Friday, January 30, 2015

Justice Delayed Is Not Justice Denied. Is it almost over with?

When will this retrial of the sentencing phase be over with?  

Last week, Juan Martinez, the Prosecuting Attorney for "The State of Arizona," finally got a chance to start calling some of his witnesses, for the State, to the stand.  All of the witnesses did a great job exposing the lies of ja and some of her witnesses.  Juan Martinez will be continuing to call more witnesses for "The State of Arizona" in the upcoming week.  Hopefully, without numerous side bars, delays, and Motions being filed by the DT, Juan will be able to rest his case by the end of this coming week or at least by the beginning of the week following this coming week.  After Juan rests his case, there are no more witnesses to be called by either side, no more delays, and no more Motions filed, then ja will give her allocation, liar's statement.   After ja gives her allocation, liar's statement, where she'll again stand before the jury and tell them why she thinks they should spare her life, the jury will deliberate (hopefully for a short time), and this retrial of the sentencing phase will be over with.  Judge SS has allowed the media one cam inside of the courtroom during testimony of all of the witnesses except for when ja took the stand in "secrecy."  The media is supposed to be allowed to air that footage shortly after the jury comes back with their decision.  

There has been different members of the press and trial watchers, both, that have been keeping the public up-to-date about everything such as what is being said inside of the courtroom (when the media and the public are allowed to be present), down to what certain people inside of the courtroom are wearing.   Judge SS has allowed the public and the media to take "still pics" inside of the courtroom.  (Hence, the up-to-date pictures of the State's team and witnesses, to ja, her DT, and other members on her side.  

This retrial of the sentencing phase was NOT what is expected of a retrial of a sentencing phase.  For those of us that have kept up on it(still are) we heard/read everything from "porn evidence" that had nothing to do with why ja murdered TA, to it appearing like the DT was trying to put on a whole new trial for their client.  A lot of trial watchers and the media were "lost" for awhile because we weren't sure, some of us still aren't sure,  why Judge SS's was allowing the DT to drag their feet and put things in there that had nothing to do with a mitigating factor for ja.  

I came to my own conclusion sometime ago that ja doesn't have any mitigating factors.  It's my opinion that ja and her DT were, and will try again, to  delay the inevitable.  Either way, if the jury comes back with sentencing ja to LWOP or the DP, ja will be going to prison where she'll live until she dies in there.  If this new jury still can't decide after deliberating then it'll be up to Judge SS to hand down ja's sentence.  If Judge SS has to hand down ja's sentence, I think that Judge SS will sentence ja to LWOP.  I believe that this time around that the jury will come back with the DP for ja.  If Judge SS's explains clearly to them the law and the jury instructions, I can't see them coming back with a verdict of anything other than the DP.  

I think that this retrial of the sentencing phase will be over with by the middle or the end of the week following next week.  I pray so.  The victim's family, the Alexanders and the Sorensons have been put through enough.  It's long past time that ja gets what she deserves...which is being sent to prison to live the remainder of her life there, whether it be short or long.