Thursday, May 25, 2017

Juan Martinez vs Juan Martinez in a new case. He's prosecuting the "Monster of Maryvale."

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Known as the “Monster of Maryvale” and linked to nine murders and 12 incidents between August of 2015 and July 2016,” in what was dubbed a “serial street shooter case", the dangerous killer who struck randomly in the dark of night, shot people outside their homes. Previously, authorities had said the serial killer had taken seven people’s lives and injured 2 others.

Aaron denies that he is the killer. He is Latino just like the Prosecutor and bears the same name, his middle name being "Juan".

You know that Juan Martinez must have the "goods" on this guy or he wouldn't be taking this case to trial.  Most criminals say that they are innocent when they're not.  I don't think that Juan Martinez would take this guy to trial if he didn't have all of the evidence that he needs to get a conviction.   Serial shooter?  This sounds like a death penalty case.