Thursday, December 25, 2014

ja in THE tee shirt Photo by: Kim Lapara David

On the back of that tee shirt it says, "Be Better Blog," the name of TA's blog.   

IF TA would have had the tee shirt made to advertise his blog, why does it look like ja took a selfie from TA's PC?  Is this more proof of the shenanigans that ja pulled during one of her many times that she sneaked into TA's home, sneaked into his bedroom, and sneaked onto his PC?  If TA had this tee shirt made to advertise his blog, why wouldn't he have taken a picture of the back of the tee shirt?  It was said that TA had a friend that designed shirts.  The mess above was not done by any professional.  ja couldn't even get the letters straight on the items that SHE, herself, put on items of clothing to make it out like she belonged to TA.  This is another weak and failed attempt to make it out like TA was in love with her.  IMO, ja made this mess herself, took the selfie in TA's home on one of the many occasions that she sneaked into his home by way of his doggie door, and it didn't impress TA.  Clearly TA didn't post it on his blog to advertise it.