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Jason Weber slamming Christians that support the Death Penalty

He has written articles about Jodi Arias and how he supports her.  


The Foreman's words that was on Jodi's jury

He was sent there to do a job.  His job was not to let his "emotions" get into the way of the Law.  

Letter From Jodi Arias to George Barwood

A letter from Jodi to her supporters....a VERY INTERESTING READ!!! May 17, 2014

Heinz runs while Choppie Chops runs  Heinz was a full-time parent to Choppie, who required extra care.  After reading what Choppie Chops said about the Post Office going out of it's way to return postcards from Jodi, well, I'm sure that he does require extra care of some kind.   

SJ runs  He is no other than Simon Johannson.  He runs some "get quick rich" websites online.  


 Above states that during Jodi's trial that the Paypal account where Jodi's supporters donate their money to goes to her brother's Paypal account or to her cousin's, Aimee's Paypal account. 

Sounds like Jodi doesn't trust "Heinz" that is the manager of or "SJ" that is the manager of, to handle her funds that she receives. 

If Jodi Arias didn't hold a grudge then Travis Alexander would be alive today. 

The letter Jodi wrote to her fans about the proceeds of the Travis Alexander Legacy Fund

Someone needs to remind Jodi Arias that she is a convicted murder in the first degree.  She was not abused in any way by Travis Alexander.  His family are the ones that lost their loved one, Travis Alexander, because of her murdering him in cold blood.  They should be the ones that profit from everything sold pertaining to their brother's death, and that includes every dime that Jodi Arias is making since she was found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander. 

Jodi's brother Joey Arias answers a question on Facebook.

Joey Arias answered this question about his sister, Jodi Arias on his Facebook page. 

The Tweeter for Jodi Arias. Exposing the Mandala Symbol.

Above the person that claims to be Tweeting for Jodi Arias says that the Mandala is by:  Jodi Arias. 

Below proves that the Mandala is NOT the original work of Jodi Arias.  The Mandala is a series of "COLORING BOOKS."  

Jodi Arias copies or traces other people's work

The spokesman for The Maricopa County Sheriff's Department said it is not clear whether or not Jodi Arias copied and/or traced these photographs.  He said it is not clear who did these. 

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Jodi Arias Lies Exposed!!!

Jodi Arias lies exposed!  Look at her lie with a straight face.  She turns her tears on and off with such ease.  To believe ANYTHING she said then, NOW, or even in the future, it is my opinion, you would have to be stuck on stupid.

Jodi Arias has told different stories about Travis Alexander's murder.
1.  That she wasn't there.
2.  Two intruders murdered Travis Alexander.
3.  Ninjas murdered Travis Alexander.
4.  She killed Travis Alexander in self defense.

None of the lies that she has told matches the Prosecution's case.   Her lies about never being at Travis Alexander's home the day he was murdered by her was exposed by DNA evidence, her bloody handprint being found on the wall in Travis's home, and the murder was caught on Travis Alexander's camera.  Jodi Arias was tried and convicted of First Degree Murder on May 8, 2013.  She is now waiting for a new jury to decide her fate.  Jodi Arias is facing the death penalty.

The Video Interview Of Jodi's Parents.

Both of Jodi Arias's parents do a tell all about Jodi and what a liar, psycho, and secretive person that she is.

It was Jodi Arias that kept "secrets" from her family...NONE of them had ever met Travis Alexander.  Her mother said she hadn't even saw a picture of Travis Alexander while he was alive.

Jodi Arias trial: She hacked into Travis Alexander's bank account By: Taylor Rios San Antonio TV Examiner

Jodi Arias trial: She hacked into Travis Alexander's bank account

By: Taylor Rios San Antonio TV Examiner

Jodi Arias's Mother Caught Trying To Sell Fake Letters

On the Jan. 17 episode of "Nancy Grace," Mike Walker, the senior editor of the National Enquirer, spoke about how Travis Alexander's alleged letters to Jodi Arias may be published. The murderer's mother, Sandy Arias, contacted the tabloid with the "evidence."
The National Enquirer is a tabloid and has a reputation for printing anything without confirming its authenticity. The subject matter of the letters does not paint the victim in a positive light and seem to be fabricated, especially since they were not original letters, but copies. Sandy Arias claimed the originals were destroyed.
If they were genuine, then they would have been entered in as evidence in the Jodi Arias trial or a more reputable news source would have agreed to publish them.
Mike Walker did tell Nancy Grace that he felt one of the letters was silly. He was referring to the letter about Travis Alexander wanting Arias to wear his cuff links so he could see his initials while she performed oral sex on him. The editor said that it seems like a woman would write that sort of thing, not a man.
When Nancy Grace asked Mike Walker if the National Enquirer was going to publish the letters, he said that a decision had not been made yet and they want to be very careful because of the ongoing trial.
The letters also say that the victim admits to hitting Jodi Arias in the face and that marrying her would erase the deviant thoughts he had about her. It seems that the killer is scheming even while she is behind bars. It is no secret that Jodi wanted Travis to marry her, but she would not make a suitable Mormon wife and she was simply his "dirty little secret." Perhaps Arias' narcissism wants to prove to the world how desirable she is, which is common in those with narcissistic traits and would explain why she would fabricate the letters and include the marriage bit in them.
There is also the question of why these letters are surfacing now instead of when she was arrested. The only reasonable explanation is that Jodi knows that she is going to be found guilty of Travis Alexander's murder. Her mother, Sandy Arias, is working with her daughter to somehow prove to the public that the killer was a defenseless "victim" that was abused.
Are you disgusted by these alleged letters that Jodi Arias' mother is selling the tabloids?

The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Sandy Arias is just as shady as the one she raised.  To trust this family with money would be STUPID for those that donate to this Shady Bunch of Scammers. 

Below is a picture of Sandy Arias, mother of Jodi Arias:


This site does NOT support Team Arias in no way, shape, or form.  This site supports Justice For Travis Alexander.  

Justice Delayed is NOT Justice Denied.  



If you see this online don't buy into this hoax.  This is just another attempt by one of Jodi Arias's supporters to keep her in the headlines.  I wouldn't even be surprised if she isn't behind this hoax.

Prices of Jodi Arias's artwork

This is ONLY the price she is selling the "Sailing at Sunset" prints for.  (I'll post more about the price she is asking for her other artwork.)  Before Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander she didn't sell any artwork.  Before Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander there is no artwork of hers that she supposedly made.  Jodi Arias was not an artist before being arrested for Travis Alexanders murder.  Who knows for sure whether or not she even drew, traced, or has actually done any of the artwork being sold as hers?  There's no proof that she has done any of it.  There is proof that the artwork that is being sold is not original.  The ideas are not ideas that came from her or anyone else that might be doing the trace work or artwork for her.  

How does a convicted murderer get "oil paints" in jail???  Look at the date that this information on said "oil painting" was released to be sold.  The spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department stated that she is allowed pens, pencils, and paper.  Oil paints is allowed for convicted murderers in their jail???  
Another price tag put on Jodi Arias's alleged artwork.  $9,500.  THEY ARE SERIOUS!  This says it can't be ordered online.  If it's legal for anyone to sell her "oil painting" then why can't it be ordered online?  Shady business!  This is being advertised on  The manager of is the Facebook user:  Choppie Chops.  

Noted:  Never have I nor ever will I ever, ever, ever purchase Murderbillia.  I think it's insane out of anyone that buys Murderbillia.  I think it's totally insane that anything that might have been made by a Murderer would cost this much.  

Personally, I think that if this is really an oil painting allegedly done by Jodi Arias as said to be by Choppie Chops on  Then, I think that someone has a lot of explaining to do since convicted murderers aren't supposed to have access to "oil paints" inside of the Maricopa County Jail where Jodi Arias is being held and has been held for the last six years.  

A message from SJ on

Jodi Arias's supporter, SJ, that runs, is calling the day that Jodi Arias planned, murdered, and tried to cover up the death of Travis Alexander, the "Anniversary of a very special day."  I don't know of any survivor that celebrates the day they were forced to "take the life" of their attacker.  Most survivors DON'T want to reach the point where they have to take the life of their abuser.  In any case, Jodi Arias did not prove that she suffered abuse at the hands of Travis Alexander.  She was not his girlfriend or wife.  Travis Alexander didn't stalk her or visit her grandparents home where she was living at the time she drove from CA to AZ to murder him.  At any given time if Jodi Arias felt that Travis was a threat to her, she could've/should've stayed away from him.  She did not, because Travis Alexander was never a threat to her.  After Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander broke up, Jodi Arias moved to a location to be closer to Travis Alexander.  From that location she would sneak into home through the doggy door of his home and make herself at home inside of his home.  If the only way you can get inside someone's home is by sneaking in through their doggy door then you are not an invited guest in that person's home.  That is common sense.  It is also committing a criminal act!  If Travis Alexander had wanted Jodi Arias in his home anytime she wanted to be in his home, he would've given her a key to his home.  He didn't give her a key.  She never lived at his residence.  They did have occasional sex but the sex was a mutual agreement between the two of them.  Jodi Arias was never raped by Travis Alexander.  
They are calling Travis's murder a "well & truly served that day."  ANY TIME an ex plans, murders, and tries to cover up the murder of an ex, it is not a well & truly served day.  The hunter is not the victim.  Travis Alexander is the victim!

The bottom of this speaks volumes about the writer SJ.  It is First Degree Murder, premeditated, when you plan, murder someone, and try to cover it up.  If you choose to do this to an ex (Travis Alexander was Jodi Arias ex-boyfriend at the time she murdered him), spouse, or whatever is the case, YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.  You might even face a death penalty sentence such as Jodi Arias might get punished with.  

So called mitigation factors.

Let me go down the list of "mitigating factors" listed here:

1.  Jodi was NOT a child or under 18 years old (she wasn't even under the age of 21 years old) when she planned, carried out murder in the First Degree, and tried to cover up her crime.  She knew exactly what she was doing.

2.  There are a lot of murderers that had never had a criminal history but have committed murder.  There are still murderers out there that have no criminal history that haven't been caught yet.  

3.  All murderers, past and present, have relatives and at least one person that says they are a good "friend, sister, aunt, etc..."  Jodi Arias was Travis Alexander's friend and look just how good of a friend she was to him!  She stabbed him 29 times, cut his throat, and shot him.  There were people that said Ted Bundy was a good guy...look at all of the lives he took.

4.  Lacked support from her family.  At the time she committed First Degree Murder Jodi Arias was living with her family, her grandparents.  Her family did attend her trial.  It was Jodi Arias that shamed her family.  It was Jodi Arias that stated during her sentencing phase of the trial, that she wanted to live for them...and she pointed at her family.  She lacked supporting her family, not the other way around.  

5.   Jodi Arias said that she was hit with a wooden spoon as a child.  There was no one that testified that she was ever abused, as a child or by Travis Alexander.  I wouldn't call being whipped on the ass with a wooden spoon as being abuse.  If that is the case then there are many of us that suffered greater abuse as children.  The question would be:  Does being whipped as a child give all of us the legal Right to plan and carry out First Degree Murder of an EX?  She said that she was neglected as a child.  Jodi Arias's was not the only child that her parents had.  In the minds of narcissist people, if the World doesn't revolve around them, they consider anyone that doesn't cater to their every whim, as being neglectful to them.  Jodi Arias has a narcissistic personality.   She is a textbook case of being a narcissist.  Look at this blog for instance...she's behind bars and she's still trying to make everything about her.  

6-7-8.  Jodi Arias did not try to make the best out of life, try to improve herself, and she was/isn't an artist.  When Jodi Arias met Travis Alexander she was living with another man and his child.  She didn't have a high school education.  She was not an artist or a photographer as her websites claim that she was/is.  Jodi Arias was working as a waitress, bouncing from job to job.  Jodi Arias NEVER lived on her own and had to pay for her own way in life.  It wasn't until Jodi Arias was arrested for the murder of Travis Alexander that after years of setting behind bars that she started selling what some are calling her artwork.  It has yet to be proven that Jodi Arias actually made any of the drawings that are being sold by her supporters.  I know that a Twitter account is trying to pass off the Mandala work as Jodi Arias "original artwork" but it came from a book of Mandala drawings.  A lot of people that are locked up for years learn to trace, draw, or have other inmates draw things for them.  Should every murderer get leniency because they've become a jailhouse artist?  John Wayne Gacy painted clowns.  His being able to paint clowns and sell them didn't stop the jury from sentencing him to the death penalty.  

Third Party Supporter?

This book is NOT based on facts.  It is the opinion of the author that wrote this book that Jodi Arias is beautiful.  That opinion is not shared by the whole World or the majority of the World.  Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias were not a Mormon couple, there was no "union," at the time that Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander.  They were ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend at the time that Jodi Arias planned, murdered, and tried to cover up her crime.   Let it be known that the author of this book is trying to make it out like the Mormon religion runs deep into Jodi Arias religious beliefs.  It does NOT.  Jodi Arias didn't convert to Mormonism until after she had met and started seeing Travis Alexander, that was a Mormon.  After Jodi Arias converted to Mormonism she did NOT honestly practice the Mormons religious beliefs.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does NOT condone MURDER.  Travis Alexander's death does not smack the reverberation of ANY so called "murders of atonement" that the author makes claim in this book.  This author is misleading her readers if she is saying that her book is based on facts.  

Imagination...It captured the imagination of said author while the majority of people that watched this trial were captured by the truth.  Jodi Arias is nothing but a cold blooded murderer.  
It should read:  Jodi Arias and the planning, murdering, and covering up of her EX boyfriend, Travis Alexander.  
Why is this author writing a book based on her "imagination" instead of FACTS about the case and FACTS about the Church of Latter Day Saints?  You take a guess>>

This is a screen shot of the Facebook "Secret" group that Jodi Arias, herself, asked her "supporters" to create so they'd all be together.  Coincidence that Pamela Valemont wrote a book that is trying to trash The Church of Latter Day Saints?  I think not.  

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Jodi's Diary, the lies.

This is what Jodi Arias wrote in her diary after she murdered Travis Alexander.  She knew that he was dead because SHE murdered him.  What she didn't want anyone to know is that SHE was the one that murdered him.  Knowing that she would be a suspect...she lied in her diary.  She knew that the police would confiscate it.  

Jodi Arias's letter to the former employer of the Travis Alexander.

Jodi Arias, after being arrested for the murder of her EX-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, she writes a letter to his former employer.  A sample of said letter is posted below along with a link where you can listen to the story.  

(Thinking of only herself here.  The World, especially that of Travis's family, friends, and ex-co-workers doesn't revolve around her.  She really seems to think it does.)

Who to report for illegal sales of Murderbillia

You can report what you think is being illegally sold by murderers, in this case; Jodi Ann Arias, that are convicted of murder here:

This is "Watchdog."  Andy Kahan has been watching the sales of Murderbillia by Jodi Arias, family, and supporters.


Jodi Arias is still trying to control others even from behind bars.  The sad truth on the matter is that some people are allowing her to do so.  This is a Facebook group made, a request made by Jodi Arias, but by her supporters, for her supporters to get together in one place.  

I can't see where anything said coming from Jodi Arias should be considered as "special."  Apparently, Jodi Arias thinks that her supporters should consider her writings to them as "special."  Odd that she tells her supporters not to share her letters to anyone, after the letter that she wrote to George Barwood got out, but on, she had SJ, the manager of put up a postcard that she claims that someone from the Church of Latter Day Saints wrote and sent to that she could use it to trash the Church of Latter Day Saints for them not catering to a convicted murderer.  

A very, very, very special thanks to the "TROOPERS."



                                          "JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS WILL BE     SERVED!!!"

                                     "JUSTICE DELAYED IS NOT          JUSTICE DENIED!!!" 

                                  "JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS VICTOR 
                ALEXANDER 2014!!

                      "THANK YOU TROOPER LADIES!!!"  


Sharon L Pemper

Cynthia Bradleyhuskie

JoAnn Jukes

Zoey Stephenson

Shirley Nonya

Edie Morse

Edie Stratton Mickey

Judy Kelly

Deb McLeod-Morris

Tammy Human

Lorraine Antidormi

Fran LaChiana Mesick

Tavie G. Janney

Patricia Ann Timlick Waits

Lisa Palmore

Spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

A lot of people question why Jodi Arias is still being allowed to sell her artwork while she is incarcerated at the Maricopa County Jail, let a lone her being allowed to sell her artwork, AND HER AND HER FAMILY BENEFIT FROM IT, after being convicted of First Degree Murder of her EX-boyfriend.  

Here it is:  Chris Hegstrom, spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said (below)

It's a fact that Jodi Arias's artwork is still being sold.  My question is this:  How does Chris Hegstrom determine whether or not Jodi's cell was turned into a place of business/office?  According to the IRS...If I sell things out of my home where I meet the requirements of having to pay taxes on the sales...I am running a business out of my home.  IMO, Chris Hegstrom should've looked at and should still be looking at the "sales" of Jodi Arias's artwork before making such a statement to the media.  Check yourself before you wreck yourself!  

Jodi Arias websites is ran by SJ. is ran by Choppie Chops, first name "Joe."  Another Facebook unknown person of interest that does not use their real name that is helping said Choppie Chops with the postcards is a Robert Knox.

Where the money is going for the sales of Jodi Arias's artwork...

Jodi Arias's trial, not even over yet, has cost the "State of Arizona" taxpayers over $2 million dollars.  She was convicted of murdering her EX-boyfriend so we know that she'll owe his family restitution for causing his death.  The money for said artwork is NOT going into the "Appellate Fund."  

How did her supporters, going by what website and the flyer made by her supporters, "raise" $15,000 for the "Appellate Fund?"  

Why would anyone send money to a convicted murderer that has sold, is selling her artwork, survivor tee shirts, and making thousands of dollars off of them, to her "Appellate Fund" when neither her nor her family are contributors to that "Appellate Fund?"  

(She is NOT a survivor.  Let it be noted here that many victims of domestic abuse survivors want nothing to do with Jodi Arias's survivor tee shirts because they don't believe she was ever abused by the man that she murdered.  Jodi Arias did not prove that abuse ever took place by the hands of the man that she murdered.)

In the above news article it states that the money for the sale of Jodi Arias's art is going to benefit her family and herself.  Here Jodi Arias's unknown Tweeter tweeted that Jodi says that her family isn't profiting from her trial.  Really?  How many "drawings" did Jodi Arias sell before she murdered Travis Alexander?  For the record:  Jodi Arias and family did not make any profit from her "artwork" before she murdered Travis Alexander and it made headlines.  Yes, her trial, the headlines this story has made and is making, is how Jodi Arias, her family, friends, and supporters, have made profit.  If Travis Alexander were still alive, none of us would have ever heard of Jodi Arias.


Here is the latest of Jodi Arias's supporters websites:
The JAA APPELLATE FUND is an Irrevocable Trust set up in "The State of Oregon."  On this website they have a PO Box where they have set up "donations" to go to.  Keyword here:  Donations.  NONE of her artwork sells are supposed to be going to this fund.  

Another website up (I lost count of all of the websites that were set up for JAA.)  Again, DONATIONS can be made to a Paypal account.  

Jodi Bands is ran by Heinz...Parent of Choppie Chops that runs

Whomever is selling the Jodi bands is using the email address:  I'm not implying that it's illegal to use an email address on Paypal, that neither the person using the email address or that Paypal is doing anything illegal here.  I am implying that it seems "strange" that each of Jodi's supporter websites have different managers for each website and along with that they each use a different email address to run them.  Sounds very shady!!!  

Jodi Arias Fund Raising Flyer

This Flyer was made by George Barwood, one of Jodi Arias's supporters.  George Barwood asked that "Team Jodi" to print this out and distribute it to "wealthy" people.  This flyer is going around Facebook.  

This Facebook User states that this is the completed flyer made by "Jodi Arias's supporters."  Apparently stating this, this Facebook User is saying that Jodi Arias's supporters gave the go ahead for this flyer to be printed out and passed around for Jodi Arias.  

Team Jodi Arias Is Selling Her Artwork After She Was Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder

Look at the date on this article.  This is an update AFTER Jodi Arias was found guilty of murdering her EX-boyfriend.

This screen shot was taken AFTER Ebay stopped allowing Jodi Arias's Supporters to sell her artwork on their site.  Her artwork wasn't being sold anywhere before she made the headlines where she brutally murdered her EX-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.  

Manager of

This was posted by the New York Daily News.

This is what I found out about the "manager" of the website:  
The manager of the website:, is ran by someone named Joe that goes by the name Choppie Chops on Facebook.  He is NOT using his real name as Facebook's rules state that you have to use your real name to make an account on Facebook.  

He states the US Federal Government is going completely out of the norm for him and Jodi Arias's supporters to return missing postcards.  The screen shot below is NO joke.  He actually said this and Sandra Webber from actually believes him.  

Here Choppie Chops, Joe, shares a picture of what he is saying is proof that the US Federal Government returned Jodi Arias's supporters postcards AFTER the US Federal Government vandalized the postcards.