Monday, November 30, 2015

Claims that a juror fell in love with ja...

EXCLUSIVE: Juror in the Jodi Arias trial fell in love with murderess and held out against the death penalty, claims prosecutor - who also discloses she had knives, condoms and a gun in her car

Nancy Grace's interview with squirmy Nurmi

Monday, November 23, 2015

Motion to Disqualify The Court of Appeals....

"squirmy" nurmi's latest look. He talks about his new book...the interview.

Media that is covering the gossip about JM's and "squirmy" nurmi's books.

Article written by:  Michael Kiefer, The Republic/

He calls it:  ja prosecutor, defense attorney retry case in the bookstore.

Don't let the heading fool you.  Opinions aren't facts!  

There IS another "sitting" Prosecutor that is writing a book about the case where he was the prosecutor on the case.  The "sitting" Prosecutor for the high profiled case dubbed "The Facebook Murders" is writing a book about that case.... (Information on that is in another post on this blog.)  

A Prosecutor is not bound by the AZ ABA Code of Ethics Rule:  Attorney/Client confidentiality.  The defense attorneys "client" in a criminal trial is not the Prosecutor's "client."  

From what I've read pertaining to Juan Martinez writing a book about the ja case...Juan Martinez KNOWS what he can/can't put in his book regarding the case.  I think that he knows more about what he's doing than the people writing articles, blogging, posting opinions vs facts, etc...know.   It's very, very, very doubtful that JM'S book will contain anything in it that was "sealed" by the Judge.  He's NOT stupid!  

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Prosecutors for the ja and the Facebook Murders case write books.

Juan Martinez, Prosecutor, in the jodi arias trial wrote a book about that case that will be released in Jan-Feb of 2016.  

In the case of the "Facebook Murders" the Prosecutor is writing a book.  

In both cases, the jodi arias and the Facebook Murders cases, the Judges have denied the defense attorneys motions to stop the Prosecutors from writing books about their cases.  In both cases, the defendants have not exhausted their appeals.  The Prosecutors, in both cases, are "sitting" Prosecutors.   Both cases are high profiled cases.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

wilmott filed a motion to withdrawal from $kank's case.

This is a motion that wilmott filed to withdrawal from $kank's case.  

Motion filed...under seal.

Margaret Green, a public defender, appeal attorney, is listed on this Motion as being $kank's attorney for her appeal.   

The judge residing over this Motion is the Honorable Sam Myers.  Judge Myers hasn't been a Criminal Judge for very long.  

Prosecutor Paul Ahler has many years of experience as a Prosecuting Attorney.  Mr. Ahler has been given awards for his outstanding work.  

It appears that ja will be going up against yet another good prosecutor, that has years of experience under his belt as a Prosecutor.  

Lolololol good riddance to $kank!  

Monday, October 12, 2015

Re ja's Appeal: Motion

Maria De La Rosa Talks PTSD And Domestic Violence With Real Entertainment News.

It's UNBELIEVABLE, the nerve of this woman!  

If she's adding ja to her list of "women" that she's worked with that has PTSD she is FULL of it.  She doesn't have any degree in any psychiatric field.   The JURY found ja guilty of 1st degree murder.  They didn't buy the defense team's claim that ja has PTSD.  Get over it!

2 Minutes for Travis. Jodi Arias Murder Trial By: TheTawniDilly

2 Minutes for Travis. Jodi Arias Murder Trial  By: TheTawniDilly

It's my opinion that this part of the trial is where the most powerful "statement" was made.  JM had everyone sit quietly for the 2+ minutes that it took for ja to murder Travis Alexander.   Brilliantly done by JM.  

It makes you see what a person can do in that length of time.  Until you have to sit quietly for 2+ minutes, you really don't think of it as a long time.  It was a long and very horrifying time for Travis Alexander.  For those long 2+ minutes, Travis Alexander wasn't sitting quietly.  He was fighting for his life.    

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fight over Jodi Arias murder trial leads to vicious West Seattle assault

Fight over Jodi Arias murder trial leads to vicious West Seattle assault

SEATTLE — Passions about the Jodi Arias murder trial must run really high. She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing her ex-boyfriend. It got a lot of national media coverage, and even spurred an attack in West Seattle.
On July 19 at about 11:47 p.m., a man was standing outside of Talaricos Bar and Restaurant at 4718 California Av SW in Seattle.
Detectives say Roman Benninghoven-Salado approached him and they started a conversation about the “Jodi Arias” murder trial.
Police say Roman got angry about a comment made by the victim, so he threw him to the ground and struck him multiple times with his fists and feet. The victim sustained a facial fracture and multiple lacerations as a result of the assault.

There is now a FELONY WARRANT for Roman’s arrest. If you know where police can find him, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.
All calls are anonymous and there is a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to his arrest.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

george barwood's letter to an AZ Judge regarding mcstabby

WARNING:  Reading the letter below may cause excessive vomiting or excessive laughing.  It depends on how you take it. 

george barwood NEVER stops!  He spews stupidity and lies all over the internet, used mcstabby's case to get his five minutes of fame, and has now taken it to another level by harassing an AZ Judge with his vomit.  

This is a joke and george barfwood is a joke!   

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Top Secret Project called: Identity Unknown. By: Joseph Scott Morgan

This has nothing to do with ja or anyone involved with ja.  I'm an avid watcher of "true crime" television shows, and like a lot of people, that is how I got involved with watching and following the ja saga.  This looks like it could be a HUGE HIT if the guy goes through with putting it out there for the public to see as either a series or it's own channel on television.  

I'm asking everyone to look at the link that I've provided below to watch the FIRST SNEAK PREVIEW of what might be the next TOP "true crime" television channel or series called:  Identity Unknown."  Please let Joseph Scott Morgan (You can find him on Facebook-link below) know what you think.  Thanks!!!  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Plea Deal that ja wanted but the Alexanders and "The State of AZ" said: "NO DEAL"

This is the "behind the scenes "Plea Deal" that IT asked for and wanted....Second Degree IT a chance to be released some day. This is why the Alexanders said "NO DEAL!"

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Untold Story of How I Put Jodi Arias Behind Bars By Author: Juan Martinez

Link to the sale of the book: 

Book will be released on:  January 5, 2016.

Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars Kindle Edition 

Another movie about this case to be aired on Aug 16, 2015.

Another movie about this case.  How many are there going to be made pertaining to one case???

This movie airs on Aug 16, 2015.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Donald Trump: Arias 'guilty as hell!'

Donald Trump: Arias 'guilty as hell!'

Monday, June 22, 2015

Team Travis wins again! Restitution Hearing is over!

The Restitution Hearing is over and the Alexander family will be reimbursed for some of their traveling expenses.  The Restitution Hearing is NOT the Civil Case for the "Wrongful Death Suit."  

The defense attorney tried to go after the Alexanders by asking for a report about the donations that they received.  Word...IT IS NONE OF JW'S OR JA'S BUSINESS!


Friday, June 19, 2015

The Death Penalty Alternatives for AZ are using the ja trials for their cause. Terrible!

 Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona:

A list of some of the things that anti-Death Penalty advocates are notorious for using to try and abolish the Death Penalty.  

In this case:  It's about AZ.  



Peitzmeyer: Capital punishment is a spiritual and psychological burden

The Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona advocates USE the largest Church in the World's religion:  "Catholicism."  

Catholic Mobilizing Network 
To End The Use of The Death Penalty


A conservative shift on the death penalty

Marc Hyden, above, and Dan Peitzmeyer (below) might not agree on many political issues, but the conservative Hyden and left-leaning Peitzmeyer agree capital punishment, is bad public policy.

6/8/2015 6:01:00 AM

By Doug McMurdo
Note: This is the second story in a series on the death penalty and its future in Arizona and the U.S. There is a growing movement from organizations across the political spectrum that seeks to abolish the ultimate punishment.

Both groups share an amazingly similar platform in arguing against the death penalty, ranging from the risk of killing an innocent person, to the excessive costs associated with trying a death penalty case, to the cruel manner in which the victim's survivors are continuously notified of the killer's appeals status.

"It's like a scab we keep picking open," said Peitzmeyer. "That is cruel and unusual punishment for the survivors."

"Every survivor I've talked to says the system is broken," said Hyden. "If we just locked them up and threw away the key, they'd go away and be forgotten. There is no closure because the victim is still dead. The victim will always be dead."

^Every survivor?  IMO, he doesn't get out in the real World too often.  MOST of the survivors that I've talked to and/or have read their stories about someone viciously murdering their loved one(s) have stated that there's no such thing as "locking them up and throwing away the key," and that they DON'T go away to be forgotten.  

Welcome to the Real World fellow! The Death Penalty isn't about revenge.  The Death Penalty is about Justice.  In YOUR perfect little World there's never been an escape from prison, survivors threatened by the murderers of their loved ones, and once a murderer goes to prison they put on rose colored glasses and all of the murderers in there live quietly together and sing songs about love and peace all day long every day.  smh....

"High Profiled Trials"

In this particular usage:

The ja trials.

Reading over this BS this guy wrote in his article...this is what I got from it.  

1.  He "took" the "word" from someone in the media about how much it "might" have cost to defend ja, at face value.  (The media said it's true so it has to be true lol...After all, the media never lies right?  cough, cough.)  It could have cost AZ more than $3 million to defend her but that's not the point I'll make here.  
    He didn't ask the media for documents on how much it cost for her defense.  WHY?  He's trying to make the Prosecutors Office look like the bad guy to get more supporters for his cause:  to abolish the DP in AZ.  Anti-death penalty advocates have been playing this game for years.  This isn't the first case nor will it be the last case that they'll try it on either.  I did notice that they have "jumped on the media wagon" and are using this case, more so, than what they have tried using other cases in the past that is on their site.      
2.  He called Mr. Montgomery a liar when he stated a price on what it cost to prosecute ja.  He wants documents, proof.  I'm sure that someone will get a hold of that information and make it go viral.  When he gets that, I'd like to see documents of every dime shelled out for ja's defense and her appeals.  ja not only had the Public Defenders Office working on her case, she also had a privatized, costly, "death penalty qualified" attorney and his entire staff working on her case.  Let's not forget about the mitigation specialist/smuggler.  I'd LOVE to see ALL of those documents, receipts, on how much of what the defense made actually went on ja's defense.  Not really lol...just proving my point here.  
    While this man is wanting documents/proof from people...He should be considering that ja and most likely with help from someone(s) a part of team trash has hidden money for years during her incarceration that could've/should've went towards her very expensive trials, that she brought on herself by committing First Degree Murder.  I'd like to see the Federal and State(s) tax papers that ja and/or her family should have filed, every single year, since she's been incarcerated regarding ja's "art" business.  I read a report, via the media(yes, them again lol) that her "artwork" business was making quite the profit.  ja told someone in the media(that article is posted on this blog somewhere) that she had a "art" business before she got herself arrested for murdering an innocent man and that she would continue running her "artwork" business while incarcerated.  Where's the Court's documents stating what ja's business has made and might still be making?  I'd think that anyone claiming indigent status, yet is a business owner, would have to verify all of their income to the Court as it comes in.    

When these ant-death penalty advocates are done getting all of that...I wish that him and his team would PLEASE ENLIGHTEN EVERYONE AS TO WHY JA WAS ON TRIAL.  The Prosecutors Office DIDN'T murder anyone...ja DID.  The Prosecutors Office didn't have to "settle" for anything less than going for the DP.  It doesn't matter whether or not they got a jury to sentence her to death or not.  It was the Prosecutors Office that had the say and they made the call to go for the death penalty.    


   The Arizona Republic estimated that Arias’s defense alone cost taxpayers $3 million — twice what it is estimated it would have cost the state to lock her up without parole if she lived 60 more years (EJ Montini column, March 12, 2015).   

Commentary: Taxpayers deserve to know true cost of Arias prosecution

Posted: Saturday, May 2, 2015 12:32 pm

Fatal Females: Jodi Arias and Michelle Burgess By: Crimes & Crimes

Fatal Females: Jodi Arias and Michelle Burgess

Crimes & Crime

First link is video:  Fatal Females:  ja and michelle burgess.

Published on May 26, 2015
Fatal Females who prey on unsuspecting men. Jodi Arias killed her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander then try to cover up the crime with lie after lie. Michelle Burgess contract a hit man to kill her lover's wife.

More Crime Channels and Video Links:



60 MINUTES: Gerard Baden Clay - The Wife Killer:

IN COLD BLOOD: Who Killed Kristine?:


48 Hours: The Trials of Cal Harris:



48 HOURS: The Murder of Lynn Schockner:

20/20 The Girl in the Shower:

20/20 The Hunch:

SNAPPED: Martha Pineda:

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SNAPPED: Michelle Reynolds:

SNAPPED: Amy Bosley:

SNAPPED: Cynthia George:

Crocodile Tears:






On the case with Paula Zahn - Murder at Loose Chippings:

On the Case with Paula Zahn - Race To Judgment:

Saturday, June 13, 2015

maria de la rosa's stupidity and ignorance shines though once again!

Here mdl is, once again, calling someone names, and once again she's showing her lack of intelligence, lack of professionalism, and lack of understanding.    

ja's life behind bars Photo Credit: Troll Troopers


America's Most Notorious Criminals Magazine By: Crime Classics Photos Credited to Kim Lapara David

Photos Credit:  Kim Lapara David 

Facebook Group:
 Jodi Arias is a Psychopath..NOTHING ELSE!

Paying It Forward-Edited Picture of Travis Alexander.

Arizona State Bar investigating complaint filed against prosecutor Juan Martinez in Jodi Arias case. By: ABC15 AZ

There's a lot of speculation going around about who made a complaint to the Arizona State Bar about Juan Martinez.  Most are pointing their fingers at team tra$h arias as being the culprits.  In the arias trial, it so happens that behind every lie told team tra$h(ja and her supporters) were behind them.  

Arizona State Bar investigating complaint filed against prosecutor Juan Martinez in Jodi Arias case

Friday, June 12, 2015

Nurmi's BS!

Someone needs to set this liar straight as well as Wilmott!  The taxpayers of AZ didn't appoint him and her as ja's attorneys to LIE for her and assist her in the lies that she told.  Slandering the good name of an innocent man, a victim of a vicious murderer, is NOT the legal or moral way of defending a client. 

In the words of MANY J4T supporters when they read nurmi's BS:  TOO LATE!  

Tanisha Sorenson, TA's sister, shared her thoughts about jodi arias. By: UTTUMT's

UTTUMT's will be featuring one Alexander at a time starting June 11, 2015.

Deanna Reid's Messages. By: UTTUMT

"Understanding The Travesties of Unexpected Murder Trials" is a page on Facebook that is very dedicated to Travis Alexander, his loved ones, and those that fought for Justice for Travis.