Saturday, June 14, 2014

Prices of Jodi Arias's artwork

This is ONLY the price she is selling the "Sailing at Sunset" prints for.  (I'll post more about the price she is asking for her other artwork.)  Before Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander she didn't sell any artwork.  Before Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander there is no artwork of hers that she supposedly made.  Jodi Arias was not an artist before being arrested for Travis Alexanders murder.  Who knows for sure whether or not she even drew, traced, or has actually done any of the artwork being sold as hers?  There's no proof that she has done any of it.  There is proof that the artwork that is being sold is not original.  The ideas are not ideas that came from her or anyone else that might be doing the trace work or artwork for her.  

How does a convicted murderer get "oil paints" in jail???  Look at the date that this information on said "oil painting" was released to be sold.  The spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department stated that she is allowed pens, pencils, and paper.  Oil paints is allowed for convicted murderers in their jail???  
Another price tag put on Jodi Arias's alleged artwork.  $9,500.  THEY ARE SERIOUS!  This says it can't be ordered online.  If it's legal for anyone to sell her "oil painting" then why can't it be ordered online?  Shady business!  This is being advertised on  The manager of is the Facebook user:  Choppie Chops.  

Noted:  Never have I nor ever will I ever, ever, ever purchase Murderbillia.  I think it's insane out of anyone that buys Murderbillia.  I think it's totally insane that anything that might have been made by a Murderer would cost this much.  

Personally, I think that if this is really an oil painting allegedly done by Jodi Arias as said to be by Choppie Chops on  Then, I think that someone has a lot of explaining to do since convicted murderers aren't supposed to have access to "oil paints" inside of the Maricopa County Jail where Jodi Arias is being held and has been held for the last six years.