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Women Who Kill. Investigation Discovery TV

Women Who Kill.

May 19, 2015 by Emily Kaiser

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Movin' On... By: Edie Morse

Movin' On...

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein
On a personal note. Over the past few years, my friends, my FB virtual-life has been focused on Justice 4 Travis Alexander. I still do care very much about what happens to the Alexander family; and, that justice be done regarding the upcoming Restitution Hearing on June 1st concerning the compensation that Jodi Arias will be asked to pay to the victims & the convicted murderer's fraudulent status as "indigent", which should be revoked, imo; and, of course, the health of our criminal justice system. In my opinion, our judges need to be reminded that their role is to uphold the Rule of Law, and not to manipulate it, in order to engineer outcomes, right or wrong, based upon their own personal prejudices.
Therefore, someday, I really do hope & pray that Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS) will be held accountable for the unseemly manner in which she mismanaged the sentencing phase, from May 2013 until April 2015, as it related to her many delays granted to JA & Co. in violation of the AZ Victims' Bill of Rights; her myriad "ex-parte" meetings with JA & Co. in violation of the AZ Judicial Code of Conduct; her allowing JA & Co. to run-amok violating courtroom decorum; and, her unconstitutional secrecy in violation of the US Constitution. But, she will not be held accountable unless conscientious citizens demand it. In my opinion, the over 127 sealed documents; the transcripts from her many sealed hearings; and, the transcripts from her myriad "ex-parte" meetings with JA & Co., should all be unsealed and made public. Sealing information is supposed to be kept to a minimum by a sitting judge, according to the law... but, this judge, JSS, went seal-crazy.
In point of fact, there are no National Security issues at stake, as it relates to the Jodi Arias capital murder trial and/or her future appeals. Why is so much in this trial still held secret? Pending Jodi Arias' future appeals, some say that JSS will probably keep this extraordinary number of trial documents, hearings, & meetings, under seal... but, that's all the more reason for an independent review board, e.g. the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct, to be called upon in order to review the sealed trial documentation in its' entirety to make certain that wrongdoings are not being covered-up which would expose embarrassment and/or even criminal activity by publically-elected officials (e.g. JSS herself, and/or other Officers of the Court); ethics violations by attorneys & their cohorts (e.g. Nurmi, Willmott, and/or Maria "Smuggler" De La Rosa, PI Dorian Bond, etc.); illegal acts committed by defense witnesses (e.g. Dr. Cheryl Karp's robotic auto-diagnosis of "PTSD - Battered Women's Syndrome/Domestic Violence - Memory Loss/FOG" based on JA's lies & fake, forged pedo letters; Alyce LaViolette's perjury on the witness stand; Bryan Neumeister's evidence tampering with copies of Travis Alexander's lap-top computer; etc.); juror manipulation (e.g. Juror #17; etc.) and/or other issues which the public have the right to know. Secrecy, that is allowable under the law, is not intended for wrongdoers to avoid shame and/or to avoid being held accountable.
These outstanding issues related to Jodi Arias' capital murder trial are very important for the authorities in AZ to address, imo, because turning a "blind eye" to potential wrongdoings by those responsible for the events as they took place over the past 22 nightmarish months only leads to publically elected officials, including judges, "win at all cost" attorneys, witnesses, and other officers of the court, thereby assuming that they can violate the law and/or ethics with impunity. An active, engaged, and vocal citizenry does not have to put up with such arrogance and/or corruption. We should not put up with it! We should, according to our individual conscience, act via lawful protest and petitioning of those in charge to be held accountable and to answer to the public's right to be informed upon the actions taken which impact the way in which our criminal trials are conducted-- particularly when such acts are blatantly abnormal and obviously outwith what is regular, right and proper, in accordance with standards established under the law and also by what we observe in other criminal trials. The manner in which Jodi Arias' criminal trial was conducted was anything but normal, by any standard of judicial oversight and even via the dictates of the law.
That said, yours truly, and many others too, have done everything that we can do, over the past few years, in order to examine the Jodi Arias capital murder trial in-depth; and also, to attempt to shed light upon the fact that bizarre events which unfolded, particularly since the hung jury, in May 2013, were not always right & proper; and also, to petition those in the AZ Judiciary & the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct to take action, when it was clear that the trial was spinning out of control. Now, the criminal trial is over... and, there are "loose ends" (e.g. the upcoming Restitution Hearing; the possible Wrongful Death Civil Lawsuit by the Alexanders; and, Jodi Arias' inevitable appeals; etc.) remaining, which will be resolved over the next few years. I would hate to see Jodi Arias, a convicted murderer, continue to enrich herself, due to her notoriety for having brutally slaughtered Travis Alexander, and also, to continue to dishonestly exploit the AZ State's "indigent" status-- having it both ways, illegally so-- and thus, "gaming the system". But, it will be up to us all, as conscientious citizens, to inform the AZ Judiciary; the AZ Attorney General; and, the AZ Department of Corrections, that she should not enjoy any special treatment outwith that which other convicted murderers are granted.
So, what's next, some of my FB Friends have asked me? From time to time, I will continue to comment on newsworthy issues which arise from the aftermath and the consequences of the Jodi Arias capital murder trial. However, very soon, I intend to shift my focus & my perspective onto some new endeavours, in my own personal life as well as in my FB virtual-life. Several years ago, for example, I established a FB page entitled "Morse's Political Gadfly", intending to discuss topical political issues. But, due to the heated discussions surrounding the strangely nightmarish route that the trial took, I suspended my posting on my political page, in order to give this particular capital murder trial sufficient attention. Now, I intend to revive my political FB page in the near future, and to start posting controversial topics. I fully realize that not all of my FB Friends may want to discuss politics. I will take no offense whatsoever if you choose not to comment on my "Morse's Political Gadfly"-- such discussions can become heated. But, for those of you who might wish to discuss politics, I hope to delve into subjects which simply are not always being addressed honestly and openly in the main-stream media. Our culture is facing some turbulent times ahead, as we have experienced economic & social upheavals over the past few decades, and imo, it is healthy discuss how we really do feel about the tough problems we face. If you think that you might want to engage in such discussions, you will be welcome.
Lastly, I wish to thank all of my FB Friends from the bottom of my heart for your support, your wit & wisdom, and your passionate advocacy for Justice 4 Travis over these past few years. I have appreciated your generosity of spirit & your friendship, and best of all, I have learnt a great deal from all of you. I have enjoyed our discussions and particularly, exploring all of our mutual questions about the trial issues; the criminal laws & procedures; and finally, the way in which criminal trials unfold under our system of jurisprudence. In my opinion, it is the very search to question what we observe which results in learning, seeking the truth, and ultimately in finding justice. Gadflys, iconoclasts, and challengers to the status quo provoke us to think, to question, and to seek a better way forward for all. That's my interest. Thank you again for everything. heart emoticon
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

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Pertaining to ja's "indigent" status and the ja appellant fund By: Edie Morse

 I do believe that writing to those Arizona offcials in authority, in order to warn them about the "mind games" that she plays, can help. However, everyone has the right to make such choices for themselves.

Also imo, it is important that JSS act rightly in the upcoming Restitution Hearing, on June 1st, in order to undertake the following actions:-- (i) to compensate the Alexander family out of any of JA's ill-gotten gains (including, but not limited to her "commissary" account; bank/PayPal accounts; and her fraudulent JAA Appeals Fund scam); (ii) to revoke Skank's "indigent" status pending a full review & audit of all declared & undeclared monies, assets, and/or other holdings; and, (iii) to put an injunction on any future holdings (e.g. estates left to her by horny ole' farts with more money than brains), in order to make sure that the victims & the AZ taxpayers are both compensated in restitution and for her over-bloated defense costs, respectively.

If Skank is permitted to hold onto her JAA Appeals Fund blood money, pending her appeals, which at this point in time, are reported to be:-- $54,002.55-- then imo, JSS should thus revoke JA's "indigent" status, and if JA has any monies, assets, and/or other holdings left, following her appeals, then they should all be seized under the AZ forfeiture statutes. JA has proud of having made a lot of money due to her noteriety for having brutally slaughtered Travis Alexander. This is wrong, legally & morally.


An Afterthought.... By: Edie Morse

An Afterthought...

"Forewarned is forearmed."
“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ~ Abraham Lincoln
Preparation for the unpleasant realities in life ... as well as spending the time necessary to ponder, and to consider carefully what it is, that is necessary in any endeavor, in order to succeed, and therefore, to avoid potential pitfalls and failures... enables us to live better lives and also, to deal with unforeseen catastrophes when they do arise. There is much in our lives that is unknown and that we can not always prepare for, and thus, that we can only cope with as it takes place and after the fact-- but we can try to prepare for that which is known to be dangerous.
For that reason, in response to the rumors spread by the media, that Jodi Arias was receiving special treatment in Perryville prison, today I sent the following letter to the AZ Department of Corrections & the Perryville Prison Warden. To be quite frank, I do not believe that Jodi Arias was given any particular special treatment, over and above, the procedures & guidelines which dictate how other convicted murderers remanded to Perryville prison are dealt with-- but hopefully, in addition to the warnings by the authorities at Estrella jail, conscientious citizens will let the Perryville prison officials know what we have observed about Jodi Arias' cunning manipulations & devious tactical ploys over the past few years, in order to avoid future disasters which could result in further harm to the victims; prison guards; and/or even other prison inmates.
Ms. Judy Frigo
Perryville Prison Warden
ASPC - Perryville
P.O. Box 3000
Goodyear, AZ 85395
Dear Ms. Frigo,
This letter is written to you in response to a news article published by Arizona ABC-15 News entitled “Jodi Arias update: Fellow inmate claims convicted killer getting 'special treatment' at Perryville“ on…/jodi-arias-update-fellow-inmate-clai…
 , which reported:-- “The whole prison got shut down just for Jodi's arrival and Jodi was greeted by everyone there, all the wardens, the officials, everybody,” … “They’re saying she’s going to get her own rec room with carpet, and normally you don’t have carpet in there, and she has TV in the rec room and usually the TV only stays in your prison cell.”

Having closely observed all of the antics, manipulations, and criminal activities perpetrated by Jodi Arias since her brutal slaughter of Travis Alexander, in 2008, please allow me to express my concerns vis-à-vis the convicted murderer’s cynical tactical ploys devised to obtain what she wants, without any due respect whatsoever for rules and regulations. Jodi Arias does not care whom she harms in order to achieve her aims. Of course, you probably will have been warned already that she is highly manipulative, and I have read that you have warned prison officials; prison guards; and, possibly even other prison inmates to beware of her “mind games”—but, she exploits very cunning tactics (a) to worm her way into the “good graces” of her target audience by playing the victim & pretending to be meek & mind, faking her soft-spoken “little girl” voice; (b) to wear down others over time; and, (c) to lie, cheat, and steal in order to finally control & steer others into doing her bidding.
Her pattern-of-behaviour is very predictable and can be identified as follows, over time:--
1. Jodi Arias plays the victim and plays at being sweet. She plays at being “helpless”, but is anything but weak. She is dangerous, strong, and violent. She will cry that she was wrongly convicted, blaming the prosecutor, the AZ Mesa police, the judge, her attorneys, and her victim, Travis Alexander, for where she sits today. She is clever, and she will say that she blames herself & takes responsibility for her crime, but if truth be told, she really doesn’t—for in one breathe she will attempt to sound contrite, faking it, i.e. knowing that’s what her audience wants to hear, but in the next breathe she will attack others who have sought the truth & justice. She speaks out of both sides of her mouth, trying to identify the weaknesses / vulnerabilities / “soft spots” of those around her whom she wants to manipulate:-- e.g. she will say that she loved Travis Alexander, and then bad-mouth him with self-serving lies about how he was hyper-sexual; abusive; and/or a pedophile:-- all unsubstantiated… all lies… all projections of her own depraved characteristics onto him. She will do the same thing vis-à-vis you, your officials & guards, and other inmates:-- i.e. she will back-stab anybody who she believes stands in the way of what she wants to achieve, both in the short and longer terms.
2. Jodi Arias wears her target audience down over time. She will begin by using flattery and attempting to “be-friend” her target, whom she simply uses. She has no friends:-- only objects that she exploits to service her… she may even play on sexual seduction, a tool that she mastered since her teenage years:-- she may try to seduce a male guard into having sex with her, in order to then cry “rape” and/or to then get pregnant, hoping to be moved to a hospital or a minimum security facility. If that doesn’t work, she will try to intimidate her target by using language to make herself seem to be more well-educated & smarter than she is, in the hopes that she will appear to be awesome & superior to those around her. If that doesn’t work, she will threaten her target:-- e.g. she will claim that she will report her target for legal transgressions; and/or that she will contact a higher authority to report that she is not being treated properly; and/or that her attorneys will make sure that her target is punished in some way, to scare her target into submission. If that doesn’t work, she will threaten to commit suicide and/or throw temper-tantrums.
Jodi Arias is relentless and she exploits all devices:-- pity, intimidate, fear, greed, and lust. She wears down her target via non-stop stratagems—i.e. “upping the ante” until her target gives into her. She does not give up, and finally, most individuals (in the past, her mother & family members; her employers; her boyfriends; etc.) become sick and tired of her complaints; and they finally give in to her. (Her own mother, Sandy Arias, has resorted to lying for her murderous daughter:-- e.g. attempting to sell Jodi Arias’ fake, forged pedo letters to the “National Enquirer” on orders from her daughter; but even this scandal-mongering tabloid refused to purchase them; and now, Sandy Arias is on a money-making frenzy; she even claimed to see “bruises” on Jodi Arias, yet, she never told that to Det. Flores during the police interrogation interviews during 2008, and even the defense attorney, Jennifer Willmott said in an interview following the sentencing on April 13th, 2015, that no family member ever saw bruises on Jodi Arias; etc.) Jodi Arias, her mother, her Aunt (Sue Allen Halterman), and her criminal cohorts are all dangerous—because the murderer never gives up… and she has manipulated her family & followers into lying for her; and once she gets her way with something minor, then she wants more. Beware her so-called “Mitigation Specialist”, Maria De La Rosa, involved in Jodi Arias’ money-making scams & her Private Investigator Dorian Bond, also suspect in some of her potential criminal shenanigans related to her tampering with computer evidence. Jodi Arias will have them all plead for her, but they have lied for her, in the past.
Giving into something that seems minor does not silence her— it does the opposite:--- it makes her more aggressive and more determined to “go for broke” and she will want more. She has a greedy nature. She may start out, for example, by asking that the rules be bent for visitation. Perhaps, instead of one 2-Hours Non-Contact Visit—she will ask if she can have 2 1-Hour Visits, and after all, just hugging her Mom shouldn’t cause any problems, right? Wrong! For she pushes the envelope, not just once but over and over again, and hugging her Mom will involve some passing of notes / contraband between the two… and moreover, the next time, she’ll ask if instead of one 2-Hours Non-Contact Visit, can’t she have a couple of visits in one week. It’s a slow, but sure, “drip-drip-drip” evolution of eroding your prison rules & regulations, until before you know it, she is being granted all kinds of extras that contravene the limitations for a Maximum Security prisoner. When you would then try to pull back on her special treatment, then she would let everyone know that you are corrupt and that she is now being mistreated. She’ll never thank you in the longer-term for bending the rules & regulations for her:-- she smirks at those whom she can dupe. It’s her “Duper’s Delight”. She’ll want more and more and more. And, she’ll undermine the very discipline that you are trying to keep intact in prison.
3. Jodi Arias will lie, cheat, and steal… and, possibly even murder another prison inmate, in time. In Estrella jail, she would lie about other jail inmates. She would bribe other inmates with goodies in order to obtain extra visitation on the video-visits. She smuggled contraband in and out of jail. Reportedly, she had a cell-phone, at one time. Surely, you will have received a full report about her many jail infractions, and this demonstrates that she will go to any lengths that she deems necessary in order to get her way. She cannot be trusted, Ms. Frigo. To trust her will prove to be dangerous to the lives and also to the livelihoods of all those employed & residing at Perryville prison. She is cunning, and she will bring everyone else down, to attempt to prop herself up and to gain special favours. Beware of her dishonest tactics & stratagems. The only way to deal with Jodi Arias is to maintain strict rules and not to deviate from them for any reason whatsoever. When she “acts out” by violating the regulations, she should be admonished severely and exposed for her wrongdoings. Letting her get away with “murder”, metaphorically speaking, only makes her more brash & more daring in what she’ll try on next.
Jodi Arias has been able to “game the system” by prolonging her capital murder trial for years, and even into manipulating a sitting judge into granting her unconstitutional secrecy, which the AZ Court of Appeals & the AZ Supreme Court overturned, because it was in violation of the US Constitution. Jodi Arias is devious & clever, in an unscrupulous manner… and unfortunately, she has been able to obtain special treatment, that almost no other convicted murderers are ever able to achieve. The criminal trial could not, by law, last indefinitely… i.e. by law, the judge was compelled to finish the trial and to see that Jodi Arias was finally sentenced. In Perryville prison, there is no “end” to her sentence. Since she was sentenced to “Natural Life” = LWOP, then Jodi Arias will, over time, figure that she has nothing to lose by trying to break the rules & regulations, to see how far she can get. She is a pathological liar… who will deceive her target audience by using a combination of a bit of plausible sounding truth along with half-truths and adding in bald-faced lies… so that her tangle of mendacities becomes difficult for some individuals to unravel—although it’s never the full & honest truth. She is incapable of facing the truth of the matter in its’ entirety, when it would compete with her own self-interest. She may even try to escape, once her appeals are exhausted. Until then, Money has replaced Sex as Jodi Arias’ goal in life. She knows that money can buy her goodies; special treatment; and, friends.
Money = Power, even in prison. Jodi Arias’ goal is now all about clawing in as much blood money as possible, from her notoriety for having brutally slaughtered Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias will plan on bribing prison officials, e.g. by promising that one of her criminal cohorts on the outside will provide to that weak official and/or guard money as a Quid Pro Quo for passing messages in and out of prison; and/or for obtaining a cell-phone; and/or for extra treats; extra visitation; etc. … Jodi Arias will try to bribe prison inmates, e.g. buying “friends” from whom she can indirectly pass out messages to her entourage on the outside; and/or obtaining goodies, kitchen knives and/or other weapons & tools; and/or to obtain cell-phones; and/or even to harm others, e.g. prison guards and/or inmates, who do not like her. There is nothing that Jodi Arias will not do, irrespective of the harm that she causes to others… and be careful, please, for she may begin her stay in prison by playing the “Good Girl” in order to fool others into believing that she respects your rules & regulations. She is a chameleon who changes her façade in order to ingratiate herself to those in power, but this is a ruse devised with the cynical intention to manipulate them. Beware though:-- Jodi Arias’ “nice” act won’t last. She respects nobody who does not bow down before the altar of her ego. She respects no rule, no regulation—for her, they are meant to be broken & outwitted. Jodi Arias is only out for herself. She always has been, and she always will be. That’s who she is… she is dangerous, and God Help anybody who lets their guard down. Don’t let her play you or your staff for fools, please. Good luck.
Best regards.
Sincerely yours,
Edie Morse
Director Charles L. Ryan
Arizona Department of Corrections
1601 W. Jefferson
Phoenix, AZ 85007

The Saga Continues... By: Edie Morse

Written By:  Edie Morse

The Saga Continues...

The Saga Continues...
“There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy.” ~ Joseph Pulitzer
My goodness gracious... The nightmarish trauma of Jodi Arias' "gaming the system", and a weak & inept judge, Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS), who endlessly colludes with her & her unethical defense team, in a manner that we do not witness in other criminal trials, never ceases to amaze me. I really thought that the nasty surprises were finally over... but they are not. Just when one begins to think that this 2-year debacle will come to an end-- JSS continues to cave into JA & Co.'s ceaseless demands. It's an unhealthy pattern-of-behaviour that she cannot seem to break-- perhaps she doesn't realize how destructive it is... or maybe she just doesn't give a damn. What hold does the convicted psycho-butcher have over JSS? For as of yesterday, JSS is pushing back the Restitution Hearing at JA & Co.'s request... i.e. not bringing it forward to an earlier date, nor is she delaying it by 1 or 2 days... but, she is actually pushing it back for 3 weeks. Ugh.
We all recall that back on April 13th, 2015, JSS sentenced Skank to "Natural Life" = LWOP, but she did not condemn the convicted murderer verbally for the misery that she had caused to the victim & the victim's family, even though Jodi Arias admitted to Travis Alexander being conscious when she stabbed the knife into his neck... this, as we know, was after she had stabbed him 29 times (9 times in the back, chipping out the bone from the back of his skull), and then, as we know, she proceeded to slash his neck, nearly beheading him, like a terrorist... she dragged his dead body back to the shower... she shot him in the head... and, she left him to rot in the shower like an animal... and then, as we know, she proceeded to flee the crime scene, disposing of the murder weapons & her bloody clothing... she called Travis Alexander's answering machine & left a message, pretending that he was alive, but knowing that he was dead... and, she ran to bang Ryan Burns, who had to stop her from having full-blown sex, etc. etc. etc. Yet, JSS did not issue one single word of condemnation to the convicted psycho-butcher-- although there is no appellate case whereby a conviction is overturned on the basis that the judge admonishes the convicted murderer during a sentencing hearing.
It would seem to me, in retrospect, that JSS had to choke-out the words "Natural Life" = LWOP-- and would have probably given Jodi Arias "Life" = LWP-- had the public not been so outraged by the brutality of the psycho-butcher's murder of her victim-- her blatant attention-grabbing on TV interviews from the time of her arrest & onwards throughout the trial, loving the cameras, until the media & the public turned against her for fabricating the most cruel and malicious of lies about her victim, and then she complained that the media could not be trusted-- i.e. the media & the haters could not be trusted, because anybody with more than two working brain cells could see that she is a pathological liar & a vicious sado-narcissistic killer. By contrast, JSS has treated Jodi Arias with kid gloves:-- Why? ... This is a question which needs to be answered, for the sake of the historical record-- because this was a criminal trial, with no National Security implications-- and, because the public has the right to understand why Jodi Arias has been treated in a deferential manner unlike any other convicted murderer, i.e. with undue deference & special treatment. There is a growing sense, from many comments that I have read across the media spectrum over the past few weeks, that Jodi Arias is able to manipulate the system... and, JSS pulled the trigger on this mistrust of justice being done in this case, from the outset of her criminal trial:-- e.g. not placing a "gag-order" on Skank; precluding relevant facts proving Skank's cruelty & viciousness (that other, more capable judges allow into evidence); and, allowing JA & Co. to run-amok.
During the Sentencing Hearing, on April 13th, 2015, JSS clearly verified that the most convenient date for the upcoming Restitution Hearing, for all parties, would be June 1st, 2015. Jodi Arias waived her right to be present at the Restitution Hearing. Jennifer Willmott agreed to that date. Juan Martinez also agreed to that date. So, in the meantime, Jodi Arias & her gruesome fan base have continued their desperate money-making spree with an intense fury:-- (1) bragging that a donor would provide $25,000.00 in matching funds for monies donated to her disgusting JAA Appellate Fund scam, and recently crowing that they have raised over $60,000.00 to-date-- and also, that some horny ole' fart is planning to leave to her, his estate; (2) continuing to hock her worthless crap on-line to dopes with more money than brains, including her junk-"art"; "Survivor" T-Shirts; and, cheap plastic "Justice4Jodi" wristbands; and, (3) her money-grubbing supporters also claiming that her commissary account is flush with money... thus enabling her to continue with her spending habit of $100.00/week on goodies & other special treats. But bizarrely, on May 1st, 2015, JSS awarded JA a Public Defender, i.e. Tennie Martin, who also happens to be a Tax Attorney as well as an Appellate Attorney, to handle her case, henceforth. However, Jennifer Willmott continues to be paid by the AZ taxpayers to handle her case, and apparently her future Restitution Hearing too. A Public Defender is appointed when a defendant claims an "indigent" status, and the Court is supposed to verify the validity of her affidavit. But, Jodi Arias is not "indigent"-- i.e. she has a lot of money. Now, she's an "indigent" defendant with a lot of money and two Public Defenders, although the DP has been "off-the-table" since March 5th, 2015!
Background:-- On May 11th, 2015, Jennifer Willmott filed a motion asking for a "reset" (i.e. a delay) of the Restitution Hearing... with no explanation as to why... and, this bizarre motion was filed nearly a month after the Sentencing Hearing, where the date of June 1st, 2015, was then agreed to by all parties. As of yesterday, JSS vacated the June 1st, 2015 date for the Restitution Hearing-- i.e. it's no longer on JSS's Court Calendar... and, she has reset the new-fangled date for June 22nd, 2015-- i.e. now the new date on JSS's Court Calendar. No explanation was given to the public. Have the victims, i.e. the Alexanders, been informed as to the reason as to why the Restitution Hearing has been delayed? Obviously, JSS is in no hurry to hold Jodi Arias, a convicted murderer, accountable for the restitution which is due to the victims. JSS is also in no hurry to let the public know why she continues to pander to JA & Co. ... And moreover, JSS is in no hurry to answer questions as to why Jodi Arias wrongly enjoys both a fraudulent "indigent" status AND also simultaneously is making money "hand over fist"! The AZ taxpayers continue to be bilked and defrauded... for the longer that the restitution phase is dragged out-- then, the longer that the victims suffer from not being compensated for their outrageous financial burdens over the past 7 years-- and to Skank's benefit, the longer that she is able to retain Jennifer Willmott and also her appellate attorney, Tennie Martin, the more special treatment that she enjoys. What other defendant is granted such lavish, expensive legal counsel, all at the AZ taxpayers' expense?
There are many, many questions which need to be posed to JSS, but which the AZ media seem to be loathe to ask of her, or of the AZ Judiciary. Instead, they act as shills for JSS and JA & Co. ... Ergo, they are unhappily far more inclined to focus on self-indulgent, attention-getting propagandist diatribe-letters from Skank to her demented supporters, such as a recent one where she claims to love life in Perryville; but then proceeds to attack Juan Martinez, and also bitch about the fact that she did not obtain the leniency that she delusionally believes that she deserves-- although my goodness gracious, JSS rigged her farcical "final penalty re-trial" so that a stealth juror, i.e. Juror #17 (who might have been tampered with by JA & Co.) could save her worthless life. Still, Skank is transparently angry, bitter & twisted, and thus, she wants to continue to torment the Alexanders, and to continue to make sufficient blood money such that she can garner special treatment in prison, as she did in the courtroom. But, what is JSS thinking? Why isn't JSS held to account for two years & more worth of a disastrously incompetent, biased, and corrupt mis-management of Jodi Arias' case. I would start with these questions to JSS concerning recent events:--
1.) Why haven't you unsealed the over 127 sealed documents; the transcripts from the many sealed hearings; and, the transcripts from your myriad "ex-parte" meetings with JA & Co., and all other unedited videos, etc., which took place in the aftermath of the hung jury in May 2013? Why are Skank's visitation records from her stay in Estrella jail, for example, still sealed? Why are full costs of Skank's defense team; her mitigation specialist; her private investigators; her charlatan "experts"; etc.; for example, all still sealed? Who are you really protecting with your unconstitutional secrecy, JSS:-- Jodi Arias; her unethical defense team, her mitigation specialist, her PI, & charlatan "experts"; and/or yourself too?
2.) Why did you delay the Restitution Hearing from June 1st, 2015 until June 22nd, 2015? On what legal basis did Willmott ask for such a delay, nearly a month after the date was agreed to, in the first place? What if JA & Co. want more delays? Will you grant them too? Do the Alexanders' rights matter at all to you? Do the public's rights to speed in the disposition of this matter & transparency matter at all to you? The Alexanders' rights & the public's rights were both ignored for the two plus years that you pandered to the convicted psycho-butcher & her unethical defense team throughout the criminal trial:-- Why do you continue to ignore the need to put the restitution phase behind them all now? What about the taxpayers of Arizona? They bear the expense for both Willmott (criminal trial counsel) and Martin (appellate trial counsel), until the Restitution Hearing is over. Why are you allowing Jodi Arias multiple legal counsels, at the taxpayer expense, for an indefinite period of time?
3.) Why didn't you freeze and/or seize all of Jodi Arias' ill-gotten gains when you agreed, de facto, to her claim of an "indigent" status, at the time that you assigned her a Public Defender? Why is the convicted murderer allowed to make money & also claim to be without funds... a legal paradox... i.e. both cannot be true? Under the AZ forfeiture statutes, you could place a hold on all of her blood monies, pending the full restitution of the victims & the State of Arizona. Yet, according to JA's web-sites, she is making more money than ever, and the blood money keeps rolling in. Why is this allowed? Or else, why haven't you revoked her "indigent" status, pending a full accounting of her financial status-- which must occur during the Restitution Hearing? Why is Jodi Arias allowed to have it both ways, when other convicted murderers do not enjoy such an unprecedented special privileges?
When will JSS's jurisdiction over Jodi Arias' case be concluded? Hopefully, following the Restitution Hearing... because, JSS has not acted in a manner befitting the public trust. For over two years now, she caved into Skank's demands for ungodly delays & unconstitutional secrecy. This appalling pattern-of-corruption of our criminal justice system continues unabated, even today... and unfortunately, even today, during the restitution phase. What insights would be revealed from the sealed hearing, which occurred in the courtroom, when the Alexanders' civil attorneys discussed this case with the Court, back in March of this year? Jodi Arias; her Mommy Dearest & Auntie $hrew; and, her money-grubbing fans all seem quite thrilled with her money-making operations. Why? Because, let's be frank, Jodi Arias also has been granted an "indigent" status, and so for the foreseeable future, the AZ taxpayers are "footing the bill" for her attorneys (plural) and also, she can stuff her face with Hershey Bars & other goodies, as well as potentially buy special favors in prison. Pathetic.


^^^ The sado-narcissistic psycho-butcher, Jodi Arias (JA), still continues to torment the Alexanders and to shamelessly promote herself in order to garner attention and also to make more & more money. Money is her new "turn on"-- replacing sex-- because even in prison, Money = Power. JA is a two-faced hypocrite who feigns her phony "Nice Girl" act (e.g. claiming that everything is hunky-dory in prison, in order to sound compliant & to manipulate the Perryville prison officials), whilst also taking the opportunity to maliciously attack Juan Martinez & to bitterly complain that she didn't get the leniency that she delusionally believes that she deserved, although she bragged about Travis Alexander being conscious when she stuck the knife in his throat... and as we know, she then proceeded to nearly behead him, before she shot him in the head, and then dragged his butchered, mutilated dead body back to the shower. JA talks out of both sides of her ugly mouth:-- and by the way, neither Willmott, nor Nurmi, knew what she was going to say during the sentencing hearing. She is a pathological liar, who only fools the dumbest of the dumb.

Why did Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS) postpone the Restitution Hearing, which was supposed to take place on June 1st, 2015 until June 22nd, 2015? Haven't the Alexanders been through enough already? Why did JSS appoint JA a Public Defender, which only is supposed to happen when the defendant is "indigent". An "indigent" status only is supposed to apply to a defendant who has no resources. Skank & her despicable fans have bragged on-line that she has:-- (1) over $60,000.00 in her crooked JAA Appellate Fund scam; (2) an over-bloated commissary account flush with money, such that she has been spending $100.00/week on goodies & treats, for years; and, (3) bank & PayPal accounts with bloody money sucked in from the worthless crap that she hocks on-line to dopes with more money than brains. All of Skank's ill-gotten gains should have been confiscated long ago. She only made her blood money due to her notoriety for having brutally slaughtered Travis Alexander-- apart from that, she didn't have a "pot to piss in".

JA's "indigent" status is fraudulent. Either JSS should immediately revoke her "indigent" status OR confiscated all of her ill-gotten gains, under the AZ forfeiture laws. By law, JA has no right to enjoy both the taxpayer-paid services of a Public Defender (as well as the continued services of Willmott) via exploiting a dishonest "indigent" status AND also to simultaneously keep her blood money, which continues to roll in. JA didn't have any assets at all when she was arrested in 2008 for her savage extermination of Travis Alexander-- and yet, she was allowed to run a business from Estrella jail, which really was put into full operation following the hung jury in May 2013-- making her a lot of money-- whilst dishonestly bilking the AZ taxpayers for a hyper-inflated defense... ergo, the fraud continues. JA wants it both ways:-- i.e. for the AZ taxpayers to foot the bill for her defense, while Willmott plays the delay-game.. and, who knows how many others aiding JA are continuing to be paid by the AZ taxpayers, while JA sits back and makes ill-gotten money which should be seized & used to pay restitution to the Alexander family & also to reimbourse the AZ taxpayers, in perpetuity. JSS owes the public an explanation as to why she has delayed the Restitution Hearing, without taking action to freeze Skank's blood money.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April 24, 2015...ja's letter to her online supporters(trolls) from DR and Kirk Nurmi makes a statement about ja's lie.

A letter from ja that she sent to one of her supporter's for her "online" supporters.  I suppose that this letter is for her online supporters (trolls) that aren't locked up in jail, prison, or in a mental ward where they don't have access to the internet.

IMO, ANYONE that condones the horrible things that ja($kank) has done and said SHOULD seek psychiatric help immediately!!!   

  What a load of BS this is.  

Bigger Copy.  

Kirk Nurmi's statement regarding ja's lie that she wrote in her letter above. 

I typed out the contents of the letter that ja wrote (above) to make it easier to read for anyone that has trouble reading it (below):

  April 24, 2015

Hi Everyone!  I hope all is well.  I'm getting settled in, but I'm still being processed.  The day I arrived everyone was very professional and efficient.  My mom said I look tired in my DOC photo.  Someone else said I looked sad. I was neither.  What happened was they told me where to stand and where to look (at the cam).  Right then someone flipped on three bright halogen lights.  It was like trying to stare at the sun!  or God.  LOL.  I was trying hard not to squint too much.  (Now I understand why Debbie Milke was squinting in her DOC photo-nothing prepares the eyes for that flood of brightness.)  Then I was taken in to COU (complex detention unit) and placed on "watch."  (Suicide watch, that is.)  Not for "mental health" reasons.  I was told since I wasn't suicidal but for "security reasons."  Whatever that means. After a week, I was brought over to Lumley.  I was not put in Debbbie's old cell.  Lots of people thought so.  Even I thought that was where I was going.  I'm a few doors down.  My cel is not blue, as many have thought (further validation that you just can't trust the media).  My cell is freshly painted-white walls, gray desk and shelving, unfinished concrete floor.  Still smells like paint.  New, in other words.  It feels clean.  

This place is teaming with little animals.  Lots of different birds and prairie dogs (at least that's what everyone calls them) running around.  The prairie dogs are ADORABLE.  They look like a cross between a squirrel and a gofer. (miss $tabby Einstein spelled "gofer" wrong, not I)    I saw one take off w/a chunk of balogna the other day!(Yep, there's balogna here.)  I also saw some officers dropping some poisonous pellets in their dens.  Population control, I guess.  

I won't go on too much about the food.  It's a MAJOR improvement from my last location.  Everyone says how awful the food at MESO is.  ($tabby spelled Mesa wrong...duh!)  I didn't think so; it's just bland.  My only complaint was that its not sustainable for long term inmates. It was all sugar and starch (which is soon to be sugar) in the morning.  I called it "the diabetes-inducing diet."  At night, we were served lots of soy protein (which Arpoia thinks is healthy but wich studies show otherwise.)  I'm glad to now have a healthier, more wholesome, well-rounded diet.  

I'm currently segregated. Still, I've seen many familiar faces since arriving.  Having been at Estrella for 6.5 yrs, I've seen many people go before me.  Everyone's been kind, respectful, and warm.

I've gotten some interesting feedback on my sentencing, most of it very supportive, even congratulatory.  The general consenius (that I'm getting) is that people are glad I stuck up for myself.  One girl said I have "lady balls."  (LOL). One guy said what I said was "way overboard."  I'm sure it made some of my friends uncomfortable, and maybe even disappointed some of you.  While that wasn't my intention, I have to say, I only wish I would have said MORE, not less.  For example, I wish I would have stuck up for Juror 17 after you-know-who threw her under the bus, because we all know that there was not just one tainted juror-there were ELEVEN. I owe my life to #17 and the least I could have done was stick up for her.  But much of what I said was no the fly.  It wasn't prepared.  I had only intended to apologize and declare my commitment to pay restitution.  (Even though I wasn't the one who forced everyone to trial-twice.  No, of course I wasn't going to say that part.)  But Bryce was right about what he posted later that day.  My statement was not an appeal for leniency.  God himself could have parted the heaves and commanded the judge to be lenient-she would have disobeyed him.  So after two trials with a corrupt prosecutor, then having to listen to more lies and distortions of facts from the TA camp at sentencing-well, my high tolerance for B.S. had simply reached its maximum capacity.  I consulted with my legal team they gave their blessing. They said, "Do it.  You know she's gonna give you natural life today.  You have nothing to lose."  So I spoke my mind.  Like I said, my only regret is that I didn't say more.

If you wrote a letter to the judge, thank you!  It's probably not something one does very often.  The judge took 10 minutes to read, what, almost 30 letters?-which doesn't include the 75 ft, or so of travel time from the bench to chamber and back.  I'e gotten lots of mail.  I'm not able to buy envelopes/paper yet, so don't give up on me if you don't hear back for a little while.  I don't know how long they'll keep me in limbo.  If you wrote the first week, and I received it, you'll be getting a mini note from me.   

Thank you all so much.  I'm really not worthy.  Your love/support/friendship are precious to me.  Deep, deep gratitude for each of you-JODI ARIAS

P.S.  Lots of people have written expressing concern about sending photos and putting me over my limit.  Don't worry about that.  Let me manage my photos.  Send away!  (Smiley face inserted)  

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Alleged fund in $kank's name....

Sue Halterman claimed(might still be claiming) to be the administrator over the alleged appellant fund set up in ja's name.  In this Country you can't just set up a fund, collect  donations for it, and not spend that money on what the fund was set up for.  If you do, it's FRAUD!!!    

What I don't understand is how these people are saying this fund is legal.  This fund is based on donations/charity, given to the alleged fund for the sole purpose of going towards an appellant attorney for the murderer, ja.  YET, they also state that idiots that make donations can't claim it on their taxes.  Well, she's appealing her case...and now this site is claiming it will go for a "future" appellant attorney because the taxpayers of AZ have to pay for her first and second appeals.  

This alleged fund sounds like a $cam...(I know that I keep stating this.)  

Since IT is appealing her case with an appellant attorney RIGHT NOW, then one would think that ALL monies in said alleged fund would be paid to that appellant attorney.  It doesn't matter if there's not enough in it to cover all of an appellant attorney's fees.  It WILL cover some of them.      

Friday, May 8, 2015

It looks like ja's "vent" buddy is Shawna Forde at Perryville's Lumley Unit (DR)

No ja didn't get the DP.  (Although she does deserve it.)  She WILL be spending a few years in the Lumley Unit (DR) at Perryville.  It looks like she'll be "vent" buddies with Shawna Forde.    

 PS:  I find it unbelievable that a ja supporter has the gull to write what he did above.  GTHO Rob Roman!