Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jodi Arias defense costs top $2.5 million


This convicted murderer has costs the AZ taxpayers $2.5 million and she isn't done racking up the bill.  She has been making money from murdering Travis Alexander(her victim) by selling her artwork(unknown if it is really her own artwork), sale of the j4j bands, the sale of tee shirts(is a joke because she's not a survivor of domestic violence, she's a cold blooded murder), and auctioning off the her glasses (It hasn't been told who purchased the glasses.)  She's made such statements that the money belongs to her and her family, and/or that she is donating some of the money to charities.  Her supporters have made many statements they don't want the Alexanders getting any of "what they are calling Hodi's money" in a civil law suit.  The State of Arizona taxpayers aren't being paid back either for the heinous crime that Hodi committed.