Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Written by Paul A. Sanders, Jr. - The 13th Juror MD @The13thJurorMD (Twitter)....

*Except Below Written by Paul A. Sanders, Jr. - The 13th Juror MD @The13thJurorMD (Twitter)....
Then Juan Martinez took us into the creepiness and foreshadowing of the terrible event. He took the Jury on a journey to Travis Alexander's backyard. It was clean and crisp. It brought the psychology of all of it home. It was not the knowledge that Dr. Fonseca may have carried with her 35 years of experience. It was the psychology of what was in Arias' head based, in part, on her prior boyfriend's treatment, in the earlier testimony.
Dr. Fonseca feebly attempted to qualify Arias' behavior. "Well, she saw two people making out but didn't know who they were. She went there to pick up something. She might have seen something." It's too late for Dr. Fonseca.
"Arias had to stand there and look in his back patio window," Juan states. "They were kissing and her brassiere was off. She was peeping right?"
"I don't know if you would call it that," she answers hesitantly.
"Didn't she know the key code to the garage?"
"Why didn't she use the garage, Ma'am? Why didn't she use the door?"
Dr. Fonseca is suddenly at a loss for words. The words of yesterday were stolen away from her. "I don't know how she could have gotten in. That's not..."
"She didn't ring the doorbell, did she?" Juan Martinez asks pointedly.
"No, I don't know."
"She was in the backyard, right?"
"She went around the side," Dr. Fonseca daftly evades.
Juan wouldn't let go. "She intentionally went in the backyard, didn't she?"
"That's not suffering in silence. Is it, Ma'am?" he asked, slamming the door.
Dr. Fonseca admits, "It is some intrusiveness."
Juan finished the dismantling of Dr. Fonseca throughout the rest of the morning and into the latter part of the afternoon. "We are not talking about Travis Alexander," he said to her at one point. "We are talking about that person over there, Jodi Arias!" he says pointing to the defendant.
"We are finished with this witness," he says as he walks back to the Prosecution table.