Monday, June 16, 2014

A letter from Jodi to her supporters....a VERY INTERESTING READ!!! May 17, 2014

Heinz runs while Choppie Chops runs  Heinz was a full-time parent to Choppie, who required extra care.  After reading what Choppie Chops said about the Post Office going out of it's way to return postcards from Jodi, well, I'm sure that he does require extra care of some kind.   

SJ runs  He is no other than Simon Johannson.  He runs some "get quick rich" websites online.  


 Above states that during Jodi's trial that the Paypal account where Jodi's supporters donate their money to goes to her brother's Paypal account or to her cousin's, Aimee's Paypal account. 

Sounds like Jodi doesn't trust "Heinz" that is the manager of or "SJ" that is the manager of, to handle her funds that she receives. 

If Jodi Arias didn't hold a grudge then Travis Alexander would be alive today.