Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The amount ja was spending on herself for canteen.

ja's Twitter fiend posted this:  Jodi spent about $100/wk or $400/mo on canteen & averaged over 30 visits/wk @ $5/visit or $150/wk or $600/mo. That means...

Until she was cut off recently for breaking the rules again.  They also tweeted that she's hungry.  Their queen isn't going to starve.  

One would think that someone claiming to care about getting enough money for an attorney for her appeal wouldn't spend so much money on herself, like she's been doing.  Who are they kidding?  It's ja they talk about.  She doesn't care about anyone except for herself.   

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Are the authorities in Maricopa County investigating who gave SJ, a ja supporter, the names of the 11 jurors that voted for the DP?

Are the authorities in Maricopa County investigating "who" gave the 11 jurors names to a ja supporter, SJ, that runs JAII.com, that put the 11 jurors names on his site after the hung jury?  There's only THREE people on ja's defense team(her side) that knew the names of ALL of the jurors before the hung jury; her two attorneys and her mitigation specialist(mdl), that could have given ja or ja's supporter, SJ, the names of the jurors.  No one else, except for people of the court(excluding the media, trial watchers, family members, and everyone else that weren't privy to having that information) would have had access to those names.  Those names were supposed to be confidential information.  IMO, only someone(s) on the defense team that have that information would have given it to ja or to SJ.  My question is this, since I don't live in AZ and I lack "freetime" to look the information up.  Is it legal in AZ for someone(s) on the defense team to give a convicted murderer, ja, the names of the jurors that served during her trials?  I wouldn't think that the AZ law would allow for a convicted murderer to have access to jurors names at any given time because of how some murderers have reacted in a harmful and very dangerous manner towards other members of the court over their convictions.  IMO, if ja was the one that gave SJ that information, it was one of the three on her defense team that gave it to her.  I couldn't see any other member of the court that was privy to that information giving that information to ja or SJ.  It is illegal for whomever it was that gave up those names to start with, for them to be posted on JAII.com.  I sure hope that the authorities in Maricopa County investigate it and penalize the person(s) that put that information into the hands of SJ.      

“Tough Love” – Saving Private Jodi (March 20) By: Amanda Chen & Rob Roman

What a tangled web some choose to weave.  They are doing it ALL for a murderer, habitual liar, manipulator, narcissistic sociopath, thief, cheater, etc...a person that is PURE EVIL.  WHY???  Why would ANYONE want to be affiliated with someone like ja that doesn't have to be?  The excuses that many of her supporters use for supporting her doesn't make sense because most of the reasons they are using to support her are based on LIES made up by ja.  I can not comprehend how any adult, especially the ones that are parents, grandparents, and/or are adults that are supposed to be role models for children can justify supporting ja and all of her wickedness, and think that they are a good role model for any child.  When it comes to many of ja's supporters, it's not just about them "thinking" that the system failed ja and didn't give her a fair trial(which she did get a fair trial).  Many of her supporters think that her murdering TA was justified by her lying saying she killed him in self defense...and those that believe her lies(idiots)want her out on the streets someday.  That is very disturbing out of those of them that want her out on the streets someday, after everything she's done and that she still continues to do to people.  ja is a very dangerous person.  The sooner they realize just how dangerous that ja is, the easier it will be for them to drop her like a hot potato and support REAL victims.


“Tough Love” – Saving Private Jodi (March 20)

By:  Amanda Chen & Rob Roman


The Pyrrhic Victory By: Edie Morse

The Pyrrhic victory...
“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.” - Virginia Woolf
“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” - AndrĂ© Malraux
Theirs was a pyrrhic victory... the corruption, the lies, and the misery that Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS) allowed the convicted murderer & her unethical defense team (JA & Co.) to commit over the past several years will not be remembered kindly. JSS and JA & Co. saved the brutal butcher's worthless life. But, at what cost? I'm not talking about the over $3 Million taxpayer dollars squandered on Jodi Arias, for her defense costs alone (not including the Court Costs, the Prosecution Costs, the Security & Transport Costs for over 120 "visits" to the Courtroom by the butcher, thus far, following the hung jury, in May 2013). I'm talking about the cost to the reputation of our criminal justice system, when an incompetent, biased, and corrupt judge undermines the truth and justice.
Jodi Arias smirked & smiled, hugging her unscrupulous defense team; Maria "Smuggler" De La Rosa's face nearly shattered, her smile cracked so loudly; Jennifer Willmott smugly rode off into the sunset, until she roped Troy Hayden into regurgitating her propaganda (i.e. she knew there was a stealth juror, but figured that was Juan Martinez's problem, if he didn't know it); and, Kirk Nurmi skulked out of the courtroom crowing about his "victory" in saving the sordid & squalid life of a cold-hearted, sado-narcissistic, savage killer who stabbed Travis Alexander 29 times (9 times in the back); she sawed & slashed his throat, nearly beheading him; and, then she dragged his dead corpse back to the shower, and shot him in the head, in her final hateful act of vicious annihilation. Was the self-proclaimed "Goddess" smiling her evil, defiant "Gotcha' Brat" sneer, when she stood over his dead body that she had mutilated like a blood-sucking vulture?
"Victory"? I don't think so... In point of fact, the "mot juste" would instead be a "Disgrace". What was the so-called "judge", JSS, thinking over the past two years, as she did almost everything but hand over her robe & gavel to JA & Co.? JSS let the convicted butcher set the time-table for the sentencing phase, although that was in violation of the AZ Victims' Bill of Rights. JSS pandered to Skank in secretive "ex-parte" meetings, outwith the presence of Juan Martinez & the Alexanders, in violation of the AZ Code of Judicial Conduct. JSS even violated the US Constitution by conducing the sentencing phase trial proceedings in secret... sealing over 120 documents; sealing many hearings; and, even doing what no decent judge ever does:-- letting Skank testify in a closed, sealed hearing, shutting out the public & the media... i.e. this was the stuff of fascist regimes, not criminal trials conducted in the USA.
When Jodi Arias, Kirk Nurmi, Jennifer Willmott, and Maria "Smuggler" De La Rosa, decided that they were almost ready for final penalty re-trial, then JSS relented and deigned to commence the Voir Dire process in October of 2014. Did it matter to this callous judge that the victims' lives were put on hold, and that they were forced to wait for over a year and seven months, before they could even begin to see justice done? NO. Did it matter to this foolish judge that Jodi Arias is a pathological liar & money-grubbing control-freak, who was exploiting social media in order to taunt the Alexanders & run fraudulent financial scams? NO. Did it matter to this reckless judge that JA & Co. were spending taxpayer monies like there was no tomorrow? NO. JSS may be a nice lady... fun to have over for Margaritas & Quesadillas, but she is no decent judge. Jodi Arias has gamed the system, until she broke its' neck, much like she did Travis Alexander's.
What occurred in the aftermath of the hung jury, last 2013? Where do I start? One could write an entire book to enumerate Skank's attention-getting scams:-- she started June 2013 with "Social Media-Gate", vomiting that she was wrongfully convicted & that she would go free on appeals... hence beginning to sell her worthless junk-"art" that isn't fit to use to wipe toilets; she started selling her cheap, ugly "Justice4Jodi" plastic wrist-bands, only purchased by the brain-dead, hence I suspect her Auntie $hrew has cartons of them left in her basement... perhaps she can re-cycle them. Then we had Skank's bogus "JAA Appeals Fund" scam, although the killer has exploited an "indigent" status, bilking the AZ taxpayers. We were treated to "Book Club-Gate"; "Use Travis' Name to Torment the Alexanders-Gate"; "Hepatitis-C-Gate"; "'Sheriff Joe Don't Treat Me Right'-Gate"; "Fire Kirk Numi-Gate"; "Amicus Curiae-Gate"; "St. Jude's Donation-Gate"; "Smuggle-Gate"; "Pro Se-Gate"; "Private Investigator-Gate"; "Tamper with Travis Alexander's Computer-Gate"; and, over a dozen or so "Mistrial Motion-Gates", etc. etc. etc. ... so ludicrous in their arguments, that even this hapless judge had to turn them down. Skank threatened to have Juan Martinez murdered if she got the Death Penalty:-- let us just hope that she's called off her attack dogs & rescinded her fatwa death threat against the prosecutor, now that she's "won" Life.
All this coddling & babying of Skank by JSS??? My goodness gracious. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy... all of whom had IQs superior to Skank... would all doff their hats to the self-professed "Goddess".:-- What other convicted murderer in modern history has been so able to manipulate a gullible, amateurish judge and a disreputable defense team into doing her bidding? What "magic touch" does this psychopath employ in order to have gamed the system, such that the law was trampled asunder; the truth about her buried; malicious lies manufactured to trash the victim, Travis Alexander, as well as the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, allowed to triumph when they should have been scorned ; and, corruption run rampant, such that eventually, even a stealth juror was permitted to de-rail the process? JSS needs to take a good, long look in the mirror... and, she needs to be honest with herself, for a change... because, she's failed miserably, and whilst she might fool the AZ media shills; and, she might fool her colleagues in the AZ judiciary; and, as a result, she might fool the AZ voters too, in 2016 when she's up for re-election-- but, she doesn't fool the rest of us. And therefore, having failed the victims, she needs to come clean:-- she needs to release everything that has been sealed to-date, and she ought to resign from office. She has no business being a judge. Perhaps, she can seek a career as a social worker, and can help Jodi Arias, in Perryville Prison, becoming her Agony Aunt, since Auntie $hrew will have probably "made off" with whatever $$$ are left in their revolting JAA Appeals Fund shelter shell-game.
Jodi Arias is thrilled to death (or should I say, to have avoided "death"):-- she beat Juan Martinez... but, she only did so, because the judge was incompetent & prejudiced in favor of JA & Co. ... and because her defense team acted in an unethical manner. What luck! Skank didn't "hit the jackpot" by trapping Travis Alexander into marriage... so she gutted him to death; nearly decapitated him; and then, shot him in the head, for good measure. She did "hit the jackpot" with JSS, however. Was there any special treatment that JSS did not grant to Skank? 'Tis true, that Nurmi's Perpetual Motion Machine didn't always churn out the best quality of motions, and hence, when JSS took his "mistrial motions" off-line, they were denied. But, when Nurmi wouldn't take "NO" for an answer in the courtroom, JSS caved into his whims.. making certain that he could malign everybody in sight whilst mendaciously painting Skank as "victim":-- the truth was turned upside-down & inside-out. JSS can't make good decisions "real-time":-- That may be okay in Traffic Court, where fixing parking tickets for pals, ain't such a big deal, albeit unethical-- but, it's disastrous in a criminal court judge, who is expected to make good decisions, "on-the-spot"-- because, we're dealing with justice for the victims of heinous, depraved, and cruel crimes. Jodi Arias brutally butchered Travis Alexander. She is entitled to a fair trial... but, not a biased one to her benefit... and yet, that's exactly what JSS gave to her, as a gift tied up nicely with a golden ribbon of rigging. Does JSS believe Skank's story that she is a "Goddess"? If so, I'd like to see the proof of her immortality? Show me the meat! Not the beefcake... nor, Skank's nauseating cheesecake!
Is there any silver-lining to this travesty of justice which has unfolded in JSS's courtroom, the People's courtroom, over the past few years? By now, my friends, you all know that eleven (11) out of the twelve (12) jurors found for the Death Penalty. You all are aware that one stealth juror, a corrupt, stupid woman, was a "hold-out", refusing even to participate in the deliberations. In the final stage of this ungodly mess, JSS tripped-up & fell, yet again, and thus, she betrayed the very trust of her office as a sitting judge:-- the Foreman had sought out the judge, JSS, and advised her that the belligerent, recalcitrant juror was refusing to participate in the deliberations. He advised JSS-- even providing evidence & facts-- that she would not discuss it... when asked what it would take, in theory, to find for the Death Penalty, this hateful juror would not even answer his question. Worse, she would not even explain to the other 11 jurors why they should vote for Life! Any decent judge would have replaced a juror who violated the law by refusing to engage in deliberations with an alternate. There can be no meeting of the minds without engaging with other people in discussing a case at-hand! It's one thing to stand on principle... that, we can all appreciate. It's quite another issue when a juror sits back and purposely undermines the course of justice, by obstructing a jury deliberation. Standing on principle can be admirable, when there are valid arguments to uphold one's position... By contrast, not listening, not talking, and, not participating is criminal.
JSS needs to come forth and provide an honest explanation to the public as to why she did not replace the stealth juror with an alternate. ... Did JSS really get the result she wanted? Life for Skank? Did JSS rig the entire sentencing phase such that the convicted murderer, JA, would not get the DP? At the final stage, when 11 intelligent jurors, who did their duty, and were prepared to find for the DP, did JSS simply decide better to allow a venal juror to "hold out" and scupper a fair & just verdict, because in so doing, JSS's appalling mis-management of the sentencing phase would then never come under scrutiny by appellate courts? ... JSS slapped those 11 jurors in the face, by refusing to act rightly for a fair deliberation, just as she has done to the Alexanders all the way along ... Remember, had Jodi Arias gotten the DP, then she was entitled to automatic appeals; and, JSS's adjudication over this nightmarish trial would have come under the magnifying glass... and, methinks JSS would not have come out looking so good to her judicial colleagues in the higher courts. JSS can tell herself that she is Lady Bountiful-- but, as we've seen over the course of the last year, neither the AZ Court of Appeals or the AZ Supreme Court agreed with her self-aggrandizing self-assessment:-- i.e. they slapped down her illegal, unconstitutional decision permitting Skank to have a secret trial, in violation of the US Constitution.
JSS is NOT GOD. She is a publically-elected official who owes the citizens of the State of AZ; the victims, the Alexanders; and, the 11 jurors who struggled to do their duty, an explanation. These are the questions that need to be asked of JSS and answered by this deplorable judge, vis-a-vis Skank's stealth juror; JA & Co.'s possible "relationship" with this dishonest juror; and, her own shameful in-action:--
(1) Why did you allow a stealth juror, whose ex-husband had been prosecuted by Juan Martinez, to make the 1st cut, much less the 2nd cut, and god forbid, the final cut? What measures did you undertake to ensure that the Voir Dire process was clean & proper?
(2) What was this stealth juror's relationship with Maria "Smuggler" De La Rosa, a shady so-called "mitigation specialist" who has exceeded her brief, by reportedly smuggling contraband in and out of jail, for Skank, and, who has become the convicted psycho-butcher's pal... via aiding-and-abetting Skank in running her business from Estrella jail... and also, by leaking sealed information to her cronies-'n'-shills in the media? It has been reported that this juror's off-spring is a "friend" with Cougarlicious' off-spring. Were you aware of this?
(3) Did you ask the prosecution & the defense teams if they had any "relationships", past or present, with any of the prospective jurors, during the Voir Dire? If not, why not? Did you care-take to make sure that the prospective jurors & their spouses did not have an "axe to grind" with one side or the other?
(4) Trial watchers noticed that Jodi Arias was having "eye sex" and "smiling" at a particular juror, during the last few weeks of the re-trial. Were you aware of this? If not, why not? It is usual for a convicted murderer, during the penalty phase to have made a "connection" with one of the jurors, and wouldn't this be the cause for concern by the judge?
(5) When the Foreman came forward with evidence to demonstrate that the stealth juror would not even deliberate, why wouldn't you replace this corrupt juror with an alternate? Are you aware that alternates exist to replace a juror who falls ill; or, who cannot continue to deliberate due to an unforeseen eventuality (e.g. accident, death in the family, etc.); and/or, who has violated their rules of engagement (e.g. by refusing to participate in deliberations)? If not, why not?
(6) After the Foreman came forward to express his concerns that the stealth juror was biased, and refused to even discuss the case, weren't you at all concerned that jury tampering might have taken place by JA & Co.? After all, JA & Co. have defrauded the court with lies, perjurious charlatan-witnesses, false affidavits, trumped-up allegations against Juan Martinez, Det. Flores, and, the Mesa, AZ police... Wouldn't you have had any such suspicion about jury tampering, and for the sake of justice, wanted to replace an un-cooperative juror, rather than disrespect those 11 jurors who were trying hard to do right by the justice system? Why did you ignore the plea of the 11 conscientious jurors?
(7) What is your sentiment towards Jodi Arias? Your lame-brain supporters claim that your gross negligence & favoritism towards the convicted psycho-butcher has been calculated to avoid "appeals" in the future. However, isn't a judge's job to uphold the law; to be impartial & fair; and, to do right by ensuring the rights of the defendant, the victims, and, the public alike, are all respected-- and that when the scales of justice are not balanced, but instead, tipped in favor of one side over the other, that right cannot be done, and injustice occurs? Are not you obliged to act rightly, by the law, and then when the defendant files their appeals, as all convicted murderers will do anyway, to let the appellate courts deal with it?
JSS has undermined the course of justice. She allowed an unsavory juror, who refused to do her duty, to remain on the jury, even after having been advised by the Foreman that this slimy juror was in violation of the law, by refusing to deliberate. These entire last few years have exposed JSS's incompetence, her bias, and her corruption. Jodi Arias "won"-- but, it was a pyrrhic victory-- for it was not done fairly... it was not done rightly... it was done in an under-handed, illegal, and, dishonest manner. Rumour has it that the stealth juror will be investigated. That's appropriate, but it does not go far enough. JA & Co. need to be investigated for jury tampering. And I'll go further:-- the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct should be asked to conduct a thorough examination of JSS's conduct over the past few years, in order to determine whether or not that she deserves to be sanctioned, or even asked to resign for judicial misconduct. In my opinion, if JSS had any honour at all, then she would do the honorable thing and sentence Skank to LWOP, and then, she would step down from public office. She will never be able to hide behind her robe of office anymore... for she has disgraced the bench.
As for the 11 jurors who voted for the DP... I commend them for doing their duty. They did not believe JA & Co.'s fraudulent "Trash Travis - Pity Jody - Malign Juan Martinez" BS scam... My thoughts & prayers have always been, and always will be with the Alexander family, whom I hope will take some comfort in the fact that these diligent, honest jurors told the world that they did not believe Jodi Arias, and that their beloved brother, Travis Alexander's reputation has been fully exonerated in the eyes of the world... Juan Martinez and Det. Flores and Dr. Janeen DeMarte did themselves proud and they can hold their heads high. ... And alas, as far as JA & Co. are concerned, they can crow all they like about their so-called "victory"-- but, they are not honored or respected by those of us who care about the Rule of Law and who care about Justice. And, Jodi Arias? She can smirk all she likes, until the day she dies... she can hide behind her lies... nobody will care once the trial is over and she is sentenced and frog-marched off to Perryville prison... for like us all, she is mortal and she too will die someday. She is no "Goddess"... nobody decent ever wanted to marry her... and, nobody decent will ever have anything to do with her again, here on earth, in this life. Travis Alexander's spirit has prevailed... He is beloved by many good people who have come together to fight for Justice4Travis.
Note:-- On April 13th, 2015, JSS will sentence Jodi Arias to LWOP or LWP, and this nightmarish trial will be over. LWOP is the only rightful sentence for JSS to give some peace of mind to the victims, the Alexanders. If crimes were committed during the sentencing phase, may the perpetrators be brought to justice. A Pyrrhic victory, an ugly one was done... a tragic day for our criminal justice system. Alas.

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Juror #17's interview. Videos By: AZCentral News



More on this:


Jodi Arias, an infected mushroom inside prison - un-narrated version Video By: Carl ToersBijns

Jodi Arias, an infected mushroom inside prison - un-narrated version

Carl ToersBijns, former warden in the NM & AZ departments of correction, created a new un-narrated video:--

Finders Credit:  Edie Morse


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Travis Alexander By: Understanding The Travesties of Unexpected Murder Trials aka UTTUMT

THE EXCLUSIVE TRAVIS ALEXANDER ALBUM : PAGE 4 : The Grandmother who took little Travis Alexander in, and raised him with love, kindness and affection
Travis moved in with his grandparents Jim and Norma Sarvey when he was 11 years old. Things were rough at home with his parents, so one day he walked over to his Grandmother’s house and said to her, “I’m going to live with you now.” Travis used to quote Abraham Lincoln when referring to his grandmother changing the quote slightly by saying, “All I am, or can be, I owe to my angel (grand) mother”.

Sadly, she passed away before seeing "Justice For Travis."  May her and Travis dwell in the House of the Lord forever.  

''An incredible human being who made everyone feel special''

Travis Victor Alexander, known as "T-Dog" by his friends, was born July 28, 1977 in Riverside California. He had three brothers and four sisters. His parents were Gary David Alexander (1948–1997), and Gary's third wife, the former Pamela Elizabeth Morgan (1953–2005). Growing up in Riverside, California, his childhood had been rough.

Travis was one of seven children born to parents with drug addictions. Sometimes the family lived in a tent. At other times home was a dilapidated camper in his aunt’s backyard. Often, the children went to bed hungry.

After his father's death, Alexander and his siblings were taken in by their paternal grandmother, Norma Jean Preston Alexander Sarvey (1932–2012), who eventually introduced them to the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

Following his high school graduation in 1995, Alexander served at an LDS mission in Denver Colorado, from the summer of 1996 to September 1998. For Travis, his faith became his salvation. He was devoted to the church and strictly adhered to Mormon values.

Despite his difficult and humble beginnings, Travis, broad-shouldered with bright green eyes and dark hair, was determined to do great things with his life. In 2001, he was hired to join a sales team at Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc., a company that sells legal-service insurance. Using the story of his own childhood struggles as a motivational tool, Travis excelled at the company and was quickly met with financial success as a handsome, young entrepreneur who appeared to have the world at his feet -a lifetime away from his impoverished beginnings.

By his mid-twenties, he owned an upscale five-bedroom home and was driving a BMW.

Travis also worked as a motivational speaker, living each day as if it were his last, with many accomplishments, dreams, travels, and successes.

He was an amazing individual who sought out to save the world with his positive influence, his motivational speaking and his writings. He was well on his way to making all his dreams a reality.

As a public speaker, Travis had a gift for inspiring. He preached “limitless thinking” and encouraged others to achieve their dreams. In his own life, Travis was positive and ambitious, swallowing life in big gulps.

Travis had many goals. He wanted to be independently wealthy and travel the world, and he fancied the possibility of eventually getting involved in politics. Near the end of his life, his main aspiration was to get married and to have a family.

Several years prior to his untimely death, he moved to Mesa for business opportunities and to build a life in a strong Mormon community.

It was a change from how he grew up. After graduating from high school, he served a two-year mission in Denver.

Travis didn't smoke or drink alcohol or caffeine. He kept fit with yoga, ate nutritious foods and wore a calorie counter to stay on track.

Recently, he had become concerned about the environment and began recycling, bought cloth grocery bags to give friends, and traded his BMW for a Toyota Prius hybrid.

One of his proudest accomplishments was a spiritual motivational book he had recently finished that addressed, in part, how he overcame his struggles in life, titled 'Raising You'.. His friends and family plan to publish the book.

Friends called him a "walking musical" because he loved to break out in song.

Travis thought mullets were the funniest thing in the world and developed a character called Eddie Snell, who friends encouraged him to use in his training speeches.

Travis lived barely 30 years, but by then he had touched more lives than most do in a life time.

''Become a BETTER you. This is my wish for all of you..''


We get to the car, Travis puts the equipment in the back, gets in the passenger seat, and hands me an envelope. Travis then smiles that great smile and says "This will help you get your business going."


''Travis sees a homeless man. He pulls over, he talks to him, brings him to his house, lets him get showered, gives him a change of clothes, his own clothing''


''Travis was a force in the world for good''


"Travis had this incredible ability to light up the room and immediately make everyone excited about THEIR futures''


''Travis took me and my business out of a slump, and he earned a pile of money along the way. But something much more incredible and meaningful happened. He became a friend for life. He became my very best friend. Travis was an example to me in so many ways. He was an example of love, kindness and compassion''


''Travis had a beautiful home in the area, so when we went to visit and to stay, he said, "Here, you guys take my room." That was just the guy. He would have given you the shirt off his back''


''You would have liked to hang out with Travis, because no matter where he was, he made everyone in the room or anyone that was in his vicinity feel good, feel special''

Napolean aka Naps.  Travis's pug and best friend.  

Find "Understanding The Travesties of Unexpected Murder Trials" on Facebook:


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People's Magazine cover features ja and other murderers along with the heading " CRIMES OF PASSION. Scheming Spouses And Angry Exes: The Dark Side Of Love.

Jodi Arias Sent "Good-bye" Letter to Travis 3 Weeks Before Killing Him. Days Later, Sends Him a Poem BY: PK Report

April 13, 2015, ja goes away and hopefully forever!    


Does this sound like Jodi to you? By: Unknown Person.

From Unknown Person:

From Detective Flores' report: I had asked Lisa about an email she had received after she and Travis both had their tires slashed by an unknown person. She said the tire slashing had occurred back in November or December of 2007, while they were still dating. The next day Lisa said she received an email from a John Doe. The mail was extremely hostile and talks about her relationship with Travis. Lisa saved the email, which she was able to send to me. The following is an excerpt of that email:

“You are a shameful whore. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you've committed with that insidious man. If you let him stay in your bed one more time or even sleep under the same roof as him, you will be giving the appearance of evil. You are driving away the Holy Ghost, and you are wasting your time. You are also compromising your salvation and breaking your baptismal covenants. Of all the commandments to break, committing acts of whoredom is one of the most displeasing in the eyes of the Lord. You cannot be ashamed enough of yourself. You are filthy, and you need to repent and become clean in the eyes of God. Think about your future husband, and how you disrespect not only yourself, but him, as well as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Is that what you want for yourself? Your future, your celebration, and your posterity is resting on your choices and actions. You are a daughter of God, and you have been a shameful example. Be thou clean, sin no more. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to make the right choices. I know you are strong enough to choose the right. Your Father in Heaven is pulling for you. Don’t ignore the promptings you receive, because they are vital to your spiritual well-being.”

Does this sound like Jodi to you?

The whole thing reeks of ja.  


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Troy Hayden......STOP AIRING BS ABOUT $KANK!!!!!!!!!!!




Saturday, March 14, 2015

Photos by Fox 10...of ja talking on the phone in jail.

Smiling now...She won't be smiling when she reaches Perryville and spends a few years in solitary confinement.  She'll soon STOP acting like she's anything more than the vicious, evil, cold blooded murderer that she is, as soon as the reality of her spending the rest of her life in prison sinks in.  SOON!  

A lot of videos about the retrial.

Jodi Arias Penalty Retrial : Day 1 : Part 1 Of 4


Jodi Arias Penalty Retrial : Day 1 : Part 2 Of 4


Jodi Arias Penalty Retrial : Day 1 : Part 3 Of 4


Jodi Arias Penalty Retrial : Day 1 : Part 4 Of 4




Jodi Arias Trial Defense Opening Statements


Jodi Arias leaving court after sentencing verdict


RAW VIDEO: Travis Alexander family leaves court after Jodi Arias mistrial


Jodi Arias jurors reactions after penalty verdict


Juror #4: 'Painful listening to the family cry'


Jodi Arias Prosecution/Defense Interviews


Jodi Arias Retrial Full TRAVIS'S Family Impact Statements


JUST IN: full statement from Maricopa County Attorney regarding #jodiarias juror 17. By: Andrew Hasbun

JUST IN: full statement from Maricopa County Attorney regarding juror 17.

In other words, it looks like this will be swept under the rug and we'll all get a song and dance about how this juror did nothing wrong.  Blah Blah Blah...!  Seriously, did anyone expect for anything to come out of this?  

PS:  From what I read she didn't receive any threats!  More BS that she must've learned by listening to ja and her team.  

AZ NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE WHO ON JA'S DT OR JA GAVE OUT THE 11 JURORS NAMES SHORTLY AFTER THE HUNG JURY.  (That is being told everywhere by numerous people.)    


10 fans of Jodi Arias lose right to make video calls

10 fans of Jodi Arias lose right to make video calls


Boyfriend of Jodi Arias, Artwork Collector Ben Ernst Arrested Again

Boyfriend of Jodi Arias, Artwork Collector Ben Ernst Arrested Again

Ben Ernst, ja's tweeter persona busted.


Video of Jodi Arias' secret testimony released

Video of Jodi Arias' secret testimony released


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Husband of holdout Arias juror prosecuted by Martinez


Petition: Investigate judge sherry stephens and jury misconduct in the trial of jodi arias. By: Cheryl Frost.

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What If Jodi Arias Juror #17 Failed To Disclose Her Connection To Prosecutor? Isn't there other important issues too???

What If Jodi Arias Juror #17 Failed To Disclose Her Connection To Prosecutor?


I've been reading that juror #17 is being investigated about her ex-husband and husband having ties with the Prosecuting Attorneys Office in Maricopa County, AZ.  I understand that the odds of juror #17 getting into any kind of trouble relating to the issue of her ex-husband and husband, is most likely NOT going to happen.  Unless there is someone that can read minds, then this juror can lie to Hell and back and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

I think that the real issue, one where juror #17 can be held accountable for her actions, is her failing to cooperate with the rest of the jurors during deliberations.  From what I heard, juror #17 refused to deliberate on ALL of the evidence and that she only wanted to read ja's journals.  ja's journals was not the only evidence provided to the jurors.  When the other jurors told the judge that juror #17 was not cooperating with them, that she was doing her own thing when they were all supposed to be deliberating together, the judge should have removed juror #17 from the jury.  It doesn't take a mind reader to acknowledge that the jurors brought forth information to the judge about juror #17.  They can and should prosecute juror #17 for being uncooperative.  Judge Stephens needs to be investigated for not taking appropriate legal action.

Juror #17 posted a speech about being against the DP on her online blog.  The jurors said that juror #17 was biased, against the DP.  There is proof of that and not only from the mouths of the jurors.  They can and should prosecute juror #17 for lying about being able to vote for the DP when she is against the DP.  It isn't about her voting for LWOP, it's about her lying and saying that she could vote for the DP when she is anti-DP, and being so would, never vote for the DP regardless of the case.  She committed perjury.

I hope that Maricopa County doesn't address the issue of the ex-husband and her husband and sweep the other issues under the rug.  I hope that someone(s) in AZ or elsewhere doesn't let them sweep those issues under the rug.