Saturday, January 31, 2015

Written by: Edie Morse

“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected .” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Whilst we are in the midst of this farcical "final penalty re-trial"-- ("farcical" because JSS is not restricting JA & Co. to a mitigation case, as per the law; but instead, she is allowing them to exceed their brief and put on a fraudulent appellate case, replete with falsehoods, bogus "affidavits", and, perjurious trashing of the victim, the State, and everybody else who refuses to pay homage at the altar of the psycho-butcher's ego; and also, whilst tying Juan Martinez's "hands behind his back" by precluding prosecution witnesses from saying anything whatsoever to show Travis Alexander's kindness, decency & honesty, and also, prohibiting them from telling the truth about the convicted murderer's promiscuous sex-play used to manipulate men, and also, her sadistic-cum-narcissistic, vicious & dishonest nature)-- please keep in the back of your mind, that even in the event that this jury were to find for the Death Penalty, that JSS and JA & Co. have one more legal "Ace in the Hole" to play:-- i.e. the upcoming "Omnibus Hearing"... Inexplicably, there is a media blackout on this topic.
JA & Co. will stop at nothing to "game the system" via exploiting legal and illegal ways & means, including jury tampering, which they will undertake, imo, when and if they deem that the jurors are not falling for their unscrupulous BS... and, if JSS's constant coddling of the convicted killer is not "working" towards their collective aim:-- i.e. to aide-and-abet JA to avoid the DP. The public deserves answers, and as such, this letter has been sent to the authorities, to ask for what reason has Jodi Arias been allowed to attach herself to what is tantamount to a "Pretrial Hearing", and yet, she is not in any sort of "pretrial" status:--
Dear [Recipient],
The purpose of this letter is to request information related to the fact that the convicted murderer, Jodi Arias, has been allowed by Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS) and Judge Joseph Kreamer to attend an "Omnibus Hearing", which was originally intended to be a "Pretrial Hearing" for a pool of defendants, who are facing upcoming capital murder trials, but whose juries have not, as yet, been selected to hear their cases.
In the pursuit of justice, truth, and fairness, and most importantly, that right be done, for the victims & the public good, and also, in order to protect the public's constitutional rights to transparency and speed in the criminal trials overseen by our publically-elected judges in our criminal justice system, many conscientious citizens, including myself are very concerned that Jodi Arias' criminal trial has been allowed to run wild, and that the undue deference shown to this specific convicted murderer, by this particular judge, JSS, exceeds the reasonable boundaries of care & caution, which is unprecedented in other similar capital murder trials which are adjudicated over by highly competent judges in a more timely & less costly manner.
After all, Jodi Arias brutally slaughtered Travis Alexander, in such a cruel manner, as to inflict horrible pain and suffering to his person, while he was still alive. The initial jury unanimously found her guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder, with the aggravating factor of especial cruelty. Moreover, eight out of the 12 jurors found for the Death Penalty. The crime scene photos clearly show a terrible blood-bath which is far beyond, what might considered to be a typical "crime of passion", albeit still tragic & terrible, and yet, her murder was grotesque in its' savagery. In this case, the convicted murderer butchered a man to death, nearly decapitating him, and shot him in the head. This crime was heinous, depraved, and cruel.
In over a year-and-seven months, since the hung jury of the penalty phase, in May 2013, JSS entertained a series of secretive "ex-parte" meetings with Jodi Arias and her defense team. These "ex-parte" meetings resulted in delay after delay after delay, such that the final penalty re-trial did not begin on schedule as per the original July 18th, 2013 date; and also, a shroud of unconstitutional secrecy which then descended upon all of the trial proceedings created an atmosphere of suspicion because the convicted murderer kept maligning the victim on social media; bragging about her money-making schemes; and, claiming she had "bombshells" that would serve to overturn her conviction. Still, documents, hearings, and conferences remained secret & closed-- until the AZ Court of Appeals reminded JSS that in this country, the public's right to transparency cannot simply be trampled asunder because a cunning, manipulative psycho-killer-cum-pathological liar & her unethical defense team succeeded in manipulating a weak & incompetent judge into "gaming the system" on their behalf.
Jodi Arias, who wrongly enjoys a classification of "indigent", has stirred-up trouble ever since the sentencing phase began-- resulting in the manipulation of the Court to obtain unacceptable postponements, over and over and over again, all done "behind-closed-door", in secret. She threatened to have the prosecutor, Juan Martinez murdered, if she gets the Death Penalty. She has exploited her victim, Travis Alexander, in order to sell her junk-"art"; cheap paraphernalia; and, to ask for donations on the basis of her notoriety for having exterminated him. She hired Private Investigator, Dorian Bond, and tricked JSS into granting her a 2nd "Pro Se" (already have been given & turned down self-representation in August 2011), which she used to construct a fraudulent "computer porn" diversion to disrupt the trial proceedings, and also, to attempt to frame the prosecutor for "misconduct", when there was no proof of "porn" ever having been accessed by the dead victim, Travis Alexander, and no evidence of any misconduct and/or mishandling of evidence by the State.
By contrast, there is a great deal of evidence that Jodi Arias has committed fraud, time and time again:-- i.e. (a) manufacturing fake, forged pedophile letters in order to trash the victim; (b) sending coded messages to one of her criminal cohorts, in a magazine, asking him to lie for her; smuggling contraband in and out of jail via her so-called "mitigation specialist", Maria De La Rosa, who has been involved in shady dealings (e.g. tweeting for Jodi Arias; acting as her money-manager; etc.); (c) setting up false, perjurious witness testimony by hired-gun "experts" and false "affidavits" replete with lies. Now, we come to the point, nearing the end of January 2015, and there is no end in sight to this nightmarish final penalty re-trial. JSS precludes the State from presenting the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, about all of Jodi Arias' many vicious schemes (e.g. manipulating her criminal cohorts into doing her "dirty work", her "Purple Plum" manipulation of handsome male customers, etc.); violent abuse (e.g. animal torture, beating her own brother with a baseball bat, etc).; and, her malicious stalking & harrassment of the victim (e.g. hacking into the victim's social media & bank accounts, and stealing his money, etc.)
Moreover, Jodi Arias is now shockingly allowed to jump on the "Omnibus Hearing" bandwagon, which seems to have been postponed until early May 2015. Does this mean that JSS will collude with Jodi Arias and her unethical defense (JA & Co.) team to "game the system" in order to delay the re-trial until then, perhaps even engineering such a disruptive re-trial (which it has been to-date:-- e.g. unconstitutional secrecy; rude & dishonest witnesses & false affidavits; diversionary delay tactics to drag the trial out indefinitely; etc.) such that jurors will be forced to drop out, triggering a mistrial? Is this kind of manipulation of our justice system by a biased & incompetent judge, JSS supporting JA & Co., to be “swept under the carpet”? Is there no sense that the manner in which this sentencing phase has been conducted is wrong, both ethically and legally too? These questions are cause for concern, and have not been addressed by the AZ Judiciary, nor the AZ Media, nor any AZ Defense Attorneys, and therefore, your honest assessment and informed feedback would be appreciated:--
1. On what basis has this "Omnibus Hearing" been granted to a pool of defendants charged with 1st degree premeditated murder? Is there a generic case to be made against the "Notice of the Death Penalty" filed by the State, or is each defendant's case being considered on its' own merits? Will the decision made by Judge Kreamer be a "blanket" decision applying to all of the defendants alike regardless of circumstance, or will each case incur a potentially different outcome? How does such a group decision comport with the State's legal right to pursue the Death Penalty as the maximum penalty for a 1st degree premeditated murder conviction?
2. Why has Jodi Arias, a convicted murderer, whose last jury unanimously found her guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder, and also, with an aggravating factor of "especial cruelty", and who is in the middle of a penalty trial to determine whether or not that she will get the Death Penalty, allowed to attach herself to the "Omnibus Hearing", i.e. a Pretrial Hearing? Jodi Arias' case is no longer "pretrial", by any definition of that term. If she can jump on the "Omnibus", then why not other defendants, who have already been sentenced to the DP, including Bryan Wayne Hulsey, for example?
3. Is it criminally fraudulent for a judge, JSS, to mislead citizens impanelled as jurors, who in good faith are doing their duty, and believe that they are deciding upon the fate of the convicted murderer, Jodi Arias, but who are unaware that the "rug might be pulled out" from underneath their decision via the "Omnibus" Vehicle? Any "Omnibus Hearing" should take place prior to trial, not after a jury has been called to decide upon the DP or Life! Why would any judge ask a jury to make such a sacrifice (i.e. Skank's final penalty re-trial was supposed to be concluded by the end of December, 2014, so said JSS-- but now, it is being dragged out by JA & Co. until the end of February, and perhaps beyond), when the judge, Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS), has allowed the convicted murderer to "game the system" by jumping on the "Omnibus"? Shouldn't the jury be advised that Jodi Arias is riding the "Omnibus" in the hope that the DP will be taken "off-the-table"? The jury appears to be laboring under false pretenses, as JSS engineers the ways-and-means for JA & Co. to avoid the DP.
4. When will the over 120 sealed documents; the transcripts from the many sealed hearings; and, the transcripts from the numerous inappropriate "ex-parte" meetings be made public? Within these unconstitutionally secret documents are the discussions which have transpired between this incompetent, biased, and corrupt judge, JSS, and JA & Co., which may cast light upon the rationale (and, the manipulations) which took place, leading JSS to manoeuver Jodi Arias to the "Omnibus Hearing." And, if it is found that JSS actually colluded with JA & Co. in order to "game" the trial proceedings, to be delayed for over a year-and-seven-months, from the hung jury, in May 2013, in order to enable the convicted murderer to avoid the Death Penalty, and to steer her to this "Omnibus Hearing", then JSS may be in direct violation of the law, as well as having violated her oath of office, and the public trust. Already, JSS has demonstrated that she is all too ready & willing to violate the US Constitution, the AZ Victims' Bill of Rights, the AZ Judicial Code of Conduct, and the AZ Legal Statutes governing the Disclosure of Witnesses by the Defendant to the State, in undue deference towards Jodi Arias. What other laws might have been violated by JSS?
5. What is the nature of the relationship between the AZ Media & the AZ Judiciary, particularly in AZ Maricopa County? Why have JSS's many serious infractions of the law gone un-reported? Why is JSS allowed to let JA & Co. run-amok, without any serious investigative reporting taking place? Why has JSS's special treatment & unbelievable favoritism towards the convicted murderer been "swept under the carpet"? Why is it that the State is pummeled by the press reporters, but that gross negligence (e.g. lack of courtroom decorum; allowing defense attorneys to filibuster & disrupt the trial proceedings; delays without precedent for a penalty re-trial; etc.); blatant incompetence (e.g. inability to rule in a timely manner; allowing the defense team to commit perjury & fraud including, but not restricted to, trashing the victim with uncorroborated lies; etc.); and, criminal wrongdoing by the judge (e.g. many inappropriate "ex-parte" meetings with convicted killer; unconstitutional secrecy; violation of the AZ Victims' Bill of Rights; etc.), JSS, are all simply glossed over and excused with no expectation of public accountability? Why is this "Omnibus Hearing" such a big secret?
When referring to our justice system, the great U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wisely observed:-- "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman." Without the light of public scrutiny, and, without the media reporting upon what is taking place in this trial, and others too... and, without our publically-elected officials held accountable for their actions, including JSS, in the AZ Maricopa County Superior Court... our criminal justice system is being corrupted before our very eyes, as we watch this nightmarish re-trial unfold. It's not always the new lie revealed in the courtroom that counts-- but also, the “gaming-of-the-system” by setting the plot-line, down-the-road, like this exploitation by JSS and JA & Co. of this mysterious "Omnibus Hearing." Is this right?
Thank you for your kind consideration.
Sincerely yours,
Edie Morse
Attachment:-- The “Omnibus” for One, For All?
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