.