Monday, November 30, 2015

Claims that a juror fell in love with ja...

EXCLUSIVE: Juror in the Jodi Arias trial fell in love with murderess and held out against the death penalty, claims prosecutor - who also discloses she had knives, condoms and a gun in her car

Nancy Grace's interview with squirmy Nurmi

Monday, November 23, 2015

Motion to Disqualify The Court of Appeals....

"squirmy" nurmi's latest look. He talks about his new book...the interview.

Media that is covering the gossip about JM's and "squirmy" nurmi's books.

Article written by:  Michael Kiefer, The Republic/

He calls it:  ja prosecutor, defense attorney retry case in the bookstore.

Don't let the heading fool you.  Opinions aren't facts!  

There IS another "sitting" Prosecutor that is writing a book about the case where he was the prosecutor on the case.  The "sitting" Prosecutor for the high profiled case dubbed "The Facebook Murders" is writing a book about that case.... (Information on that is in another post on this blog.)  

A Prosecutor is not bound by the AZ ABA Code of Ethics Rule:  Attorney/Client confidentiality.  The defense attorneys "client" in a criminal trial is not the Prosecutor's "client."  

From what I've read pertaining to Juan Martinez writing a book about the ja case...Juan Martinez KNOWS what he can/can't put in his book regarding the case.  I think that he knows more about what he's doing than the people writing articles, blogging, posting opinions vs facts, etc...know.   It's very, very, very doubtful that JM'S book will contain anything in it that was "sealed" by the Judge.  He's NOT stupid!  

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Prosecutors for the ja and the Facebook Murders case write books.

Juan Martinez, Prosecutor, in the jodi arias trial wrote a book about that case that will be released in Jan-Feb of 2016.  

In the case of the "Facebook Murders" the Prosecutor is writing a book.  

In both cases, the jodi arias and the Facebook Murders cases, the Judges have denied the defense attorneys motions to stop the Prosecutors from writing books about their cases.  In both cases, the defendants have not exhausted their appeals.  The Prosecutors, in both cases, are "sitting" Prosecutors.   Both cases are high profiled cases.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

wilmott filed a motion to withdrawal from $kank's case.

This is a motion that wilmott filed to withdrawal from $kank's case.  

Motion filed...under seal.

Margaret Green, a public defender, appeal attorney, is listed on this Motion as being $kank's attorney for her appeal.   

The judge residing over this Motion is the Honorable Sam Myers.  Judge Myers hasn't been a Criminal Judge for very long.  

Prosecutor Paul Ahler has many years of experience as a Prosecuting Attorney.  Mr. Ahler has been given awards for his outstanding work.  

It appears that ja will be going up against yet another good prosecutor, that has years of experience under his belt as a Prosecutor.  

Lolololol good riddance to $kank!