Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jodi Arias Trial - Day 22 - Part 2

Jodi Arias Trial - Day 22 - Part 2

Hodi was caught in numerous lies during the first trial and still hasn't stopped telling lies.

Hodi admitted to her "thinking" that her Ex-boyfriend, TA, owed her an explanation after she came to his home uninvited, looking into his window (spying on him), and sees him with a woman in his home.  Hodi and TA were not boyfriend/girlfriend or dating each other "exclusively" at anytime after they broke up.  (That is known by messages between the two, and TA and Hodi, both, dating other people after their break up.)  

Nowhere in any of Hodi's journals, her own words, did she ever even "imply" that TA had ever physically hurt her in any way.  Hodi's journal was "private."  Her own mother talked about just how "private" of a person that Hodi is.  She didn't allow anyone to read it.  If physical abuse would have occurred at anytime Hodi wouldn't have left "abuse" out of her private writings where she wrote details of daily events in it.   There was no physical abuse that took place on TA's part.  

She lied about the date that her "finger" got broken.  It was broken on the day that she murdered TA.  Whether TA broke Hodi's finger or not while he was trying to defend himself against her, we don't know, because Hodi won't tell the truth about much of anything.  Hodi might've broken her finger while she was murdering TA or while she was "stuffing" his body into the small shower inside of his home.   We do know that TA didn't hit Hodi on the day that she murdered him because when she showed up at Ryan Burns home the ONLY marks on her were "cuts" on her hand where the knife kept slipping as she was murdering TA.  You'd think that if TA were physically abusive towards Hodi, that on the night that she murdered him, that TA would have bruised her while he tried to fight her off from murdering him.  The truth is that TA wasn't physically abusive towards Hodi and when it was his own life that was being threatened(eventually taken by her), TA didn't strike her even then.  Some men won't hit a woman even when it's their life at risk.  IMO, TA was that kind of man. 

Hodi admits in this video, a part of the trial, that when TA got upset and "left the situation" that she followed him.  Instead of her trying to defuse a situation, TA leaving a room to get away from her, Hodi followed TA.  Again, instead of TA hitting Hodi, she stated that he "banged his head on the wall."  AGAIN, Hodi proves that TA didn't lay his hands on her when angry at her.