Friday, November 28, 2014

Did Hodi remove the carpet/rug in front of TA's shower so that he'd have a more difficult time escaping her plan???

Both pictures are of inside TA's bathroom. In the first picture it shows a piece of carpet/rug in front of his shower door.  In the second picture, when his body was found inside the shower, the carpet/rug is not there. Where did it go???  Did Hodi preplan it so extremely that she took the piece of carpet/rug, that might've prevented TA from sliding across the bathroom floor when he got out of the shower??? 

Did Hodi use that small piece of carpet/rug to wrap the murder weapons in before she left his home?  

It was talked about that there was a "water mark" on a box inside of TA's bathroom closet.  It'd make more sense that Hodi removed the carpet/rug before the attack slow her prey (TA).  Had said carpet/rug been there before and while the attack was going on, the carpet/rug would've soaked up some of the water.  

Either or, the carpet/rug isn't present in later pics of TA's bathroom.  Anyone that has a shower knows that most people put a rug/carpet outside of their shower door when they have a tile floor inside of their bathroom. (TA did have a piece of carpet/rug outside of his shower door, as shown in pic #1.)