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Questions that the first jury asked ja. ja's responses to their questions. Transcribed by S. Matthews

What do trial watchers think of Jodi Arias case? Video by: Tammy Rose

The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial was supposed to wrap up this week, but it's a long way from being over. KFYI’s Tammy Rose takes us inside the courtroom with a look on how trial watchers think the case is going.

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Blog called: Ja facts By: Susie

Murder in the First Degree Inside the Arias Trial HD commercial free

Friday, December 26, 2014

What kind of DRUGS is Jason Weber on or does LYING come as naturally to him as it does to ja?

Jodi was the “dirty little secret” of Alexander that became more and more difficult to hide.  Jodi wanted a traditional, monogamous relationship that could potentially lead to marriage; she wanted a relationship where they would hold hands and show affection.

TA never denied dating ja for the 5 months that they dated.  TA ONLY dated the $kank, ja, for 5 months!!!  What TA didn't do, like the "SLUT IN A RUT" did, was ADVERTISE the sexual relationship that went on between them.  (ja did LIE about some of the sexual encounters that she said went on between ja lies about a lot of things.)   

ja wanted someone to "serve" she stated in her diary.  She wanted to LIVE off of TA because the hag was too lazy and too stupid to try and make it on her own.  ja hopped from bed to bed, man to man, lover to lover, because ja is a $kank that thought that a working man owed her nasty arse a living just because she gave up some nasty arse sex to them.  When the innocent man, TA, not familiar with $kank's like ja, that had the World by the balls, wouldn't "serve" the lazy, manipulating, selfish HO, she planned and murdered him.  


George Barwood stating that he NO LONGER recommends SJ's site( Because SJ is a $CAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Direct Message between Maria De La Rosa and Sandra Weber...............

^^^Isn't De LIAR a part of ja's DT and isn't supposed to be giving out information via internet?  BIOTCH, YOU ARE SO BUSTED!!!  

Older information. It reads more like a time line of ja's many LIES.

Older information.  It reads more like a time line of ja's many LIES.

ja's blog.

The "evil within"

"Mode of Operation?"  Strange choice of words.
ja's "Law of Fatal Attraction"

This coming from a narcissist that NOW claims to have a low self-esteem.  UNBELIEVABLE the LIES ja tells! 

Bachelor Smachelor-featuring TA.

TA owned a business: CAFGSS for modest female clothing.

What is CAFGSS?
Cafgss is an international coalition against the flagrant flaunting of flesh. Our mission is simple: We want people to start wearing clothes again! There are great injustices in society today. Clothing companies are ripping females off. They are selling them only half a shirt.,but are still charging them full price!
Our schools have dress code policies, but they are rarely enforced. Many of us are fed up with this blatent showing of skin. Now its time we band together and scream"We are the victims here!" Show you support for the cause. With many voices we can create change. Join the coalition.

"More than a shirt, it's a quest!"

The Trial on You Tube so far

Arizona will change drugs used in executions

Motion For Court-Ordered Interview Of Witness who Assisted Bryan Neumeister

By:  The Trial Diaries

Objection To Defendant's Supplemental; Motion To Dismiss All Charges With Prejudice and/or In The Alternative To Dismiss the State's Notice Of Intent To Seek The Death Penalty Due To Recently Discovered Purposeful and Egregious Prosecutorial Misconduct

By:  The Trial Diaries,-109,437

Secret Testimony of Jodi Arias Faces Exposure By JAMIE ROSS

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Jodi Arias Takes Final Selfie Photos of Herself in Rental Car 1 Day Before Killing Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias - Guilty - Juan Martinez Wins again.

Video of some of the reactions on TA's family members faces as ja tells the jury to spare her life during the first sentencing phase.

In this video is "The VOMIT" that ja spewed to the jury trying to get them to spare her life.  The video shows the reactions of TA's family members that were present during ja's "show of manipulation."  ja NEVER counted on the jury finding her guilty of First Degree Murder with cruelty.  She actually thought that she had the jury convinced of her lies about her murdering TA in self-defense.  Recalling here the look of "shock" on her face when the guilty verdict was read in court, and the anger in her voice during her post trial interview with a member of the media.  NEWS FLASH:  Only idiots that drink the kool aid believe it was self-defense.  

ja will have you believe that while she was on television saying that she would rather be sentenced to death, than to live the rest of her life in prison, that she was being honest.  She wasn't being honest.  Honesty and ja are two words that should not be used in the same sentence.  While ja was making such claims that she'd rather die(DP), she was going behind the scenes trying to get a plea bargain.  She wanted the State and the Alexanders to agree to giving her a plea deal of Second Degree Murder.  That doesn't sound like someone that wants to die.  That sounds like someone that wants to get out of prison some day, even if it's in the far future.  It sounds like a manipulator and a liar when in front of her fan club and the public.  The claws come out when ja is behind the scenes.  (Which we already know what type of evil lurks inside of her.)  When the State and Alexander family wouldn't give her the plea deal that she wanted, things got even uglier.  ja began a smear campaign against TA's character.         

She NEVER tried to commit suicide.  That is MORE BS spewed by ja.  People that try to commit suicide don't "scratch" themselves with something.  That is all ja did or possibly didn't even go that far with doing.  ja is NOTHING but a liar, manipulator, sociopath, and narcissist.  

Now, ja and her DT have came up with another "strategy" for ja to try and escape the punishment that she deserves-the DP.  They are trying to make claim that porn, evidence of it found or not, should be considered "exculpatory evidence," that Det. Flores "allegedly" tampered with "exculpatory evidence," that JM lied about having knowledge of porn being on TA's PC, and that ja should be set free and/or the death penalty should be removed from the table.  At no time during the trial did JM state or lead anyone to believe that porn was the motive, or had anything to do with  ja murdering TA.  Porn had nothing to do with why she murdered TA.   It was/is ja and her DT that kept/keep trying to drag the issue of porn and making accusations that TA was a pedophile.  That just isn't flying with a lot of people.  A lot of people DON'T care about the porn issue.  A lot of people don't even care about TA's and ja's part time sexual activities.  The primary ones that seem to care about that are:  ja, the DT, and some of her supporters.      

IMO, watching and reading about this case, the ONLY reasons ja wanted "child pornography" brought into the equation is to gain sympathy and to cash in from/on everyone that hate pedophiles.  She wanted to smear TA's character.  As much as some people hate pedophiles(I'm NOT saying that TA was one...I don't believe ja),  ja must've "assumed" that if she could paint a picture that TA was a pedophile that would exempt her from her role of committing murder in the First Degree with cruelty.   I'm well aware that many of her supporters ride on the LIE that ja has told about TA haven been a pedophile, as to why some support her.   According to ja and her supporters, that believe that TA was a pedophile, they are telling people that it's okay to plan and murder an ex that dumps you.  They are telling people that it is okay for a man in a woman's life(ja) to be pedophile(liars), as long as they keep the woman(ja).  Where their minds are...who knows?  That is not the normal thinking of decent people.  ja is not a decent person.  

When all else fails, all of the lies that ja has told, ja will continue to play the victim act until the day she dies(of natural causes or the DP).  TRASH, such as ja is, will never take full responsibility for their actions.  Her "having been abused stories" have went from a little abuse having taken place to a grand scale of her almost being murdered by different exes in her life.  Right right...the only abuser many of us see is ja.  

I hope that ja has a horrible Christmas as she prays to her Father in Hell.    

The Ultimate Jodi Arias Trial "Best Of" Video!

JM hits the nail on the head time and time again.  Why is it that ALL of ja's witnesses and ja, herself, have problems answering JM's questions?  All of them try to blame JM for them being unable to answer questions that anyone telling the truth could have answered without the type of BS that they stated and did. 

Maria De La Rosa laughs very loudly at LaToilette's stupid comment to JM.  The Judge had to speak up about Maria De La Rosa's outburst.  It was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL of her.

ja in THE tee shirt Photo by: Kim Lapara David

On the back of that tee shirt it says, "Be Better Blog," the name of TA's blog.   

IF TA would have had the tee shirt made to advertise his blog, why does it look like ja took a selfie from TA's PC?  Is this more proof of the shenanigans that ja pulled during one of her many times that she sneaked into TA's home, sneaked into his bedroom, and sneaked onto his PC?  If TA had this tee shirt made to advertise his blog, why wouldn't he have taken a picture of the back of the tee shirt?  It was said that TA had a friend that designed shirts.  The mess above was not done by any professional.  ja couldn't even get the letters straight on the items that SHE, herself, put on items of clothing to make it out like she belonged to TA.  This is another weak and failed attempt to make it out like TA was in love with her.  IMO, ja made this mess herself, took the selfie in TA's home on one of the many occasions that she sneaked into his home by way of his doggie door, and it didn't impress TA.  Clearly TA didn't post it on his blog to advertise it.    

Jodi Arias camera motions heard in court, mitigation specialist under scrutiny

December 4, 2014 Written by: Jodi Swan (Looks to be another liar.)

Where do some idiots get their information at???  Besides coming from the lying lips of ja, who was it that stated that there were some pornography files that featured young boys found on TA's PC?   I read where ja's "PC expert" said that there were pornography files found on TA's PC, but he didn't show any proof that any of those "alleged" files contained "underage girls or boys."  He didn't show any proof that said "alleged" pornography files were put there by TA.  TA wasn't the "only" person that had access to his PC.  ja had access to TA's PC on numerous occasions when she hacked into his PC and when she was in his home when he was and when he wasn't at home.  I haven't read where any pictures of any of the porn was shown into evidence either.  Jodi Swan sounds to me like she's another idiot that drank the kool aid.

Amazing!  The amount of "blood money" that some of ja's supporters/fools claimed to have brought in went from $15,000, a total that was given out via internet a few months ago, to now $40,000.  smh...nasty!  

(I think that I posted about this mess before.  I know that I saw it shortly after Jodi Swan put it out there for everyone to see.)  


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jodi Arias will get a video call for Christmas, Juan Martinez fights back

I don't know who made and/or took this picture but I think it's GREAT!  (Check out the cat in the corner lol)

Turn your speakers off or down so low that you can't hear it.  In the link below is the video of ja squealing the words to "O Holy Night."  Apparently the inmates that entered the contest felt sorry for her and let her win.  IMO, ja sounds like a dying rat in this video.  Who could "sing" worse than what she did here???  
ja has "ruined" the song "O Holy Night" for numerous people.   After numerous people heard ja, convicted of viciously murdering Travis Alexander, squeal the words, to a beautiful song, out of her evil mouth, it's hard for some to get the same joy from the song that they liked/loved before hearing ja sing it.     

Written in the link below are the words:  You will notice every lie or as Jodi likes to call them, abuse story, is more dramatic than the last. As the DSM 5 shows, that's an elevation technique narcissists use, especially when they meet with resistance. It is the classic, "Oh ok, you didn't buy that story? You will have to believe this one, because it's even more terrible." The narcissistic defense.

Typical BS coming from ja.  Even in her story about the ninjas, she tried to make herself out to be the victim.  Hence, "the woman wanted to kill me too," and "they threatened my family."  Everything is always about "themselves" when it comes to a narcissist and everyone else is always to blame for their own horrible behavior when it comes to psychopaths like ja.

More of ja lies!

ONLY someone(s) completely stupid would believe this mess that the known liar and murderer is spewing now.  ja claimed to be a genius by saying that she has the IQ of AE.  Her narcissistic behavior speaks volumes about her having a very high self-esteem.   IMO, only a narcissist would worry about their hair and make up, knowing they are being arrested for murder, in regards to what their "mugshot" will look like to the public.  Her actions, before going to jail and now, also speak volumes, that she seems to think that she is very entitled to do and say anything that she wants to.   

Praying to God above that ja never has physical contact with any child ever again.   If they learn anything from ja that will be:  DON'T be like ja.  I'm sure that they'll learn a lot from a narcissistic, evil liar, and murderer, that acts and talks like she is above everyone else.  smh!       

True story and some information about Viruses.

I'm NOT a computer expert but I'm definitely not "ignorant" about how they work.  A few years back I ran into a bit of problems with someone that was using, had gained access, to my PCs.  I put in numerous anti-viruses to try and get the viruses out of them.  I tried every anti-virus that I could find!  It was that bad!  After all of the anti-viruses that I put into my PCs failed, I decided to "delete" the entire HDs.  After I deleted the entire HDs, big mistake on my part, it hit me that I'd need the information that was on them for legal purposes.  Thinking that a forensic lab could go into the HDs, bring up what I had deleted, I took them both to a State Police Station for their PC expert to look at them.  When the time came to pick them up, to my surprise, I was told that one HD was "ruined" to the point that they couldn't do anything with it.  I was asked if it had been exposed to a chemical...It hadn't been.  I did the same exact thing with both HDs; deleted them and placed them in clean bags.  I was told that the other HD had very little on it and it appeared to be NEW.  Unbelievable to me!  The forensic lab found a few "somethings" on it but not everything that had been deleted!  Granted that after that, I came to the conclusion that even what we might think are "professionals" at something, aren't always "accurate" at it.  

Here is some information about viruses. 

PS:  Don't ever download anything that will give someone remote access to your PC(sub seven).  Explained in Key logging.   

Key logging:

Trojan horse(Virus):

Timeline of PC viruses:

2004:  Late January: The MyDoom worm emerges, and currently holds the record for the fastest-spreading mass mailer worm.
  • February 16: The Netsky worm is discovered. The worm spreads by email and by copying itself to folders on the local hard drive as well as on mapped network drives if available. Many variants of the Netsky worm appeared.
  • March 19: The Witty worm is a record-breaking worm in many regards. It exploited holes in several Internet Security Systems (ISS) products. It was the fastest disclosure to worm, it was the first internet worm to carry a destructive payload and it spread rapidly using a pre-populated list of ground-zero hosts.
  • May 1: The Sasser worm emerges by exploiting a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows LSASS service and causes problems in networks, while removing MyDoom and Bagle variants, even interrupting business.
  • June 15: Caribe or Cabir is a computer worm that is designed to infect mobile phones that run Symbian OS. It is the first computer worm that can infect mobile phones. It spread itself through Bluetooth. More information can be found on F-Secure[33] and Symantec.[34]
  • August 16: Nuclear RAT (short for Nuclear Remote Administration Tool) is a backdoor trojan that infects Windows NT family systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003).[35]
  • August 20: Vundo, or the Vundo Trojan (also known as Virtumonde or Virtumondo and sometimes referred to as MS Juan) is a trojan known to cause popups and advertising for rogue antispyware programs, and sporadically other misbehaviour including performance degradation and denial of service with some websites including Google and Facebook.[36]
  • October 12: Bifrost, also known as Bifrose, is a backdoor trojan which can infect Windows 95 through Vista. Bifrost uses the typical server, server builder, and client backdoor program configuration to allow a remote attack.[37]
  • December: Santy, the first known "webworm" is launched. It exploited a vulnerability in phpBB and used Google in order to find new targets. It infected around 40000 sites before Google filtered the search query used by the worm, preventing it from spreading.

  • August 2005: Zotob
  • Late 2005: The Zlob Trojan, is a trojan horse which masquerades as a required video codec in the form of the Microsoft Windows ActiveX component. It was first detected in late 2005.[38]
  • Bandook or Bandook Rat (Bandook Remote Administration Tool) is a backdoor trojan horse that infects the Windows family. It uses a server creator, a client and a server to take control over the remote computer. It uses process hijacking / kernel patching to bypass the firewall, and let the server component hijack processes and gain rights for accessing the Internet.

  • January 20: The Nyxem worm was discovered. It spread by mass-mailing. Its payload, which activates on the third of every month, starting on February 3, attempts to disable security-related and file sharing software, and destroy files of certain types, such as Microsoft Office files.
  • February 16: discovery of the first-ever malware for Mac OS X, a low-threat trojan-horse known as OSX/Leap-A or OSX/Oompa-A, is announced.
  • Late March: Brontok variant N was found in late March.[39] Brontok was a mass-email worm and the origin for the worm was from Indonesia.
  • Late September: Stration or Warezov worm first discovered.

  • January 17: Storm Worm identified as a fast spreading email spamming threat to Microsoft systems. It begins gathering infected computers into the Storm botnet. By around June 30 it had infected 1.7 million computers, and it had compromised between 1 and 10 million computers by September.[40] Thought to have originated from Russia, it disguises itself as a news email containing a film about bogus news stories asking you to download the attachment which it claims is a film.
  • July: Zeus is a trojan that targets Microsoft Windows to steal banking information by keystroke logging.

  • February 17: Mocmex is a trojan, which was found in a digital photo frame in February 2008. It was the first serious computer virus on a digital photo frame. The virus was traced back to a group in China.[41]
  • March 3: Torpig, also known as Sinowal and Mebroot, is a Trojan horse that affects Windows, turning off anti-virus applications. It allows others to access the computer, modifies data, steals confidential information (such as user passwords and other sensitive data) and installs more malware on the victim's computer.[42]
  • May 6: Rustock.C, a hitherto-rumoured spambot-type malware with advanced rootkit capabilities, was announced to have been detected on Microsoft systems and analyzed, having been in the wild and undetected since October 2007 at the very least.[43]


Zeus (Trojan horse):   ZeuS, or Zbot is Trojan horse computer malware that runs on versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. While it is capable of being used to carry out many malicious and criminal tasks, it is often used to steal banking information by man-in-the-browser keystroke logging and form grabbing. It is also used to install the CryptoLocker ransomware.[1] Zeus is spread mainly through drive-by downloads and phishing schemes. First identified in July 2007 when it was used to steal information SpyEye trojan

Stealth strategies[edit]
In order to avoid detection by users, some viruses employ different kinds of deception. Some old viruses, especially on the MS-DOS platform, make sure that the "last modified" date of a host file stays the same when the file is infected by the virus. This approach does not fool antivirus software, however, especially those which maintain and date cyclic redundancy checks on file changes.[citation needed]
Some viruses can infect files without increasing their sizes or damaging the files. They accomplish this by overwriting unused areas of executable files. These are called cavity viruses. For example, the CIH virus, or Chernobyl Virus, infects Portable Executable files. Because those files have many empty gaps, the virus, which was 1 KB in length, did not add to the size of the file.[36]
Some viruses try to avoid detection by killing the tasks associated with antivirus software before it can detect them.[citation needed]
As computers and operating systems grow larger and more complex, old hiding techniques need to be updated or replaced. Defending a computer against viruses may demand that a file system migrate towards detailed and explicit permission for every kind of file access.[citation needed]
Read request intercepts[edit]
While some antivirus software employ various techniques to counter stealth mechanisms, once the infection occurs any recourse to clean the system is unreliable. In Microsoft Windows operating systems, the NTFS file system is proprietary. Direct access to files without using the Windows OS is undocumented. This leaves antivirus software little alternative but to send a read request to Windows OS files that handle such requests. Some viruses trick antivirus software by intercepting its requests to the OS. A virus can hide itself by intercepting the request to read the infected file, handling the request itself, and return an uninfected version of the file to the antivirus software. The interception can occur by code injection of the actual operating system files that would handle the read request. Thus, an antivirus software attempting to detect the virus will either not be given permission to read the infected file, or, the read request will be served with the uninfected version of the same file.[37]
The only reliable method to avoid stealth is to boot from a medium that is known to be clean. Security software can then be used to check the dormant operating system files. Most security software relies on virus signatures, or they employ heuristics.[citation needed]
Security software may also use a database of file hashes for Windows OS files, so the security software can identify altered files, and request Windows installation media to replace them with authentic versions. In older versions of Windows, file hashes of Windows OS files stored in Windows—to allow file integrity/authenticity to be checked—could be overwritten so that the System File Checker would report that altered system files are authentic, so using file hashes to scan for altered files would not always guarantee finding an infection.[citation needed]
Most modern antivirus programs try to find virus-patterns inside ordinary programs by scanning them for so-called virus signatures. Unfortunately, the term is misleading, in that viruses do not possess unique signatures in the way that human beings do. Such a virus signature is merely a sequence of bytes that an antivirus program looks for because it is known to be part of the virus. A better term would be "search strings". Different antivirus programs will employ different search strings, and indeed different search methods, when identifying viruses. If a virus scanner finds such a pattern in a file, it will perform other checks to make sure that it has found the virus, and not merely a coincidental sequence in an innocent file, before it notifies the user that the file is infected. The user can then delete, or (in some cases) "clean" or "heal" the infected file. Some viruses employ techniques that make detection by means of signatures difficult but probably not impossible. These viruses modify their code on each infection. That is, each infected file contains a different variant of the virus.

Definition of "Exculpatory evidence:

ja did murder TA.  IMO, nothing that the DT can bring up in this trial can exonerate her of that guilt unless the DT can show that someone other than ja committed this murder.  That ISN'T going to happen.  Stabbing someone 27 times, almost decapitating the person, and shooting the person in the head is not is overkill.    

Remember:  ja didn't murder TA because of any porn.  There was no mention by ja that the "alleged" fight they had before she murdered him had anything to do with any "alleged" porn.    This is just another attempt to drag out this trial and delay the inevitable.   

Keeping track of ja's "sales." (More on this blog.)

Not "brilliant" at all.  It was "sleazy" of Ben to donate money to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, not telling them that he was going to put their name out there for his contribution to be associated with a convicted murderer, ja.  Apparently George didn't see what was said about Ben's sleazy act.  (Posted on this blog awhile back.)  

Why is it that the "suckers" that donate to anything that pertains to ja's name;  "alleged" artwork, tee shirts, ja bands, the "alleged" trust fund, etc...are told that they can't claim their donations/gifts on their tax forms, but other "charitable" contributions from REAL charities can be written off on taxes?  The site that ja and her family endorses states that the sales and contributions are considered "gifts/donations."  

Keep track of the money.  Sooner or later the IRS will be very interested as to whom is paying taxes on the sales.  

PS:  Switching hands and scams isn't going to do the $cammers a bit of good.    

This is laughable. ja had the audacity to compare herself with Adriana Lima??? GTHO!

This is completely ridiculous, stupidity at it's finest, that ja would compare her looks to that of Adriana Lima.  smh...lolololol

Jodi Arias Trial : Day 17 : Graphic Tape Played For Jury (No Sidebars)

ja KNEW before she took the stand what would be presented that day by her defense team.  She had ample time to put on an act, as she's done time and time again, in court.  

Why would ja record one out of hundreds/thousands of phone conversations that took place between herself and TA if she didn't have an ulterior motive?  If ja didn't "lead" TA into this conversation, as is apparent, how would she know that this particular conversation would lead to something that she should record and save?  

ja "thought" that she had committed the perfect murder.  "Premeditation" and/or "overkill" aren't grounds for self defense.  The only person that ja fooled is herself by thinking that she'd get by with murdering an innocent man.

Jodi Arias Owned a Stun Gun & Offered it to Travis. Didn't She Say Travis Already Owned a Gun?

More lies from the liar aka ja.  IMO, the ONLY time that ja isn't lying is when her mouth and hands aren't moving.  She can't tell the truth whether it comes from her mouth or her hands.

Edie Morse's input.

“Belief can be manipulated. Only knowledge is dangerous.” - Frank Herbert
“I'm very depressed how in this country you can be told "That's offensive" as though those two words constitute an argument.” - Christopher Hitchens
“One of the greatest challenge facing young people today, is the
large scale availability of half truth’s and manipulated facts.” - Oche Otorkpa, The Unseen Terrorist 
Does the jury in the Jodi Arias "final penalty re-trial" know that they are being manipulated by a cunning convicted killer and her unethical defense team via the cynical exploitation of gender stereotypes in order to fool them into believing that the "man" is the abuser and the "woman" is the victim? Do they realize that the emphasis placed upon "offensive" language between the victim, Travis Alexander & the brutal butcher, Jodi Arias, is purposely devised by JA & Co. in order to manipulate their emotions, in the hopes that their logical cognition will be clouded? Are they aware that the spin placed upon a highly selective set of words, taken out of context, by JA & Co., is only giving them a partial, even a warped perspective on what was a very short-lived "dating" relationship between the murderer & her victim? 
We don't know, as yet, what impact JA & Co.'s fraudulent defense case (it's not a mitigation case, by the way, and therefore, it is really not legal, although a lawless judge is permitting it, and overruling the prosecutor, Juan Martinez's many objections) and we won't know for a long time, until sometime in 2015, hopefully. We do know however, that Jodi Arias has been quite successful in manipulating Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS), because in the AZ Court of Appeals' (COA) written decision, they overturn JSS's unconstitutional ruling regarding her bizarre, unprecedented, and downright un-American special favor by wrongly allowing the convicted murderer to testify in secret, stating:--
..."... Arias subsequently advised the court that she would not testify if the press and public could know how she testified “because of the pressure that I would feel because of these threats.” Although expressing concern that Arias was being manipulative, the court stated it had considered the potential legal ramifications if an appellate court later determined that Arias did not voluntarily waive her right to present evidence in mitigation..."...
Thus, although JSS even admits that she can see that a cold-blood killer was being "manipulative", this grossly incompetent judge still caved into Skank's illegal demand, because apparently this judge has never read any of the AZ Supreme Court and/or the US Supreme Court decisions which have resulted in actual overturning DP convictions. Unbelievable! There is not a single case which I can find whereby either the AZ Supreme Court or the US Supreme Court overturned a DP conviction because a convicted murderer demanded to testify in secret, in a penalty phase, because as any competent attorney and/or alert judge knows, it is in violation of the US Constitution. Either JSS is being disingenuous & was lying in order to save her tattered reputation, after having made an extremely poor judgment call, and/or, she is just a lousy jurist-- but in either case, her competence must be questioned by the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct.
How much time and money has JSS's bungling cost the taxpayers of Arizona, as well as the victims and the public who have rights too? To-date, since the Opening Statements made by Juan Martinez & Kirk Nurmi on October 21st, 2014, JSS only held court vis-à-vis this case, for approx. 58% of the available (33 days, not including Fridays & Holidays) days that the trial could have proceeded; and in that time, JA & Co. have only put on 3 witnesses over 19 days of trial proceedings. Three witnesses in 19 days of trial proceedings, including Jodi Arias who acted as an illegal secret witness, on one of those days. Hence, it averages out to approx. 6 days per witness. Since JA & Co. have approx. a dozen or so witnesses left, at 6 days/witness, that would amount to approximately 72 trial days left in the future by the defense alone, not including Juan Martinez's rebuttal case. And since, JSS only holds court 4 days/week at best, that would result in 18 weeks, or 4+ more months of the defense case, which if it begins on-schedule on January 5th, 2015, this farcical travesty of justice would not be completed until the end of April of May. By this calculation, Skank's sentencing phase would have lasted 2 years in total duration; and 7 months in terms of the re-trial itself. Recall that the initial guilt phase of the trial took 5 months. What other judge would have botched this DP trial up so badly?
Of course, it is unlikely that each defense witness will consume approx. 6 days each-- because, it is more likely that JSS and JA & Co. have concocted these delays in order that Jodi Arias is given ample opportunity to "piggy-back" on the Omnibus Hearing that Judge Joseph Kreamer will hold on February, 6th, 2015, when he hears a dozen or so other defendants' pleas to take the DP "off-the-table". The interesting point to be made vis-à-vis this particular Omnibus Hearing is that all of the defendants, apart from Skank, are still presumed to be innocent, because their capital murder trials have not as yet taken place, and they have not been convicted of 1st degree premeditated murder. Hence, why is a convicted murderer, Jodi Arias, now allowed to attach herself to this Omnibus Hearing in the middle of an abnormally adjudicated and exaggeratedly long penalty phase? Could it be because JSS is hoping that another judge will take the DP "off-the-table" in order that she can avoid public scrutiny in the event that she had done the "dirty deed" herself? JSS is a coward, as well a lousy jurist, in addition to being so easily manipulated by a cunning defendant & the powerful AZ Defense Attorney Lobby.
Here we are at the end of 2014, with no sentence for Skank... 19 months after her 1st degree premeditated murder verdict... and, this farcical so-called "final penalty re-trial" is being managed by Jodi Arias and her defense team:-- i.e. a defense team willing to defraud the court, with the most horrendous lies, fabrications, and outright sham testimony by a series of charlatan hired guns, including an angry, opportunistic technology-"Man on the Make" who is not even a genuine computer expert (Bryan Neumeister), as well as two dishonest psycho-babblers who have regurgitated Jodi Arias' deceptions in order to continue to trash the victim, Travis Alexander, with malicious lies, and who have claimed that this malicious, dangerous and violent sado-narcissistic psycho-killer is a victim of abuse (Dr. L.C. Miccio-Fonseca & Dr. Richard Geffner). If it wasn't so costly, and if it wasn't so tragic, it would be downright hilarious. For Jodi Arias has tortured & abused animals-- she has beat her little brother's head with a baseball bat-- she has kicked her mother-- she tormented Travis Alexander, including hacking into his bank account & stealing his hard-earned money-- but, much of this dangerous violence by Skank, Juan Martinez cannot show to the jury, because prejudicially in favor of Jodi Arias & against the State, JSS has precluded a mountain of evidence that proves that the convicted murderer has long been cruel & abusive. (By the way, similar evidence was shown by the prosecutors in the Marissa DeVault & Bryan Wayne Husley capital murder trials; which neither Judge Steinle, nor Judge Kreamer precluded. But unlike JSS, they were not biased towards the defendants or the defense attorneys.)
No decent, ethical & legally-astute judge would permit the ungodly extent of the undermining of justice by such a brutal butcher & her "win-at-all-costs" defense team, as we have seen unfold over the past year, since the hung jury, last May 2013. Yet, JSS allows it... Why? This petty, little "judge", JSS, has worked harder than any judge that I have seen to make certain that Jodi Arias does not get the DP. The powerful AZ Defense Attorney Lobby do not want Jodi Arias to get the DP for some reason. And, the AZ Media do not want Jodi Arias to get the DP either. Why? Are there profits to be made by powerful money-brokers who would rather see Skank get a lesser sentence, and possibly even be set free? Jodi Arias has said that when she gets her conviction overturned, and walks out of jail a free woman, that she will write a book. Book publishers; movie producers; and, other money-grubbing opportunists may see Skank as profitable, if she is given a "break". Defense attorneys may see a lot of money to be made by a "high profile" appellate fight in the future. We all laugh, of course, and tell ourselves that Jodi Arias will never obtain an appeal; and that she will never walk out of prison a free woman. But let's face facts:-- Who would have thought back in May of 2013 that we would be sitting here in December of 2014 with Jodi Arias' trial still on-going, and no sentence having been handed down, and the end of this nightmare not even close at-hand? This is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the normal course of events for a murder trial, not even for a capital murder trial. 
Will this travesty of justice play itself out until the bitter end, or will a mistrial of the penalty phase be called before the decision of "Life or Death" even goes before the jury? As of the end of this year, 2014, there are currently three "escape routes" which have been engineered by JA & Co., and enabled by JSS, who has allowed them to move forward, without any ruling to-date, nor even any discouragement, since normally a competent judge would put a stop to so many frivolous motions continually being filed so repetitively by a defense team run-amok who has transparently been "gaming the system", for over a year, in order to delay & disrupt the trial proceedings, in the hopes that either the State backs down, or a mistrial is called by a judicial joke whom they know that they can manipulate. Frivolous motions are not legal, and can result in "contempt of court" citations, but not when JSS is in there to be "had" via "ex-partying". These outstanding DP "exits" which Skank has pushed hard include:--
1.) Jodi Arias' motion that the DP be taken "off-the-table" because she cannot get a fair trial, in her words, now that the COA has ruled that she can no longer testify in secret, because it is a violation of the US Constitution. JA & Co. may well argue before the AZ Supreme Court that JSS made a promise to JA that she could testify in secret in a sealed trial proceeding, and that because the COA over-turned JSS's decision (because it was illegal... i.e. this judge had no right to make such a promise)-- but that JA who trusted the judge, is now in an untenable position, and fearful of testifying any further. Ludicrous, I know, yet... the AZ Supreme Court would uphold the COA decision, imo, but there is an "ugly wart" in this mess to be dealt with:-- What happens when a judge makes a promise to a defendant, that the defendant relies upon, but which a higher court says can no longer be used or upheld, because that ruling should have never been made, in the first place? JA & Co. may be waiting to see how this next motion plays out, before they decide whether or not to appeal to a higher court:-- 
2.) Jodi Arias' motion that the DP be taken "off-the-table" because Juan Martinez & Det. Flores, they claim, engaged in misconduct and tampered with computer evidence as it relates to "porn" that they allege was on Travis Alexander's computer. Jodi Arias maintains that there was "porn" on Travis Alexander's computer and that the State hid that evidence from the defendant & from the last jury, and that had the last jury known about the "porn" that they would have believed that she was not a liar, and that they might have found for a lesser charge. Of course, I don't buy any of it, to be frank:-- for Skank has "crowed" (via her Twitter Dope) that she got hold of this "evidence" when JSS wrongly-- (because the US Supreme Court has upheld that once a defendant was granted "Pro Se" & turns it down, that the judge is no longer obliged to grant a 2nd request for self-representation in order to avoid a defendant repeatedly disrupting the trial proceedings)-- granted her a 2nd "Pro Se", and also, it is highly probably, imo, that her PI Dorian Bond & Bryan ("Eyeball"-guy) Neumeister & his cronies, have themselves tampered with the evidence in such a way as to misrepresent what really occurred when Travis Alexander's computer was shown to Skank's first defense team & when clones were initially created. However, this is a bloody hornet's nest... and worse, it still remains unresolved. Neumeister has refused to hand over evidence to the State, and the State cannot reproduce his "findings", and moreover, we do not know who planted" any such "porn" on Travis Alexander's computer, in the first place. Skank probably did it herself, for she "knew" it was there. How did she "know" it was there? Something stinks... i.e. something reeks of corruption. But, unless the State's computer experts can prove that Neumeister & Co. fiddled the results, we have a problem of looming suspicion casting doubt on the State; and unhappily, it does not help that JSS has ordered Neumeister to hand over his clones/images/raw data/etc. to the State on more than one occasion; but that he refuses to do so and also, that JA & Co. refuse to co-operate, and shockingly, JSS does nothing, absolutely nothing about their contempt of court. This is when and where other judges-- i.e. competent judges-- would indeed cite both Neumeister and JA & Co. in "contempt of court". What will JSS's ruling be on this motion? She may wish to "kick-the-can-down-the-road" in anticipation of this next request by the convicted murderer:--
3.) Jodi Arias' request (sealed motion) that another judge, Judge Joseph Kreamer, dismiss the DP in the Omnibus Hearing on February 6th, 2015. Nobody seems to know why JSS permitted Skank to join this group of defendants, none of whom have faced trial and none of whom are in the same category as Skank:-- i.e. none of them have been convicted of 1st degree premeditated murder. Nobody seems to know why JSS has not been scrutinized by the AZ Judiciary, and/or by the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct, and/or by the AZ Media, for that matter, for delaying the final penalty re-trial, originally scheduled to begin on July 18th, 2013, and of which she stated would be completed by December 18th, 2014; but now, there is no end in sight to this mockery of our justice system. Nobody seems to know why JSS has spent the entire last 17 months coddling Skank, a convicted murderer, in illegal "ex-parte" meetings; sealed hearings & sealed documents run-amok; and, postponements in violation of the AZ Victim's Bill of Rights. What is JSS's relationship with Judge Joseph Kreamer, regarding this Omnibus Hearing? Has she intervened with him by attempting to persuade him to grant Jodi Arias' request? Have they discussed Jodi Arias' request to take the DP "off-the-table", in the event that JSS is forced to strike down the prior two motions, mentioned above, if and when Juan Martinez shows there is no legal foundation to JA & Co.'s frivolous motions?
Today, there exists these three worrisome hurdles which must be overcome in order that Jodi Arias is ever to even face the possibility of this jury deciding whether or not to give her the Death Penalty, and they are all out there, awaiting rulings in 2015. Meanwhile, we have been focused on Jodi Arias' charlatan-hired guns who are willing to perjure themselves on behalf of this grotesque, cold-blooded killer. For make no mistake about it:-- the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is not being told in the courtroom-- not even close. It's a con. Of course, the irony in this charade, is that the last quack that the jury heard before they were dismissed for the Christmas holiday, was Dr. Richard Geffner, Alyce LaToilette's close pal, who laughably tried to uphold & support LaToilette's sheer-and-utter lunatic "Domestic Violence Victim" BS, and ergo to paint the victim, Travis Alexander, as manipulative & abusive, when it was obviously Skank who was proven to be manipulative & abusive to the extreme:-- to such an extreme that she gutted Travis Alexander to death, in a heinous, depraved, and cruel manner. Juan Martinez, so valiantly, has attempted to object to this fraud, over the course of the last week, but has all too often been over-ruled & hamstrung too. JSS has even allowed Dr. "Guff" Geffner to vomit this venal hearsay by Matt McCartney, Skank's criminal cohort, who was willing to lie for her, and who was also allegedly involved in helping the psycho-killer, prior to the initial guilt phase of the trial, forge the fake pedophile letters that the State proved were falsehoods:--
""Out of the sizzle. Geff explains that Matts description of ‪#‎JodiArias‬ included "she wasn't manipulative, not aggressive or abusive" - Wild About Trial, December 17th, 2014, 10:30 am
Not manipulative? Not aggressive? Not abusive? This deception represents orwellian sophistry of the basest kind. Simply untrue & unsubstantiated, and if JSS would allow the entirety of the incriminating evidence against the convicted murderer to be exposed, which she hasn't to-date, and she won't, then these dishonest claims would be debunked! And what about JSS's demeanour in the courtroom? ... Well, for goodness sakes, she couldn't even manage to hide her own unprofessional glee as Dr. "Guff" Geffner & Willmott were spinning their web-of-lies:--
"Judge Stephens twirls her glasses around as the excitement of past #JodiArias relationship talk continues with Geff and Jennifer." - Wild About Trial, December 17th, 11:43 am
And, when there were breaks in the trial proceedings, the twitter-reporters indicated that as soon as the jury would leave the courtroom, and were out of sight & out of earshot, that this kind of rude & disrespectful stuff would occur. Jodi Arias' body-language & movement is quite different when the jury is present versus when they are absent:--
"Jury is gone. Everyone is laughing, not sure why. Counsel proached and is sizzling. Maria and #JodiArias are huddling." - Wild About Trial, December 17th, 12:01 pm
No manipulation by Jodi Arias going on? Pshaw! Don't make me laugh! Alas, yesterday, the last day of the trial proceedings before Christmas, and all around the courtroom there was even more manipulation to be had, which was initiated by the convicted murderer herself, Jodi Arias, who did this:--
"#JodiArias did a two handed praying pose this time as the jury came in." - Wild About Trial, December 18th, 9:25 am
A "praying pose" for judge & jury:-- that's manipulation of the most cynical kind; and some might even say, the most blasphemous kind too. Such manipulation has worked its magic on this weak-minded judge, JSS. Will it work on the jury, if they are ever allowed to deliberate the sentencing verdict? Will the jury ever even make the final decision regarding Jodi Arias' sentence? At this rate, out of the 16 jurors left, how many will make it to the end, if a mistrial isn't called beforehand? We won't know until sometime down the road in 2015... and, it's been a long, long road to get to now. It's really been a long, long, long way from that Estrella jail talent contest held in December 2011, that this manipulative psychopath, Jodi Arias, actually won by singing "Oh Holy Night", before she exposed herself as a cunning, manipulative, remorseless psycho-killer-cum-pathological liar on the witness stand. And lest we forget, another year has come and gone that the victims, the Alexanders, and the AZ taxpayers, and the public too, have not seen justice done. This isn't justice. It's injustice.
Justice 4 Travis in 2015.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Posted by: Juan Martinez Prosecutor Support Page (Facebook)

Jurors Ask Questions to Jodi Arias Defense Witness “Sexpert” Dr. Michio Fonseca

Published on Dec 2, 2014
Dr. Michio Fonseca, Jodi Arias’ first defense witness in the penalty phase retrial, has described herself as an expert in “unconventional sexual proclivities.” She testified earlier that Travis lived a double life, abused Jodi, used her for sex, and that Jodi suffered in silence. Jurors got the chance to ask this witness questions. 

One of the questions asked was “What was the trigger for Travis’s anger?” and this was referring to the last argument they had where Travis had harsh words for Jodi and it's possible that this was actually the triggering event for Jodi to commit the murder (click here to see: Fonseca responded that she nor Jodi knew what the trigger was for Travis. A popular theory is that this was the time when Jodi played the phone sex tape to Travis and attempted to blackmail him with it. The argument & harsh words was Travis' reaction, letting it out on Jodi. If true & that was the cause of Travis' trigger, then of course that’s something Jodi would never admit to.

Another juror asked if the dynamics of the relationship would change if Jodi did catch Travis viewing child porn. This suggests that the juror might be giving credence to the story and that could favor the defense. On the other hand it could suggest that the juror might find it irrelevant to the murder if even true and that could favor the prosecution.

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"Judge SS." Written by: Edie Morse.

ja's wearing her new glasses that someone(s) that supports her bought for her after she sold the glasses that she wore during the first trial.

A closer look at the glasses that someone(s) that supports ja bought for her.  (Posted in an earlier post on this blog is the "tweet" by the person that bought the glasses that ja wore during her first trial.)

How did ja get her other pair of glasses out of the jail for them to be sold on a website that her and her family endorses?  Did ja pay for the first pair of glasses that she wore to trial?  If not, did "The State of AZ?"  How is what's going on legal for a convicted murderer to do?  She's a convicted murderer.  She's VERY dangerous.  WHY isn't she being treated like the dangerous murderer that she is?    

Off topic! of the ja case....The "Jon-Adrian "JJ" Velazquez" case. Is he innocent or guilty??? Has the system failed him?

The "Jon-Adrian "JJ" Velazquez" case.  

'I've Been Dragged Through Gates of Hell,' Says Man Jailed for Murder

Conviction: A reporter's 10-year quest for answers in a little-known murder case

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